5 Must-Have Makeup Items for Every Beauty Lover

TWe all want to look good wherever we are, that is why we always carry a bag or purse with us – none of us want to leave the house without bringing our favorite lip stain or eyeshadow! We want to always look beautiful no matter the weather in Malaysia.

That’s why the beauty industry is creating tons of products and labeling them with new features and innovative names, i.e. lip stain, lip tint, lip balm, lip gloss, or lip plumper – which makes “lipstick” sounds so old. However, if you are just starting to get serious about makeup, you simply need to stick to these items and have them ready in your makeup drawer and makeup bag:1

  1. A complete makeup brush set It is true that you can apply makeup with your fingers, but if you are aiming for a professional finish or super flawless look like those shown by celebrities on the red carpet, you will need to invest in a set of makeup brushes. These brushes would give any makeup lover a versatile and comprehensive styling experience – whether the person is a beginner or a professional makeup artist.

A complete makeup brush set includes about a dozen essential brushes such as a kabuki brush, concealer brush, contour brush, foundation brush, blush brush, and powder brush. You can also find a compact version of this makeup brush set to put in your bag. For a start, you can get an affordable brand like Vanity Planet and then gradually adjust to a more expensive one like Sigma.2

  1. Highlighter palette Your face needs a base for your makeup, such as a foundation, tinted moisturizer, CC cream, or BB cream. A base will help create a smooth “porcelain” look, but you need to add a few more touches for highlighting and emphasizing your favorite features. A highlighter palette, e.g. NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette, would provide eight shades of color to create a contour and give your skin a sun-kissed glow. The key is to put the concealer under your eyes and at the center of your face. When you are traveling, you can carry a bronzer in your makeup bag to use as a blush or even an eyeshadow to open up your crease.3
  2. Brow powder Eyebrows can really make a difference to our overall look. If it is done correctly, it could create a balance on our face, but it could also make us look angry or weird if overly done. We want to maintain a solid, filled-in brow to give shape and structure to our face. Having an eyebrow powder would be beneficial as you can use it to even up your brows, fill in the sparse area, or to create an instant smoky eye look.4
  3. Mascara This is an essential item that is recommended by almost every beauty blogger. Several coats of mascara would open up the eye and complete your look. If you have short eyelashes, you might need to invest on an eyelash curler so that you can curl your lashes first before putting several coats of mascara on it.5
  4. Lipstick Take your time to experiment on this lip coloring item. As mentioned before, there are endless options in the market, so you need to decide which type of lip color works best and stay longer on your lip. If you do not like the stickiness effect of most lip products, you can simply use a lip pencil to create a more natural and long-lasting look.

Being beautiful is not a one-time event. It’s a daily occurrence wherein having a complete set of makeup will help. It’s time to shop and keep yourself beautiful no matter where you are.

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