3 Must-See Professionals Who Can Offer a Hair Loss Solution for You

Because hair is considered one of the make or break features of anyone’s appearance, hair thinning and hair loss can be a serious problem for any individual. Man or woman, no one really wants to have to deal with excessive hair loss. That’s why it’s best to act before it’s too late. Instead of trying to treat the situation on your own, it would be wise to visit a specialist to help you with your hair loss problems.

However, despite the willingness of many people to see a doctor, no one really knows what kind of doctor to visit. Wondering who can offer a hair loss solution for you? Be sure to plan a trip to these three professionals to help your cause.


  1. Primary Physician – You don’t have to think too far when figuring out who can offer a hair loss solution for you. The answer is often much closer than you think. Paying a visit to your primary physician might be more than enough to resolve the matter. Sometimes, hair loss can be caused by factors such as stress or a poor diet. If your physician is able to pinpoint one of these as the reason, a few recommendations such as supplements, vitamins, and changes in your daily practices should be good enough to send you back home. But if your primary physician suspects that there might be a deeper issue, he or she can refer you to another specialist who can help.1_article_0
  2. Dermatologist – Although many seem to believe that dermatologists are only good for conditions concerning the skin, it pays to know that these specialists actually have training for conditions of the skin, nails, and the hair. They offer a wide range of treatments from creams to laser procedures that you might be able to benefit from, which depend on their expert recommendation. Seeing a reputable dermatologist early on in your hair loss can help you get a diagnosis sooner. It’s ideal to act fast because a delayed diagnosis could mean permanent loss.slider-4
  3. Hair Restoration Plastic Surgeon – If the hair loss is too far along and your dermatologist can no longer resolve the matter, they can refer you to a hair restoration plastic surgeon. These professionals are trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to encourage hair growth through hair restoration surgery. Grafts with hair follicles are transplanted to the scalp. These follicles are then closely monitored and cared for to help hair grow for a fuller head of hair.

Knowing who can really offer hair loss solutions for you will make the hair loss experience a little less daunting. Get timely treatment and act fast. Also, be sure to book those appointments as soon as you can.

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