5 Awesome Tips To Consider Before Getting A Laser Tattoo Removal

In this fast-paced world we live in, tattoos have become tremendously mainstream. Thousands of Malaysians admit having a body tattoo, and a whopping 17% of these people dislike and regret those tattoos. If you’re among this group of people and wish to have that disturbing tattoo removed, you’re in luck! With the new and highly advanced innovation in Laser Removal technology, a person can easily get rid of their embarrassing tattoo seamlessly. But before you even think of hiring a specialist, it’s important you know a few precautions to ensure your treatment goes smoothly.

Dr. Klaus Hoffmann entfernt am 31.07.2013 in der Universitäts Klinik Bochum (Nordrhein-Westfalen) mittels eines neuartigen Lasers bei Sascha Hoffmann ein Tattoo auf der Brust. Die Klinik besitzt einen neuen PicoSure Laser mit dem ein spurloses Entfernen von Tattoos möglich ist. Photo by: Marcus Simaitis/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Here are 5 handy tips everyone needs to consider before having their body tattoo removed.

  • Set your expectations. It’s important to know that no tattoo removal is assured to be successful. That’s why you should set your expectations first by speaking with a specialist to clarify the options you may have. Some tattoos fade partially after treatment and may leave behind a ghost image of the former tattoo. The treatment may also cause a permanent and a raised scarring. Ponder whether you’d rather be left with a ghost image or partial tattoo behind than live with a tattoo you hate so much.
  • It’s not cheap. Be sure to dig deep into your wallet. Depending on the color and size of your tattoo, a treatment done by a professional can cost anywhere between $200-$1400 a session. The fee may fluctuate depending on your location, though rarely makes any noticeable difference. Most laser removal tattoo treatments impose a fixed standard structure, which many specialists consult when charging patients.


  • Be aware of potential side effects. Some of the most reported side effects about tattoo removal include darkening or lightening of the skin, scars, burns, infection and so on. The darkening or lightening of the skin usually corrects itself after 6-12 months nevertheless.
  • Expect multiple sessions. One treatment won’t cut it. You’ll have to undergo various treatments for the tattoo to come out successfully. Getting rid of a tattoo is a daunting task. The number of sessions to experience isn’t something that can easily be determined in your first consultation. The average time between sessions is 4-6 weeks. 8 weeks is the most recommended minimum time chosen to go between treatments for patients experiencing any side effects.
  • Ask questions and ask for photos. The therapy is very safe under the surveillance of a highly-qualified laser tattoo removal specialist. Because each person’s skin and tattoos are different, it’s important to ask a few important questions. Upon consultation, ask questions about the potential side effects and health risks you may likely experience. Similarly, ask to see samples of a few before-and-after pictures from other patients with similar tattoos and skin type as yours. Such information can help you set realistic expectations on the outcome of your pending therapy.


You should be careful when you’re about to have your body tattoo removed. Removing a tattoo is a rigorous process, and sometimes it usually harbors a host of problems along when things turn sour. Above are a few handy tips you need to carefully consider before you get that “awful” tattoo removed. Thinking of getting a laser tattoo removal in Malaysia? Make sure the procedure is done by a qualified specialist to ensure the safety precautions of removing your tattoo are in check.

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