Botox in a Bottle?


Any business calling a product ‘Botox in a bottle’ is probably infringing on a trademark. However, the phrase can be and has been used by online writers to describe various skin care products, to dramatize their beneficial effects on the health and beauty of the customer’s skin. However, none of them are Botox, no matter how much they may make skin look attractive.

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What is Botox? 

BOTOX Cosmetic is the brand name, owned by Allergan, of a prescription medicine which is the protein produced by Clostridium botulinum, a species of bacteria. The protein is a neurotoxin which causes the fatal disease of botulism. The protein does come in type A and type B.

When a muscle in injected with Botox, it becomes weaker for three to four months. This has some beneficial uses for people who have problems with chronically clenched muscles. This includes strabismus, crossed eyes. Botox injections also prevent glands from overproduced sweat and relieve chronic migraine headaches.

Botulinum is also sold by Ipsen as Dysport and by Merz Pharma as Xeomin. Solstice Neurosciences sells Type B botulinum under the brand name Myobloc. Various companies in countries in Europe and Asia market various forms of botulinum for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

Cosmetic Uses of Botox 

However, Botox is famous because injections of the botulinum in effect relaxe certain areas of the upper face, making the skin appear smoother. Smoother skin seems younger and, therefore, is more attractive. It is effective at eliminating horizontal eyes in the forehead, frown lines between the eyebrows and crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes. Because the effect lasts only 3-4 months, more injections are required to keep the person’s appearance from returning to how it was prior to the first injection.

The Botox Injection Site 

How and where Botox is injected is very important. Anybody wishing to receive Botox must make certain they go to a provider who is fully trained and has lots of experience. They should discuss the customer’s goals for Botox treatment long before actually making filling up a syringe and going for the Botox injection site.

Botox at the corners of the mouth can help improve the smile’s appearance. Botox in the neck can help smooth out platysmal lines. It can also create a dimpled chin.

Side Effects of Botox 

Nobody should forget that botulinum is a fatal poison. Everybody who receives an injection of botulinum for any reason should get immediate help if they have any trouble swallowing, breathing or speaking. That could indicate the injection has weakened the muscles responsible. Such problems can last up to several months after the injection.

Customers should also seek medical help if they notice any symptoms of the botulinum spreading beyond the injection site. That includes:

* Muscle weakness

* Blurred vision and drooping eyebrows

* Loss of bladder control

* Hoarseness

The side effects of Botox can be serious. Nobody should ignore them. 

Botox doesn’t come in a bottle because nobody should smear a poison and muscles weakener all over their skin. It needs to go into Botox injection sites with precise accuracy to be both safe and effective.


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