4 Important Skin Care Regimen Tips for 20-Somethings


As a twenty-something, the world is your oyster. You’re finally on your own, and you have your whole life to look forward to. In addition, chances are that your skin is on point right now! At this point in your life, you are hopefully done with pesky breakouts happening every day, yet you don’t have to worry about constantly covering up sun spots and wrinkles.But this doesn’t mean that you can just forget proper skin care. In fact, this is the time when skin care is most important! You’ve got to start here if you want to prevent wrinkles and age spots from forming in your thirties and forties. And if you want fresh-looking skin that isn’t dull and dry right now, there are some key things to think about as well.

1. Sunscreen is your friend

We know that your best friend is laying out in the sun without sunscreen and getting this beautiful tan that you would die for. But she’s not thinking. Baking in the sun for a tan that you will love now will set you up for disaster when you get older. And yes, you will get older.

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If you’re not protecting your skin every day with sunscreen, you can get ready for some serious wrinkles in your thirties and some ugly-looking sun spots in your thirties. Wear a sunscreen, and use large-brimmed hats and clothing to cover your skin when you can.


2. Moisturized skin is beautiful skin

Your skin needs moisture to maintain its luster, so without regular lotion application, you can expect to have a dull tinge to your face and maybe even some itching, peeling and flaking. Nobody wants that!


To take care of this, make sure you have a set regimen for moisturizing. Use a moisturizer with SPF in the morning, and use one with alpha hydroxy acid or AHA at night. AHA will even out skin tone, get rid of dead skin cells and prepare your skin for your thirties and forties.


3. There’s a chance you might still be struggling with acne

Some twenty-somethings still have trouble with breakouts. Hopefully, they are less frequent than they were when you were in your teens, but it still might be a problem. If this is the case, you need to start using an acne cream. Creams with benzoyl peroxide usually do the trick, but this ingredient can be a struggle for some.


First of all, benzoyl peroxide is quite drying on the skin. It will take care of acne in a flash, but you can expect some peeling. Go slow at first, and always apply a lotion after the benzoyl peroxide cream dries. Also remember that this ingredient can bleach clothes. So use white sheets if you wear it at night, and don’t get the product on nice towels or your favorite clothing.


4.Face masks aren’t just fun, they’re useful!

You may have tried face masks in the past just for fun, but they’re really quite useful too. Most masks have a purpose. You can find those that are for taking care of acne, face mask adding moisture to the skin or exfoliation. Buy masks at the store or make your own out of natural, household ingredients. There are many recipes online.


You should get in the habit now of using a face mask at least once per week. Do it on the weekend, and make it fun! You can pop in a movie and paint your toenails while you wait for the mask to dry and set, or invite a friend over to do a mask with you.



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How To Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

Many people have tried various diets and supplements to lose weight without success. The main reason why it is so difficult to lose weight is the fact that most people live a sedentary lifestyle without eating healthy, nutritious foods. Your body depends upon good nutrition for energy and resisting diseases and illnesses. Losing weight does not have to be difficult, because you are free to develop a program that suits you. If you want a permanent weight loss plan, then you must choose activities that you enjoy.


Weight Loss Tips

Try adding more meals but smaller portions. Experts agree that six small meals a day are better for the body than three large ones. Your body will store extra calories as fat when you consume too much food at one time. It only takes three weeks to make a habit. The way you eat today is the habit you have created for yourself. Change that habit, and increase the number of meals you eat each day.

Some people have difficulty counting calories, but the fact remains that your body will store extra calories as fat. If you eat one-half cup of nuts before mealtimes, then you will consume less calories. Drinking a glass of water can have the same effect. Drink coffee to boost your metabolism, but do not add sugar, cream or other ingredients high in calories. Green tea is another drink that offers health benefits such as antioxidants.


Exercise does not have to seem like work. Swimming, hiking, walking and biking are activities that make exercise fun and exciting. Obesity increases your risk for a variety of diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. A weight-training program will increase the amount of muscle in your body.

It is important to realize that your muscle ratio determines your metabolism. A high metabolism allows you to eat more without gaining weight. Developing muscles will also improve your posture, self-confidence and health.

Obesity Health Risks

If you are more than a few pounds overweight, then you are likely to be obese. Obesity increases your risks of the following conditions:

-Some cancers
-Gallbladder stones and disease
-Breathing problems
-Stroke and heart disease
-High blood pressure



Maintaining your weight is more about your health than the way you look. But, you will improve the way you look and feel by getting into the best shape of your life. Learn more at London Weight Management Malaysia

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Helpful Tips For More Comfort During Your Pregnancy

While pregnancy is an amazing experience for women, it has its share of downsides, too — think seemingly nonstop body aches and pains. If you’re having a tough time getting comfortable while you’re pregnant, these tips can come in handy and perhaps even prevent you from experiencing yet another long sleepless night.





If backaches are the bane of your pregnancy existence, try to maintain good posture to fight them. Maintain a perfectly straight back when you walk. Do the same when you stand and sit. If you wear high shoes and other types of footwear that don’t offer sufficient support, stop. Shoes can often contribute to unpleasant pregnancy back pains, after all. Low-heeled shoes that are equipped with rubber soles are often a smart footwear choice for expectant ladies.

Many expectant women have a tough time finding comfortable sleeping positions. If you’re part of that group, try to sleep on a mattress that’s nice and firm. If you need extra support for your stomach, legs and arms, reach for pillows. For extra comfort, sleep on the side of your body and cross a leg over your other one.


leg stretches



Try some leg stretches. If you suffer from annoying leg cramps at night, doing a couple leg stretches before going to sleep can often help.

Regular physical fitness can do wonders for increasing your comfort level during pregnancy. Go for a half-hour stroll outdoors on a daily basis. If there’s one available near you, try to sign up for a pregnancy fitness class. The more active your are, the easier it will be for you to relax and go to sleep easily at night. Remember to get your physical fitness in when it’s relatively early. If you exercise late, you might have trouble falling asleep easily.

Some pregnant women have nighttime troubles due to needing to get up to use the bathroom. Go to the bathroom just prior to checking in for the night. It can also help to refrain from drinking anything or consuming a big meal within a span of two to three hours before going to sleep.

If it’s hard for you to get cozy when it’s time to go to bed at night, head to the bathroom for a nice warm shower. A warm shower can be great for relaxing your body and mind prior to bedtime.

Pregnant women have the tendency to feel markedly warmer than usual. If excess warmth is making it difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep every night, put the thermostat in your home down. The excess warmth pregnant women feel is a result of additional blood traveling rapidly to the skin. If you have a cool sleeping space at night, it’ll be a lot easier for you to get cozy. Quit wasting time pushing your covers off furiously every hour or so by maintaining a much cooler sleeping environment.

If you want to enjoy a comfortable, cool and pleasant pregnancy, these practical tips can help you do so in style.
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We Ask a Sports Clinic Specialist Ways to Prevent Common Running Injuries

When it comes to sports injuries, prevention is far better than months of rehabilitation. Many people think that running is a low-impact sport that requires few skills to master- after all, everyone knows how to run. You just need to log in the time on the road and you’ll end up winning races. Unfortunately, most people don’t really know how to run correctly, and they get injured. An astonishing 50% of runners end up injured each year.

It’s Not the Shoes

A common myth in the running population is that avoiding injuries is all about correct shoe choice. Conventional wisdom urges runners to get professionally fitted with shoes to avoid injuries. However, several studies have shown that getting professionally fitted for shoes actually increases injury rates versus runners simply selecting shoes that “feel good.” For example, shoes selected by fitters that are designed to “correct” over-pronation significantly increase the rate of injury compared to runners who just select shoes they like.


The idea that it’s all in the shoe first lead to the development of heavily padded shoes and motion-controlling shoes. When these types of shoes didn’t manage to prevent injuries, the barefoot, or minimalistic, shoe emerged. Many studies have demonstrated that barefoot runners experience far less shock from impact with the ground, and move differently, than runners wearing shoes. However, as the populace has taken up minimalistic type shoes, the rate of running injuries hasn’t dropped.

Learn to Run

The bottom line seems to be that most people don’t really know how to run. They don’t know how to move their body in a biomechanically correct, balanced way. Many runners have weak core muscles that lead to poor posture when running, which leads to excessive wear and tear on the body. For example, one of the most common running injures, runner’s knee, seems to be caused by weak hip muscles that cause the pelvis to move too much during each stride, resulting in excessive stress on the knees.

Gait Analysis

Perhaps the best way to prevent runner’s injuries is to get a gait analysis and evaluation from a sports physical therapist before beginning to run. These analyses usually require the subject to run on a treadmill while being videotaped. The trained therapist can detect biomechanical problems with the subject’s stride, and can diagnose possible causes for the problems and come up with solutions. For example, most people who have grown up wearing stiff, padded shoes run with a too-long stride and hit the ground hard with their heel, a style of running that can cause all kinds of injuries. The therapist can explain how to run with a correct, shorter stride and a mid- to- front foot ground strike. Weak core muscles that cause excessive pelvis and upper body motion can be detected during this evaluation, and special exercises to strengthen the muscles can be prescribed.



In addition to learning how to run correctly, cross-training can significantly reduce running injuries. Running well requires significant strength, flexibility, and balance, none of which can be developed by just running. Hitting the weight room, attending Pilates classes, and performing special balance exercises will improve running and reduce the injury risk far more than just plugging on down the road. Learning to run well requires much more than just running.
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4 Makeup Tips for a Natural Summer Look 


Dramatic makeup can be absolutely breath taking. Smokey eye shadow pallets and bold lip colors are sure to draw attention. But as summer quickly approaches and temperatures rise, those jaw-dropping looks melt and run right off your face. So here are 4 helpful hints to help you feel radiant, confident, and comfortable.




#1: Cleansing and Moisturizing

It does not take a genius to figure out that the healthier your skin is, the better your make up art will look. So make sure that you are using the proper cleansers and moisturizers for your skin. When you know you are going to be spending a considerable amount of time out in the sun, be sure and use a moisturizer that has an SPF of 15 or higher to prevent sun damage and skin discoloration.



#2: Summertime Foundation

Your foundation is particularly important for summer looks specifically. Many of us enjoy being out in the sun when the weather starts to warm up. Sunbathing can change our skin tones without us really noticing for a while. So be sure you have a foundation and concealer that matches your summer skin tone.


#3: Summer Sparkle

When using eye shadows and face powders, try picking products that have just a touch of shimmer to them. If you are feeling extra daring, take a large makeup brush and apply a small amount of a shimmery powder to your shoulders and arms. Anywhere you decide to show off a little bit of skin! That touch of sunlight reflecting off your skin is sure to be eye-catching.



#4: Less is More

Instead of a bold, heavy-handed eyeliner when you are cruising around this summer, choose a quality, voluminous mascara and let your eyes do the talking. Rather than a bold, matte lip color and liner, try simply wearing a tinted gloss or a very light lip color. The colors you choose should be subtle and natural. If you do decide to use color, make sure that they are light and well blended.


Whether its on the beach or out on the town, try a simpler and more natural approach to your summer time makeup. Harsh lines and bright colors are fantastic and fun, but sometimes it’s nice to let your natural beauty speak for itself.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation After Delivery: All The Different Methods You Can Try


Life has a way of leaving its mark on all of us, especially as women. One of the incidents that will take out the years out of your body is delivery. This is a natural process and it leaves you unable to enjoy sex the way you used to, which in turn leads to low self-esteem. However, vaginal rejuvenation after birth is possible. This rejuvenation can be surgical or non-surgical. Let us look at the different procedures and how they assist you regain your sexuality.


Surgical Rejuvenation Methods

These are performed in a hospital setting by a qualified doctor. Modern medicine has made surgical procedures for rejuvenation possible and gives you various options. The doctor might use one procedure or combine several of them to get the results you want. They include:



During childbirth, your vaginal muscles become loose due to extensive stretching of the tissues. Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that helps tighten the muscles of your vagina and reduce its size by removing excess tissues that line the vaginal walls. The result is a significantly tighter vagina that will give more friction when having sex with your partner.



This is more of a cosmetic procedure. Its goal is to reduce the size of your vagina’s inner and outer lips. Childbirth leads to stretching of the labia, which isn’t uniform and results in elongated lips that make it hard for you to have quality sex with your partner. Labiaplasty aims at removing excess tissue that has developed after delivery.



During delivery, the perineal muscle is overworked and it loses its integrity. This muscle is located between your vagina and the anal opening. The stretching can damage the muscle, making it weak or dysfunctional. The damage affects the role of the muscle in sex – sensation and aesthetics. A decreased sensation will make it hard for you to enjoy sex, even if you are in the mood.

Perineoplasty seeks to repair the damage to this muscle. The repair will help the muscle regain its strength and sensation. This procedure is commonly followed by laser surgery to improve the appearance of the vagina as well as reduce it’s the size of the vaginal opening.

These are the options for vaginal rejuvenation surgery. You will need to consult with the surgeon to find out which procedure is right for you. The method that will be used will depend on the problem and the extent of damage.


Non-surgical Procedures

Surgery might be too expensive for you or time-consuming. Additionally, if you are in a regular job that does not allow you time to leave, you will opt for these procedures. The procedures are simple, and don’t take a lot of time. They include:


Labial Puff

After giving birth, an initially full labia might deflate and become lax. This can be resolved using a labial puff, whereby the surgeon injects fat into your labia. The procedure is non-invasive and painless. Local anesthesia will be used on the area to be injected before the procedure is performed.


Shrink Creams

This is a natural way for you to achieve rejuvenation. It is also inexpensive and gives you an opportunity to perform your daily activities normally. The creams work by increasing the blood flow to your vagina. This results in almost immediate constriction, heightened sensitivity and better elasticity.


Final Thoughts

There are various ways you can achieve vaginal rejuvenation after giving birth. The available methods are surgical and non-surgical. Surgical methods require a surgical procedure to change various aspects that arose due to the effects of birth. Non-surgical procedures involve non-invasive methods.

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The Reason Why Your Skincare Is No Longer Working For You


A stunning and gorgeous look is the goal you have set for your face this year. When you wake up and before you go to bed, you are taking steps to ensure that this goal is a possibility. However, having glowing skin is more than just following the right steps; you also need to purchase new products.





Current Products Might be the Problem

One of the reasons why you should buy new products is because some of the items you have might be causing irritation on your face, or they may be the reason that your skin isn’t looking quite the way that it should. For example, you might be having a minor allergic reaction to one of the products, or some of the products might just not work with your skin type anymore. Checking out new products is a good way to start anew and to reach your goal.


Products that Address Your Issues

The problem might not be the in products that you have, but it may lie in the fact that you aren’t selecting ones that address the specific issues your skin has. Let’s say that you have trouble with acne around your chin or on you forehead.


Constantly slathering on a lotion made for people with dry skin could just be making the situation worse. When you are going to purchase new products, take the time to find out what the formulas are made for so that you can ensure that you are getting the best ones for you.


Natural Products for Your Face

You have probably heard that the natural and organic movement is pretty big right now. Some people think that the movement relates to foods only, but in fact, you can find pretty much any product these days that comes in a natural and/or organic form.


You can look into products like an ePure jelly mask or products made with tree oil. Instead of injecting harmful chemicals from the environment into or onto your face, you can have a greater sense of confidence that you are doing the right thing for your skin.


Environmentally-Friendly Movement

When you see that certain products are natural and organic, you have a stronger sense that no living creatures were tortured in order for their production to come into fruition. However, when you are selecting Naruko products, you can also rest assured that they are environmentally-friendly. The packaging is crafted in such a way to do as little damage to the environment as possible. As a result, you are taking the right steps for your skin by eliminating harmful substances, and you are also doing the best thing for the environment at large.


Selecting a Full Line of Skin Care

Right now, you might have an array of different skin products from all different lines, companies and so forth. In fact, unbeknownst to you, the products might be counteracting each other in some ways, or they might not be the best complements for one another. When you start anew, you can select products that all come from the same brand or company. You can find out which products work well with other ones, so you are really going back to the beginning to start. You can also find out which products work well in-tandem with one another to address your personal skin care problems and to make you look your absolute best.

When you want to have the best skin you’ve ever had in your life, think about starting fresh with a whole new line of products that address your specific skin care needs and concerns.

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5 Ways You Can Reduce Cellulite Without Surgery


Ban cellulite from your body without expensive creams and surgeries and injections that drain your purse. These techniques will help you reduce the puckered and dimpled look that cellulite causes and keep your skin looking smooth. Reduce cellulite appearance with a few easy steps that you can do from the comfort of your own home.




1. Drink Plenty of Water

Since cellulite is created by excess toxins, stuck in the body’s lymphatic system, the best way to reduce cellulite is to flush those toxins out by drinking water. You can get water from plenty of sources—not just from your sink.


Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will help to keep your body hydrated and happy. When you do want to turn to water, though, you should aim for at least eight glasses of filtered, clean water.


If your water at home contains heavy metals and is unfiltered, buy a water filter pitcher or simply opt for bottled water. You can add slices of lemon or lime to your water to add a bit of flavour and to help the detoxification process along. Also, avoid caffeinated beverages as they can dehydrate the body.


Water Infographic



2. Cut Down on Sodium

While all the fat and oil in chips can contribute to your cellulite, it’s really the salt that is packing the dimples on your bottom.

One easy way to reduce cellulite appearance is to cut down on foods high in sodium and to stop adding salt to your foods.If you can’t cut the salt out cold turkey, use sea salt or Himalayan salt that offers a less refined way to get your flavour fix.

Once you’ve cut down the amount of salt you’re eating, you can start to substitute salt with other natural herbs and sodium-free seasonings.

The Sodium Equivalency Chart



3. Brush Your Skin

Though this trick always confuses and astounds most people, brushing your skin is a great way to reduce cellulite before the weekend.

By running a paddle brush over the area of your body that is plagued by cellulite, you can stimulate your lymphatic system. One of the biggest causes of cellulite is poor lymphatic drainage, so ridding your system of toxins will help keep your circulation working smoothly.

Getting regular massages will also help to keep your lymphatic system working and is another great way to reduce cellulite appearance. You can even book a special lymphatic drainage massage at most spas!

How To: Dry Brushing for Cellulite!



4. Reduce Cellulite Through Exercise

By simply moving a little more, you’ll help reduce your body’s fat content—which will reduce the amount of cellulite in your body. Since cellulite is simply pockets of fat that are puckered by connective tissue. The less fat you have, the less cellulite you have.

Reducing cellulite through exercise can seem tedious at first, but the results will be worth it. Exercises like Pilates and yoga that lengthen and tone the body are the best way to reduce cellulite.

How to Get Legs Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel Model



5. Don’t Use Skin Thinning Creams

Since cellulite is the fat that is found closest to the skin, any product that thins your skin will make cellulite more noticeable. Unless you are taking these creams for medical purposes, try to reduce the amount you use these creams or gradually stop using them altogether. Luckily, you don’t need expensive creams to make your skin look amazing and hydrated.


You can use items found in your own pantry, like olive oil. Coconut oil has also become an extremely popular way to moisturize skin lately. Keeping your skin moisturized an healthy is an important step in keeping youthful and minimizing the effects of aging and unsightly fat.


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Tips on Facial Moisturizers

Beautiful wet woman face with water drop

Keeping the skin hydrated and supple is important, especially as a person gets older and those materials that keep skin juicy like collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid begin to diminish.





Oil helps to lock moisture into the skin, and when levels of oil are low the skin is dry and flaky. If the skin produces too much oil, the skin looks greasy. Interestingly, moisturizers are even good for oily skin. Though they should be used sparingly and should be water based, they can lessen the appearance of the large pores and unattractive shine that oily skin is prone to.

Besides keeping moisture inside the skin, a good moisturizer can make the skin look brighter, plumper and can even erase fine lines and wrinkles for a while. They also help makeup adhere to the skin and last longer.


Types of Moisturizer


Moisturizers come in two basic types. Oil based moisturizers have substances that attract water called humectants. One type is glycerin. The other type of moisturizer is an emulsion of water in oil, and they tend to be lotions or creams. They work by trapping water on the surface of the skin. These types of moisturizers can also contain humectants.


Moisturizers also have added ingredients. These can include vitamins, collagen, hormones, peptides and amino acids. Substances based on Vitamin A are especially good at reversing the effects of aging in the skin. Substances like glycolic or lactic acid also reduce fine lines and wrinkles and also enhance the ability of the moisturizer to retain water. These types of agents are often recommended for people with dry skin.


Some Tips


People who suffer from really dry skin will benefit from using a very rich moisturizer that’s full of ingredients like glycerin or shea butter. The moisturizer should be applied to the palms first to warm it before it’s applied to the face.


People who have oily skin can use a lotion that controls oil on their T-zone, which is across their forehead and down their nose. This will lessen the shine. Also, moisturizers that are oil free can balance out the overactive oil-producing glands in the skin while making sure that the skin is hydrated.

After a person applies makeup, she can pat a little bit of moisturizing balm on her cheeks. This helps the skin have a natural and healthy glow.


There are special moisturizers for the skin around the eyes. (See Shakura Malaysia) This skin is thin, sensitive and has smaller pores.

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Selecting the Right Foundation for Your Skin


When it comes to looking your best, your skin is a vital piece of the beauty puzzle. Foundation evens out your skin, making your complexion look flawless. Choosing the right foundation will make all of the difference in your appearance, so select the one that will bring out your best features and accent your look.

Match Your Color


The first step in getting the right foundation is to match your skin’s color to that of your makeup. Many women are wearing the wrong shade and are not aware of it. It can be a challenge to match up your foundation, powder and concealer and get the perfect shades. Getting a color consultation from a makeup professional will help you to find the right color for your skin.

Know Your Skin Type


There are several skin types, and knowing yours will help you choose the right makeup. If you have oily skin, a matte makeup will help decrease shine and make your skin look smooth and clean. Women with dry skin often need a moisturizer to create even tones and cover dry patches. Combination oily/dry skin requires its own special foundation that combines a matte finish with an added moisturizer.

Skin-type-characteristics-v0.2 (1)

Some people have skin that changes color based on the seasons. Most women find that their summer skin tone is darker than their winter shade. If this is the case, you may need to buy more than one foundation to create a flawless complexion year round. Wander The Web: New York Skin Solutions For Everyone With Skin Inflammation. 


Try on a Few Shades


Visit your local cosmetics counter to try on a few shades and find one that works for you. Test out your color on your jawline to see the contrast between your face and your neck. Your neck is often lighter than your face, so getting a good blend in this area is essential. When trying on your foundation at the cosmetics counter, remember that you are under the harsh glare of florescent lights. If possible, step outside to see what the makeup looks like in natural light conditions.

When it comes to getting the best foundation for your skin tone, understanding your skin is key. Visit your local cosmetics counter for a color consultation and let the makeup experts help you find the best products for your look. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, there is a shade that will work for you and help you to feel your best.

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