Botox Side Effects

Botox is a pretty elusive topic for most people. Many simply think that it’s just a procedure that celebrities and people in Hollywood spend loads of their money on at some point or another in order to make themselves look younger. Have you ever asked yourself, what is Botox? It is not just the name of some cosmetic procedure as many would assume, Botox is a drug. More specifically, it is a drug formed from a toxin developed by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The toxin that Botox is developed from can also cause a deadly form of food poisoning. This is why Botox is most safely used in small doses. The way that the drug Botox works once it’s in your system is by temporarily paralyzing certain muscles and even blocking nerves. It is commonly administered with a needle to the area of concern through botulinum injections, mixed with saline (a mixture of salt and water). Botox is used for much more than smoothing facial wrinkles and fine lines. It has several health benefits that patients rely on for numerous ailments. For instance, Botox is used to treat overactive bladder, chronic migraine, neurological disorders that strain the neck and back muscles, and it’s even used to treat profuse underarm sweating. Although, there are many areas that can be treated through the use of Botox, those seeking treatment through the drug should be able to recognize when they are experiencing a side effect of Botox. Bruising at the area of injection, drooping eyelids, and headaches are the most common side effects. Flu like symptoms have also been reported by many patients upon receiving botulinum injections. However, some side effects from Botox may prove far more serious. If the Botulinum toxin spreads at the area where the doctor injects it, dangerous breathing and swallowing problems can occur. Parents should also be warned that if they are seeking the treatment for their children who may need the injection for neck muscle issues, that there is higher risk for the breathing and swallowing problems. The breathing and swallowing side effect can occur anywhere from a few hours to weeks after the Botox injection, and this side effect can even cause death. Adults who already have swallowing and breathing problems should be aware that the risk of dangerous breathing and swallowing is heightened for them. Individuals should be upfront with their medical history when discussing this form of treatment with their doctor in order to gain more clarity on what they will experience after the injection.



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