Say Goodbye to Severely Chapped Lips with These Remedies


Despite the common belief that severely chapped lips only happen in cold climates or during the winter months, this is simply not true. Chronically dry and cracked lips can be caused by a variety of factors, not just cold weather, and finding the source of the problem is one of the best ways to avoid them. They can be painful and unsightly. However, once severely chapped lips have occurred, there several different methods of naturally remedying the situation.



1. Do not lick chapped lips

When lips are dry, the natural impulse is to lick them, but this can actually be one of the most damaging actions a sufferer can take. The digestive enzymes in saliva actually break down the natural protective barrier that can heal chapped lips, making them even drier than they already were before licking.




2.Do not peel or pick at flaking skin

It may be tempting to just peel away the chapped skin to make the lips look better, but this action also leaves lips exposed and without the natural protection that they are creating under those flakes of skin. It may also expose the tender lip skin to cracks or sores that may become infected.




3. Exfoliate chapped lips, even if the damage is severe

Unlike picking the flaking skin, deliberate exfoliation will help slough off dead skin cells in a healthy manner that will preserve the lips as much as possible. Using a mixture of brown sugar and water, or a lip scrub, will do the trick with some light rubbing and lukewarm water.



4. Try cucumber slices

Applying fresh cucumber slices to the lips will also help. The natural water from the cucumber will pass into the lips, soothing and replenishing the dry skin.



5. Avoid acidic foods and drinks

Although acidic juices may taste good, especially if the mouth is also dry, the acid in them may further burn or irritate the already painful lips.




6. Focus on drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day

The skin and lips cannot be properly hydrated if the body is not taking in the right amount of water. By making sure that a full 8-10 glasses of water are ingested, chapped lips will be getting the moisture that they need to regenerate.


7. Do not count on lip balm

Even the so-called best lip balm is not a sure-fire way to cure chapped lips. Balms do not actually hydrate skin; in fact, they seal lips to prevent moisture from getting out. This works well for well-hydrated lips, but it will not heal those that are already damaged.

8. Apply a lip moisturizer

Companies like Clarins make excellent lip moisturizers that do what most people belief lip balms should do. A few drops of a good lip moisturizer, especially after a bath or shower, will help the lips rehydrate and heal.


Severely chapped lips can be painful and unattractive, but with the right care and moisturizing products, they can be healed at any time of the year.

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Five of the Finest Lip Tint Brands From Korea


Lip Tints From South Korea

Using lip tint can be an exciting way to give your pout a hint of colour without overwhelming it like a lipstick product might. If you wish to attain beautiful colour for your lips, various popular South Korean cosmetics brands can assist you on your quest to do so. Korean skincare companies are becoming more and more known everywhere these days and lip tints are fast becoming a new trend in Asia. Here are some of the best lip tints you can find to achieve that perfect pout:


Lip Tints From Berrisom

Berrisom is an established Korean makeup company that manufactures a wide range of lip products. Berrisom lip tint is just one such example. Not only are these lip tints known for their beautiful and bright colours, but they’re also known for being highly resistant to smudging and smearing. If you want to sport a Korean lip tint that will look fresh, clean and intact all day long, Berrisom may just be the right brand for you. These tints are produced in a wide range of attractive colours such as ‘sexy red,’ ‘lovely peach,’ ‘candy orange’ and even ‘chic purple.’





Lip Tints From Etude House

Etude House is a widely popular Korean skincare and makeup brand that provides customers with a strong selection of lip products. Gals who want lovely ‘cherry lips’ may wish to try Etude House’s ‘fresh cherry tint.’ Not only does this popular product aim to give the lips a pop of attractive colour, but it also aims to hydrate them and make them appear healthy and glossy. The texture of the tint is soft and creamy. These tints are available in four distinct colour options.





Lip Tints From Holika Holika

Holika Holika is a renowned Korean cosmetics brand that has a wide range of fans from all around the planet. Holika Holika is known for manufacturing multitasking moisturising lip tint products that also serve as lip glosses and lipsticks. The brand’s numerous lip tints also provide users with the benefits of buildable colour. One single application never has to be enough.




Lip Tints From Missha

Missha is an acclaimed Korean cosmetics brand that’s known for everything from anti-wrinkle BB (blemish balm) creams to lip tints and beyond. If you wish to try a lip tint that can provide your lips with a beautiful coat of color that also looks natural and subtle, then Missha’s lip tint products may just be right up your alley. Aqua gel tints are popular products from the Missha line. Not only do these tints provide the lips with lovely colour, but they also lock in hydration. They even fortify lips that look and feel weak and worn out. People who appreciate certified organic and natural ingredients are sure to enjoy Missha’s high-quality lip tint offerings. These products are quick to apply and can quickly make the lips look both revitalised and nourished.




Lip Tints From Laneige

Laneige is a Korean cosmetics brand that has a refined and sophisticated reputation. The brand’s ‘Water Drop Tint‘ increases the volume of the lips. If you dream of lips that are simultaneously full and packed with essential hydration, then this long-lasting makeup product may be ideal for you.


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Finding The Best Eye Cream Doesn’t Have to be an Eyeful: Here Are 6 Tips to Help You

Regardless of how old you are, if you’re not already using an eye cream, it’s time you did. Since skin around the eyes is so delicate and thin, it typically starts showing the signs of aging first. The market is flooded with eye serums and creams. How can you tell which one is right for you? By familiarizing yourself with the most common ingredients in these creams, you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect one.


The Basics

The best eye serums and creams are made of safe, gentle ingredients. Their gentle, fragrance-free formulas make them perfect for daily use. Some are designed to be used strictly at night while others can be worn throughout the day. Either way, select yours based on the issues you need to address. The right ingredients can help.


Top Eye Cream Ingredients and What They Do

Find the perfect eye serum or cream by familiarizing yourself with these popular ingredients:

  • Aloe VeraA mainstay in moisturizers and other skincare products, aloe vera is beneficial for the under-eye area especially when it comes to puffiness. Its soothing properties help to reduce swelling, which makes eyes brighter and more youthful looking.
  • Amino Acids – Amino acids’ main claim to fame when it comes to the sensitive under-eye area is that they boost cell production and turnover in a big way. This prevents old skin from accumulating, which makes the area around the eyes take on a dull look. The best eye cream for dark circles will include amino acids.
  • CaffeineCaffeine doesn’t just rev you up when consumed in coffee and other beverages. In eye serums and creams, it helps to boost circulation in the area around the eyes, which helps to reduce swelling and puffiness.
  • Hyaluronic AcidFew ingredients come close to approaching hyaluronic acid’s amazing moisturizing capabilities. This acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water and pulls moisture from the air. In doing so, it locks in moisture in the skin around the eyes and boosts cell production. Both effects help ward off fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Neuropeptides – For those whose skin is too sensitive for retinol, neuropeptides are a great alternative. They are true workhorses when it comes to boosting collagen and elastin production.
  • Retinol – If your skin can handle it, prescription-grade retinol–or even over-the-counter retinol–is the best option for stimulating cell production and turnover. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol helps to ward off and correct age spots and fine lines when used on a consistent basis.
  • SPFLook for a cream with mineral-based sun protection with an SPF of 30 or higher. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide both work well. Sun exposure wreaks havoc on the delicate, fine skin around the eyes, so it’s especially important to shield it with a first-rate SPF product. A cream that has it built in is a convenient and easy solution.
  • Vitamins C and E - In addition to vitamin A, which is found in retinol, choose a cream with vitamins C and E. Vitamin C bolsters collagen and elastin production, and vitamin E protects and soothes the skin. When used together, they give you the protection and repair capabilities you need to keep skin around your eyes looking young and fresh.

Shopping for an eye cream may seem overwhelming, but locating the right one is really a matter of knowing the right ingredients. Also, stick with creams from reputable, trustworthy names, and apply the cream daily for optimal results. With consistent use, the right under-eye cream is sure to make a positive difference for you.

Aleo Vera is beneficial for the under-eye area especially when it comes to puffiness.


Vitamin C bolsters collagen and elastin production, and vitamin E protects and soothes the skin.





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The 5 Healthy Foods We Forgot That Need to Come Back in Style


Every year, there is a new round of healthy foods that comes into style, and they create a temporary boom. People like to read about their superior qualities and benefits and then rush to the store to buy them. What about the foods that have been forgotten? They are equally beneficial, but no longer in the spotlight. We love these healthy foods because of their timeless benefits and these days, are usually cheaper and available anywhere. Here are the five in our favourite “forgotten” list that need to make a come back:

#1. Nuts


Every diet needs adequate sources of protein. Nuts are often included in a Mediterranean-style diet or a high-protein diet, but they have not gotten as much attention as newer superfoods such as acai berries and avocados. When you combine nuts with other fruits and vegetables, high amounts of olive oil, and lean fish and poultry, you can achieve a low-carbohydrate diet.

#2. Bananas


The superfood that has gone out of style and should make a comeback is the banana. Marketed as the world’s perfect food, it is a high source of potassium, tryptophan, and fiber. Potassium helps your heart keep beating, and bananas may help prevent high blood pressure. Tryptophan naturally lifts your mood and can benefit people who feel depressed. Fiber helps keep you regular.

#3. Beans


On the food plate, any kind of beans is going to offer both moderate to high amounts of carbohydrates and protein. Beans are a preferred source of protein in a healthy diet and better than proteins found in products such as bacon and processed meats.

#4: Fish


While fish can get a bad reputation as a source of too much mercury, it is part of many healthy diets. Fish is high in protein and omega-3 Fatty acids, which are ideal for lowering blood pressure and triglycerides and helping people with different forms of arthritis. If you don’t prefer the taste of fish, get similar benefits from taking a fish oil or cod liver oil supplement.

#5: Grapefruit


Your body needs a source of vitamins, even from a sour-tasting fruit like this one. Grapefruit is a good source of the vitamins A and C. It will help you to fortify your immune system while not hurting your calorie count because it contains few calories.

Try these foods and others like them to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Almost any food can be added in moderation and help you to achieve your total number of calories allotted for the day’s meals and snacks. Make it a habit to choose and consume healthy foods in a right way to get the most out



The Nutrition Source: Health Dietary Styles Bananas: Health Benefits, Risks, & Nutrition Facts

Harvard School of Public Health: Healthy Eating Plate

WebMD: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services: Grapefruit: The Great Fruit

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Changing Habits and Routines Could Equal Weight Loss


There is a good chance you may be having trouble losing weight because of poor eating habits and routines that are dragging you down and preventing weight loss. These simple but effective weight loss tips may be just what you need to improve weight loss and get inspiration.

• Keep a food journal. Write down everything you eat including snacks for two weeks. Study your diary, and you’ll be amazed at what you’re really consuming in a day.

• Replace everyday dinner plates with salad plates that are 7-9 inches wide. You’ll naturally put less food on the plate and consume fewer calories.

• Make sure you get 30 minutes of exercise daily. Take the stairs at work, walk at lunch, take up swimming , bicycle on the weekends or start hiking with friends to improve muscle tone and burn calories.

• Reorganize meal plans to include foods high in water content like tomatoes, zucchini, salads, cucumbers and soups. You’ll feel fuller but consume fewer calories over all.

• Break your habit of stopping at Dunkin Donuts or Star Bucks for specialty coffees. Ordering sugary, caramel and whipped cream coffees are ruining your chances of losing weight; all of these have high calorie contents.

• Resist the temptation to put yourself on a rigid diet that you will never stick to. Eat a sensible diet, reduce carbohydrates and increase your intake of healthy fruits and vegetables.

• Order small portions when eating out. Enjoy a meal out, but keep portion sizes small to ensure you’re not blowing your diet.

• Break the habit of eating meals and snacks while watching TV or on the computer. You’re likely eating more food than you realize or need.

• Stay away from frozen food meals or pre-prepared foods that list any type of sugars in the first ingredients on the label. These foods are likely sabotaging your dieting efforts because they are typically high in sugar and calories.

• Increase you exercise on the job. Make a point of taking a quick walk every couple of hours if you work at a sedentary job. You’ll be more alert and energize your body to burn calories.

• Break bad eating habits. If you’re a binge or emotional eater, focus on the causes and make lifestyle changes.

• Cut out calories you can do without. Eliminate one soda a day, no snack after lunch or a high calorie drink. Don’t eat everything on your plate.

Changing when you eat, what you eat, and adding additional exercise to your daily routine can really make a huge difference in how you view food and whether you lose weight. Get more tips from London Weight Management Malaysia

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4 Important Skin Care Regimen Tips for 20-Somethings


As a twenty-something, the world is your oyster. You’re finally on your own, and you have your whole life to look forward to. In addition, chances are that your skin is on point right now! At this point in your life, you are hopefully done with pesky breakouts happening every day, yet you don’t have to worry about constantly covering up sun spots and wrinkles.But this doesn’t mean that you can just forget proper skin care. In fact, this is the time when skin care is most important! You’ve got to start here if you want to prevent wrinkles and age spots from forming in your thirties and forties. And if you want fresh-looking skin that isn’t dull and dry right now, there are some key things to think about as well.

1. Sunscreen is your friend

We know that your best friend is laying out in the sun without sunscreen and getting this beautiful tan that you would die for. But she’s not thinking. Baking in the sun for a tan that you will love now will set you up for disaster when you get older. And yes, you will get older.

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If you’re not protecting your skin every day with sunscreen, you can get ready for some serious wrinkles in your thirties and some ugly-looking sun spots in your thirties. Wear a sunscreen, and use large-brimmed hats and clothing to cover your skin when you can.


2. Moisturized skin is beautiful skin

Your skin needs moisture to maintain its luster, so without regular lotion application, you can expect to have a dull tinge to your face and maybe even some itching, peeling and flaking. Nobody wants that!


To take care of this, make sure you have a set regimen for moisturizing. Use a moisturizer with SPF in the morning, and use one with alpha hydroxy acid or AHA at night. AHA will even out skin tone, get rid of dead skin cells and prepare your skin for your thirties and forties.


3. There’s a chance you might still be struggling with acne

Some twenty-somethings still have trouble with breakouts. Hopefully, they are less frequent than they were when you were in your teens, but it still might be a problem. If this is the case, you need to start using an acne cream. Creams with benzoyl peroxide usually do the trick, but this ingredient can be a struggle for some.


First of all, benzoyl peroxide is quite drying on the skin. It will take care of acne in a flash, but you can expect some peeling. Go slow at first, and always apply a lotion after the benzoyl peroxide cream dries. Also remember that this ingredient can bleach clothes. So use white sheets if you wear it at night, and don’t get the product on nice towels or your favorite clothing.


4.Face masks aren’t just fun, they’re useful!

You may have tried face masks in the past just for fun, but they’re really quite useful too. Most masks have a purpose. You can find those that are for taking care of acne, face mask adding moisture to the skin or exfoliation. Buy masks at the store or make your own out of natural, household ingredients. There are many recipes online.


You should get in the habit now of using a face mask at least once per week. Do it on the weekend, and make it fun! You can pop in a movie and paint your toenails while you wait for the mask to dry and set, or invite a friend over to do a mask with you.



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How To Lose Weight And Improve Your Health

Many people have tried various diets and supplements to lose weight without success. The main reason why it is so difficult to lose weight is the fact that most people live a sedentary lifestyle without eating healthy, nutritious foods. Your body depends upon good nutrition for energy and resisting diseases and illnesses. Losing weight does not have to be difficult, because you are free to develop a program that suits you. If you want a permanent weight loss plan, then you must choose activities that you enjoy.


Weight Loss Tips

Try adding more meals but smaller portions. Experts agree that six small meals a day are better for the body than three large ones. Your body will store extra calories as fat when you consume too much food at one time. It only takes three weeks to make a habit. The way you eat today is the habit you have created for yourself. Change that habit, and increase the number of meals you eat each day.

Some people have difficulty counting calories, but the fact remains that your body will store extra calories as fat. If you eat one-half cup of nuts before mealtimes, then you will consume less calories. Drinking a glass of water can have the same effect. Drink coffee to boost your metabolism, but do not add sugar, cream or other ingredients high in calories. Green tea is another drink that offers health benefits such as antioxidants.


Exercise does not have to seem like work. Swimming, hiking, walking and biking are activities that make exercise fun and exciting. Obesity increases your risk for a variety of diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. A weight-training program will increase the amount of muscle in your body.

It is important to realize that your muscle ratio determines your metabolism. A high metabolism allows you to eat more without gaining weight. Developing muscles will also improve your posture, self-confidence and health.

Obesity Health Risks

If you are more than a few pounds overweight, then you are likely to be obese. Obesity increases your risks of the following conditions:

-Some cancers
-Gallbladder stones and disease
-Breathing problems
-Stroke and heart disease
-High blood pressure



Maintaining your weight is more about your health than the way you look. But, you will improve the way you look and feel by getting into the best shape of your life. Learn more at London Weight Management Malaysia

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Helpful Tips For More Comfort During Your Pregnancy

While pregnancy is an amazing experience for women, it has its share of downsides, too — think seemingly nonstop body aches and pains. If you’re having a tough time getting comfortable while you’re pregnant, these tips can come in handy and perhaps even prevent you from experiencing yet another long sleepless night.





If backaches are the bane of your pregnancy existence, try to maintain good posture to fight them. Maintain a perfectly straight back when you walk. Do the same when you stand and sit. If you wear high shoes and other types of footwear that don’t offer sufficient support, stop. Shoes can often contribute to unpleasant pregnancy back pains, after all. Low-heeled shoes that are equipped with rubber soles are often a smart footwear choice for expectant ladies.

Many expectant women have a tough time finding comfortable sleeping positions. If you’re part of that group, try to sleep on a mattress that’s nice and firm. If you need extra support for your stomach, legs and arms, reach for pillows. For extra comfort, sleep on the side of your body and cross a leg over your other one.


leg stretches



Try some leg stretches. If you suffer from annoying leg cramps at night, doing a couple leg stretches before going to sleep can often help.

Regular physical fitness can do wonders for increasing your comfort level during pregnancy. Go for a half-hour stroll outdoors on a daily basis. If there’s one available near you, try to sign up for a pregnancy fitness class. The more active your are, the easier it will be for you to relax and go to sleep easily at night. Remember to get your physical fitness in when it’s relatively early. If you exercise late, you might have trouble falling asleep easily.

Some pregnant women have nighttime troubles due to needing to get up to use the bathroom. Go to the bathroom just prior to checking in for the night. It can also help to refrain from drinking anything or consuming a big meal within a span of two to three hours before going to sleep.

If it’s hard for you to get cozy when it’s time to go to bed at night, head to the bathroom for a nice warm shower. A warm shower can be great for relaxing your body and mind prior to bedtime.

Pregnant women have the tendency to feel markedly warmer than usual. If excess warmth is making it difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep every night, put the thermostat in your home down. The excess warmth pregnant women feel is a result of additional blood traveling rapidly to the skin. If you have a cool sleeping space at night, it’ll be a lot easier for you to get cozy. Quit wasting time pushing your covers off furiously every hour or so by maintaining a much cooler sleeping environment.

If you want to enjoy a comfortable, cool and pleasant pregnancy, these practical tips can help you do so in style.
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We Ask a Sports Clinic Specialist Ways to Prevent Common Running Injuries

When it comes to sports injuries, prevention is far better than months of rehabilitation. Many people think that running is a low-impact sport that requires few skills to master- after all, everyone knows how to run. You just need to log in the time on the road and you’ll end up winning races. Unfortunately, most people don’t really know how to run correctly, and they get injured. An astonishing 50% of runners end up injured each year.

It’s Not the Shoes

A common myth in the running population is that avoiding injuries is all about correct shoe choice. Conventional wisdom urges runners to get professionally fitted with shoes to avoid injuries. However, several studies have shown that getting professionally fitted for shoes actually increases injury rates versus runners simply selecting shoes that “feel good.” For example, shoes selected by fitters that are designed to “correct” over-pronation significantly increase the rate of injury compared to runners who just select shoes they like.


The idea that it’s all in the shoe first lead to the development of heavily padded shoes and motion-controlling shoes. When these types of shoes didn’t manage to prevent injuries, the barefoot, or minimalistic, shoe emerged. Many studies have demonstrated that barefoot runners experience far less shock from impact with the ground, and move differently, than runners wearing shoes. However, as the populace has taken up minimalistic type shoes, the rate of running injuries hasn’t dropped.

Learn to Run

The bottom line seems to be that most people don’t really know how to run. They don’t know how to move their body in a biomechanically correct, balanced way. Many runners have weak core muscles that lead to poor posture when running, which leads to excessive wear and tear on the body. For example, one of the most common running injures, runner’s knee, seems to be caused by weak hip muscles that cause the pelvis to move too much during each stride, resulting in excessive stress on the knees.

Gait Analysis

Perhaps the best way to prevent runner’s injuries is to get a gait analysis and evaluation from a sports physical therapist before beginning to run. These analyses usually require the subject to run on a treadmill while being videotaped. The trained therapist can detect biomechanical problems with the subject’s stride, and can diagnose possible causes for the problems and come up with solutions. For example, most people who have grown up wearing stiff, padded shoes run with a too-long stride and hit the ground hard with their heel, a style of running that can cause all kinds of injuries. The therapist can explain how to run with a correct, shorter stride and a mid- to- front foot ground strike. Weak core muscles that cause excessive pelvis and upper body motion can be detected during this evaluation, and special exercises to strengthen the muscles can be prescribed.



In addition to learning how to run correctly, cross-training can significantly reduce running injuries. Running well requires significant strength, flexibility, and balance, none of which can be developed by just running. Hitting the weight room, attending Pilates classes, and performing special balance exercises will improve running and reduce the injury risk far more than just plugging on down the road. Learning to run well requires much more than just running.
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4 Makeup Tips for a Natural Summer Look 


Dramatic makeup can be absolutely breath taking. Smokey eye shadow pallets and bold lip colors are sure to draw attention. But as summer quickly approaches and temperatures rise, those jaw-dropping looks melt and run right off your face. So here are 4 helpful hints to help you feel radiant, confident, and comfortable.




#1: Cleansing and Moisturizing

It does not take a genius to figure out that the healthier your skin is, the better your make up art will look. So make sure that you are using the proper cleansers and moisturizers for your skin. When you know you are going to be spending a considerable amount of time out in the sun, be sure and use a moisturizer that has an SPF of 15 or higher to prevent sun damage and skin discoloration.



#2: Summertime Foundation

Your foundation is particularly important for summer looks specifically. Many of us enjoy being out in the sun when the weather starts to warm up. Sunbathing can change our skin tones without us really noticing for a while. So be sure you have a foundation and concealer that matches your summer skin tone.


#3: Summer Sparkle

When using eye shadows and face powders, try picking products that have just a touch of shimmer to them. If you are feeling extra daring, take a large makeup brush and apply a small amount of a shimmery powder to your shoulders and arms. Anywhere you decide to show off a little bit of skin! That touch of sunlight reflecting off your skin is sure to be eye-catching.



#4: Less is More

Instead of a bold, heavy-handed eyeliner when you are cruising around this summer, choose a quality, voluminous mascara and let your eyes do the talking. Rather than a bold, matte lip color and liner, try simply wearing a tinted gloss or a very light lip color. The colors you choose should be subtle and natural. If you do decide to use color, make sure that they are light and well blended.


Whether its on the beach or out on the town, try a simpler and more natural approach to your summer time makeup. Harsh lines and bright colors are fantastic and fun, but sometimes it’s nice to let your natural beauty speak for itself.

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