2017 Beauty Loot: 10 Makeup Trends For Less Than RM50

This New Year, makeover yourself by updating your beauty stash! The makeup trends for 2017’s spring/summer season in Malaysia feature a lot of colors, glitters and shimmers, to bring out your inner radiance! Grab these 10 makeup goodies that are trending at the moment, all of which can be bought for less than RM50:


  1. Green eye shadow Mint green eyes are a popular look at Marc Jacob’s fashion show this year. Simply use your clean fingers or a fluffy brush to apply it. If mint green isn’t your cup of tea, you can also use any shade of green, whether dark or light. Try Missha’s Dual Blending Cushion Shadow.sonpark-highlighter-cube
  2. Petal pink contouring A new contouring technique called ‘Draping’ uses petal pink shade blusher to highlight the cheekbones and eyelids. Try Son & Park’s Highlighter Cube.800897831844_simplynudelipcream_disrobed_swatch_large
  3. Au naturel kit This is the season to look natural! Appear effortless yet feminine with nude liquid lipstick, taupe eye shadow, mauve lipstick, and creamy matte foundation. This look is perfect for family gatherings or any other event that requires you to look more conservative. Try NYX’s Simply Nude Lip Cream.nyx-cosmic-metals-651
  4. Brown glitter lipstick This is a perfect look for Christmas or New Year parties! Wear a chocolate shade, full-on glitter lipstick to grab attention at soirées. Try NYX’s Cosmic Metals Lip Cream.lakme-absolute
  5. Black kohl liner Look edgy at music festivals or indie events with smudgy eyes by applying a gloss over black kohl liner. Try Lakme’s Absolute Kohl.alice4314
  6. Two-tone lipstick Can’t decide on one color? Do both! If crazy shades like teal green or blue are too outrageous for you, try a two-tone lipstick instead to make a statement! Apply a shade of hot pink on your bottom lip, and matte red on your upper lip. Try Beyond’s Two Tone Lipstick.13387_kate-spotlighting-shadow-5-types-to-choose_440_280_1463565802
  7. Shimmery pastel eye shadow Another girlie look for the feminine type, shimmery pastel eye shadows are a mix of gold, chartreuse, aqua, or lavender. Try Kate’s Spotlighting Shadow.22903802_b_v1
  8. Classy shimmer Want to appear mature and sophisticated? Use metallic eye makeup by applying taupe shadow, blend creamy gold pencil on your eyelids, and finish it with red gloss on your lips. Try WLAB’s Pocket Shadow Palette.img_2005
  9. Tangerine eye gloss The sweet oriental look makes you appear traditional but fun! Apply black kohl liner on eyelids and mix it with tangerine-shaded eye gloss. Try Canmake’s Secret Color Eyes.8774_loreal-tint-caresse-09g_250_400_1446803180
  10. Ombre lipstick Another orange-red combo that makes you youthful and sporty! Apply red lip liner and bright orange lipstick. Try L’Oreal’s Tint Caresse.

You can buy makeup online in Malaysia for these beauty goodies. Most online beauty stores here even offer the best deals and bargains that you won’t find at the usual brick-and-mortar stores. If you’re not too sure about some of these trends, try asking for some samples to see whether they suit you.

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