8 Lovely Gifts to Impress a Girl on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show some of the most important people in your life that you care for them… and that you are a really good gift shopper!

We do not believe that Valentine’s Day should only be celebrated by couples, so we came up with a bunch of gift options for your better half, as well as your mother, sister, and BFF so that they can look good and feel good about themselves at the end of the day:1

  1. Instant Spa Therapy If flowers, chocolates, and wine have become your default gift “template” on Valentine’s Day, it is about time to make your creative brain work harder. Busy modern women today have a lot on their plates. Single women would work hard to keep up with their career and personal relationship, while the married ones would juggle between their work and family. In such hectic daily routines, no female would say no to a little relaxation haven.

When it is near Valentine’s Day, you can ask when she is available for lunch, then book a reputable spa therapist in town. If you think she will be happier to do it at home, bring the therapist to her place. Make sure you know the details of their services or have tried it yourself so that your loved one does not need to worry about anything.     2

  1. Makeup Kit If you know the gift recipient is crazy about makeup and beauty products, you do not need to hesitate in giving a useful makeup kit for her. There are plenty of options out there, so you want to make sure you have read some reviews and compare several products.

Affordable brands like Sleek makeup can be a good option because it has a wide range of products that one can choose from. For example, Sleek’s “Face The Day” gift set is complete with all makeup must-haves, from eyeshadow palette, mascara, illuminator, to lipstick – for only around USD 26.3

  1. Fancy Brushes It is always a good idea to give a non-essential item that you know the person has always wanted but too expensive to have. Women who love making arts would be motivated to create more artworks with a new set of artistic brushes, while those who love makeup would appreciate a set of makeup brushes for blusher, contouring, lipliner, etc. Choose a good quality brand and wrap them together with a bouquet of roses.4
  2. Glamorous Makeup Case Every girl has an inner diva! That is why girls love to play dress-up all the time. A portable makeup case luggage that is fully equipped with a big mirror and light bulbs would definitely be like a childhood dream come true.5
  3. Fifteen Shades of Red Fifty is too much, but fifteen is still rhyming with the romantic Twilight fan fiction. Lol, you get the idea! Give a surprise to your favorite lady by choosing fifteen shades of red lipsticks from her favorite makeup brand. She would go bananas!6
  4. Edible Lipsticks This idea is still related to lipsticks but it is not for the outer look. These edible lipsticks are specially made as a dessert to complete your dinner menu. Have fun making them with various ingredients – raspberry puree, chocolate, jelly, and so on. You can also give these as a token of appreciation to your BFF.7
  5. Makeover Day This is an idea to make your mom happy on Valentine’s Day. Take her out for a whole day this weekend and let her pick any makeover she wants to have. You can join her for the treatment or just enjoy her company and prepare your wallet.8
  6. “I am Yours” Coupon Chocolates and flowers are overrated as they are too predictable and easy to get. At the end of the day, after a smooth romantic dinner, you can surprise your spouse by giving away this DIY coupon. What comes next is totally up to your imagination.

There are a lot of ways to impress a girl during Valentine’s day. The above ideas should help you get started or just choose one that you think will make her joyful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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