4 No-Sweat Ways To Get That Shapelier Body Again

You were browsing an old album and bumped into a photo taken ages and pounds ago. It was the time when your shoulder blades were so noticeable and no one could see a single flab on your tummy. It was the time when your curves were in the right place and with the right measurement. Now, all you can do is sigh while wishing for a genie to appear before you to give you that slim and sexy body back. But there’s no need to be sad if you haven’t seen one. With these slimming aids, there is still a chance for you to fit in your prom dress again without magic.


Slimming Tea

A cup of tea will give you a soothing effect as it rejuvenates your mind, helping your body boost its metabolism which is very vital in the weight loss process. Green tea will also power up the oxidation of fatty and unhealthy foods. So if you have had dined at an all-you-can-eat restaurant, wrap up your feast with tea.


Cold-Pressed and Detox Juices

A detoxifying drink will help release your body toxins away and is a great help for weight loss. If your taste buds are looking for something other than tea, you can always go for cold-pressed juices. Unlike fruit shakes, cold-pressed drinks don’t have sweeteners and preservatives. Hydraulic extraction of juice will retain the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in vegetables and fruits, making it healthier than the usual juice drink.


Anti-Cellulite Creams

Now that the inside of your body is refreshed and cleansed, and your clothes are starting to get loose, it’s time to give your outside a treat. Because sometimes, losing weight will also mean losing the desired muscle tone. This can be fixed through regular exercise. But if you don’t want to spend time and effort running in public places, an anti-cellulite cream will save you from the hassle. To get rid of those lumps forming from your hips down to your legs, massage anti-cellulite body creams onto your skin and you will be surprised with its result.


Body Perfecting Gels

Just like an anti-cellulite cream, the main function of a body perfecting gel is to reduce your cellulite with its anti-oxidants as well as its regenerative compounds that aid in cell growth. Body perfecting gels will not only keep your skin firm. It will also give you a refined and smooth skin texture, making it look younger.


You don’t need a genie to get a shapelier body. All you need to do is wake up from that wishful thinking and take action. With these right products to back you up, and with your strong belief and determination, you will be healthy and slender again. Remember that a sound body comes with a sound mind.

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