4 Effective Remedies for Neutralizing Your Cellulite Nightmare


If you’re struggling with excess body fat, you’ve got every reason to be alarmed! Cellulite on your thighs and buttocks is a risk factor for diabetes, heart complications, and strokes if you’re a woman. Men with excess subcutaneous fat on the belly are not safe either. There are numerous suggested solutions, some of which are neither safe nor approved by doctors. It’s therefore critical to know which kind of cellulite therapy is safe and practical for you.

1.       Laser Therapies

Laser treatments are some of the most promising anti-cellulite remedies you may consider today. You can start by discussing your options with your doctor or dermatologist to come up with the appropriate treatment combination for your needs. Typically, light therapy, massage, as well as liposuction treatment may be administered together.


This treatment may work for you in several ways to achieve cellulite or subcutaneous fat reduction. For instance, laser or radiofrequency beams may liquefy the fatty tissue, or connective tissue may be cut to slacken puckering. You may enjoy results of laser therapies for excessive fat for a minimum of six months.

2.       Shockwave Therapy

This treatment is akin to the medical solution for kidney stones, although it involves less-intense energy beaming. If you’re a candidate for the therapy, your doctor will recommend that you have it administered two times a week for at least 6 weeks. Numerous case studies show results to last for 2 to 6 months.


If you’re among the folks that abhor invasive medical procedures, shockwave therapy is ideal for you. No surgery, incisions, or insertions are involved here. However, you may want to take into account that the treatment is still a subject of research.

3.       Subcision Treatment

If you desire to shed cellulite or any subcutaneous fat layer the most natural way, such as by massage, dieting, and exercising, subcision may not be for you. However, you may like the remedy because it’s minimally invasive and it can actually improve your cellulite condition. Interestingly, you can enjoy your new looks and better health following this treatment for at least 2 years!


During the subcision procedure, your doctor will mark the area in question and administer a local anesthetic through injection for pain control. A small blade will be inserted and used to tear apart your fat dimples by cutting their binding, connective tissue.  In 2015, a hand-held medical instrument was approved to boost the precision of this procedure.

4.       Topical Remedies

Topical products are some of the most convenient to use because you just buy and apply them from the comfort of your home. But they’re not usually as effective as other cellulite therapies. For example, there are several creams you can buy and apply for body fat reduction. If you’re wondering how to tell if a cream is as good as advertised, just check that it has ingredients that enhance the breakdown of fat (such as caffeine and theophylline). Likewise, topical cellulite solutions that include vitamins, herbal derivatives, and minerals in their composition can also help.


But don’t place your 100% faith on such topical remedies alone since they typically work best when applied together with other treatments. For example, research has shown that, although retinol cream can help improve cellulite, the outcome is not that dramatic. In that case, it helps to see an expert about what specific topical solutions you can combine with other therapies for optimal benefits.


That you have to win the battle against excess fat for your own health safety, no matter on what body part, is not debatable. The only thorny issue here is what specific cellulite therapy among the diverse available options is best and safe for you. Hopefully, the above list provides effective options you can explore with the help of your doctor.

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