5 Ways to Correctly Use Your Facial Brush



Facial brushes are one of the latest skincare inventions to hit the market in the past few years. They are electrically powered brushes that remove dead skin, dirt and other stubborn impurities from your face. Many beauty enthusiasts have been experimenting with various brands and techniques, and have put forward mostly good reviews. However, the face brush is a device that has to be used correctly.


If you use facial brushes regularly, it is really important to learn the correct usage tips and tricks, so as not to end up damaging your skin or causing any negative effects to it. If you’re wondering what these usage tips are , do read on:

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– When choosing brush tips and speed, always choose one that feels comfortable on your skin. Don’t use brushes which are too stiff and speeds that cause pain or discomfort or you’ll risk irritating or inflaming your skin.


– You may face some initial breakout of pimples as your skin gets used to having lesser dead skin cells on its surface. During this period, be sure to apply some anti-acne treatment like salicylic acid to kill off pimple causing germs before you start the brushing.


– Start slow by using it only once a week. Once your skin has gotten used to the process, you can gradually add on the number of times you use your facial brush to twice weekly, once every two days and so forth.


-Don’t force the face brushing routine onto your skin. Different people react differently to the facial brush and you should learn to take things slowly. For example, if you have a breakout, let it dry and heal up before continuing.


– After every brushing session, you may want to cleanse your face and apply a topical anti acne cream, followed by a moisturizer. Applying some moisturizer will lessen the amount of sebum produced by your skin, thereby reducing the chances of pimples developing.


-Always clean your brush with running water, and treat it with a mild household antiseptic from time to time. Avoid sharing your face brush with someone else as this may transfer germs.


One face brush you can consider for your use is the Clarisonic MIA 2 which will help you achieve that radiant, translucent and youthful glow you’ve always dreamed of. It provides two speeds to choose from, and come with a special travel case as well as many other perks.

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