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5 Must-Have Makeup Items for Every Beauty Lover

TWe all want to look good wherever we are, that is why we always carry a bag or purse with us – none of us want to leave the house without bringing our favorite lip stain or eyeshadow! We want to always look beautiful no matter the weather in Malaysia.

That’s why the beauty industry is creating tons of products and labeling them with new features and innovative names, i.e. lip stain, lip tint, lip balm, lip gloss, or lip plumper – which makes “lipstick” sounds so old. However, if you are just starting to get serious about makeup, you simply need to stick to these items and have them ready in your makeup drawer and makeup bag:1

  1. A complete makeup brush set It is true that you can apply makeup with your fingers, but if you are aiming for a professional finish or super flawless look like those shown by celebrities on the red carpet, you will need to invest in a set of makeup brushes. These brushes would give any makeup lover a versatile and comprehensive styling experience – whether the person is a beginner or a professional makeup artist.

A complete makeup brush set includes about a dozen essential brushes such as a kabuki brush, concealer brush, contour brush, foundation brush, blush brush, and powder brush. You can also find a compact version of this makeup brush set to put in your bag. For a start, you can get an affordable brand like Vanity Planet and then gradually adjust to a more expensive one like Sigma.2

  1. Highlighter palette Your face needs a base for your makeup, such as a foundation, tinted moisturizer, CC cream, or BB cream. A base will help create a smooth “porcelain” look, but you need to add a few more touches for highlighting and emphasizing your favorite features. A highlighter palette, e.g. NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette, would provide eight shades of color to create a contour and give your skin a sun-kissed glow. The key is to put the concealer under your eyes and at the center of your face. When you are traveling, you can carry a bronzer in your makeup bag to use as a blush or even an eyeshadow to open up your crease.3
  2. Brow powder Eyebrows can really make a difference to our overall look. If it is done correctly, it could create a balance on our face, but it could also make us look angry or weird if overly done. We want to maintain a solid, filled-in brow to give shape and structure to our face. Having an eyebrow powder would be beneficial as you can use it to even up your brows, fill in the sparse area, or to create an instant smoky eye look.4
  3. Mascara This is an essential item that is recommended by almost every beauty blogger. Several coats of mascara would open up the eye and complete your look. If you have short eyelashes, you might need to invest on an eyelash curler so that you can curl your lashes first before putting several coats of mascara on it.5
  4. Lipstick Take your time to experiment on this lip coloring item. As mentioned before, there are endless options in the market, so you need to decide which type of lip color works best and stay longer on your lip. If you do not like the stickiness effect of most lip products, you can simply use a lip pencil to create a more natural and long-lasting look.

Being beautiful is not a one-time event. It’s a daily occurrence wherein having a complete set of makeup will help. It’s time to shop and keep yourself beautiful no matter where you are.

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2017 Beauty Loot: 10 Makeup Trends For Less Than RM50

This New Year, makeover yourself by updating your beauty stash! The makeup trends for 2017’s spring/summer season in Malaysia feature a lot of colors, glitters and shimmers, to bring out your inner radiance! Grab these 10 makeup goodies that are trending at the moment, all of which can be bought for less than RM50:


  1. Green eye shadow Mint green eyes are a popular look at Marc Jacob’s fashion show this year. Simply use your clean fingers or a fluffy brush to apply it. If mint green isn’t your cup of tea, you can also use any shade of green, whether dark or light. Try Missha’s Dual Blending Cushion Shadow.sonpark-highlighter-cube
  2. Petal pink contouring A new contouring technique called ‘Draping’ uses petal pink shade blusher to highlight the cheekbones and eyelids. Try Son & Park’s Highlighter Cube.800897831844_simplynudelipcream_disrobed_swatch_large
  3. Au naturel kit This is the season to look natural! Appear effortless yet feminine with nude liquid lipstick, taupe eye shadow, mauve lipstick, and creamy matte foundation. This look is perfect for family gatherings or any other event that requires you to look more conservative. Try NYX’s Simply Nude Lip Cream.nyx-cosmic-metals-651
  4. Brown glitter lipstick This is a perfect look for Christmas or New Year parties! Wear a chocolate shade, full-on glitter lipstick to grab attention at soirées. Try NYX’s Cosmic Metals Lip Cream.lakme-absolute
  5. Black kohl liner Look edgy at music festivals or indie events with smudgy eyes by applying a gloss over black kohl liner. Try Lakme’s Absolute Kohl.alice4314
  6. Two-tone lipstick Can’t decide on one color? Do both! If crazy shades like teal green or blue are too outrageous for you, try a two-tone lipstick instead to make a statement! Apply a shade of hot pink on your bottom lip, and matte red on your upper lip. Try Beyond’s Two Tone Lipstick.13387_kate-spotlighting-shadow-5-types-to-choose_440_280_1463565802
  7. Shimmery pastel eye shadow Another girlie look for the feminine type, shimmery pastel eye shadows are a mix of gold, chartreuse, aqua, or lavender. Try Kate’s Spotlighting Shadow.22903802_b_v1
  8. Classy shimmer Want to appear mature and sophisticated? Use metallic eye makeup by applying taupe shadow, blend creamy gold pencil on your eyelids, and finish it with red gloss on your lips. Try WLAB’s Pocket Shadow Palette.img_2005
  9. Tangerine eye gloss The sweet oriental look makes you appear traditional but fun! Apply black kohl liner on eyelids and mix it with tangerine-shaded eye gloss. Try Canmake’s Secret Color Eyes.8774_loreal-tint-caresse-09g_250_400_1446803180
  10. Ombre lipstick Another orange-red combo that makes you youthful and sporty! Apply red lip liner and bright orange lipstick. Try L’Oreal’s Tint Caresse.

You can buy makeup online in Malaysia for these beauty goodies. Most online beauty stores here even offer the best deals and bargains that you won’t find at the usual brick-and-mortar stores. If you’re not too sure about some of these trends, try asking for some samples to see whether they suit you.

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How To Take Care Of Your Skin


Taking proper care of your skin is vitally important. You are going to be wearing it for the rest of your life. Plus if you don’t take care of your skin it will become wrinkled, dry, and leathery and make you look much older than you are. Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are a number of things you can do on a daily basis to keep your skin smooth, supple, and young-looking. The following are a few simple actions that can help to keep your skin healthy.

Use The Right Skin Care Products 

Just because a product is touted as the greatest thing ever doesn’t mean it will work for you. Products made for dry skin won’t work for people with oily skin. Check the label to see if specific skincare products are designed for your skin type before using them.

Body Cream Versus Face Cream 

The skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than the skin elsewhere on your body. If you use the wrong kind of cream on your face it may not give you the protection and nutrients your skin needs.

Skin care woman removing makeup

Gentle Cleansing 

Using the wrong type of skin cleanser, particularly on your face, can do serious damage. Whether you are removing make-up or dirt and grime, make sure that you use a gentle skin cleanser that is pH-neutral to help maintain your skin’s natural balance.

How to Exfoliate Your Skin Properly
Be Sure To Exfoliate Properly 

Exfoliating once or twice weekly is essential. It is also very important to use a pH-neutral exfoliation product which will clean and smoothen the skin while helping to maintain its natural balance. Using a Clarisonic cleansing brush can also help.

Moisturizing Is Essential 

The dermis is 70% water while the water content of the epidermis is 15%. Moisturizing the skin daily, using a moisturizing mask, and a moisturizer which helps to maintain the balance between natural oils and water, can keep your skin supple and looking and feeling good.

Use Hypoallergenic Makeup 

Many people wear makeup every day. Wearing the wrong type of makeup can damage your skin and cause allergic reactions. Choose a hypoallergenic makeup that is specially formulated for the sensitive skin around the eyes and other delicate parts of the face.

Protection From The Sun 

The suns UV rays can do serious damage to the skin. It is important to protect you skin by using sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and one or more of the following ingredients: oxybenzone, sulisobenzone, ecamsule, avobenzone, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. Together they help reduce the sun’s harmful effects and stops the skin from ageing prematurely.

What you put into your body also impacts your skin. Therefore if you want to keep your skin looking good and being supple, drink lots of water, eat 20 to 40 grams of fiber daily, be sure to eat your essential fatty acids, get plenty of exercise, and adequate rest. And be sure to exfoliate with a Clarisonic cleansing brush.


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Tony Moly Tomatox Skin Care


If you are into online shopping and are on the browse for a good skincare product, then you should check out Tony Moly Tomatox, the magic massage pack. This multi-functional product has a triple effect for your skin care needs. The Tomatox Magic Massage Pack has a double action massage cream and wash off pack that has a soft, creamy texture. The fresh tomato water helps remove dirt, unclog pores, and detoxify your skin. Lycopene and tomato pearl are added to help brighten the skin.


Some informative points about Tomatox’s ingredients:

• It contains a tomato extract and antioxidant solution, which are detoxification properties to help clear the skin.

• Lemon extract is use to accelerate collagen synthesis and whitening as well as another antioxidant and astringent.

• Another whitening property is biacha extract, which is also known to soothe irritation to the skin.

• Finally, Tomatox uses houstonia extract a mysterious herb that holds at least ten identifiable properties in the following four categories:
1) Whitening
2) Anti-inflammatory
3) Anti-allergy
4) Antioxidant

How to Use

To use Tomatox, after washing your face apply the solution to a towel-dried face and gentle massage into skin for one to two minutes. After your massaging is complete, leave the mask on for five to ten minutes. Rinse your face off with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel. It is recommended you use Tomatox two to three times a week; but it is safe to use every day if needed.

For an added reward, store your mask in the refrigerator for a refreshing experience.

Why it Works

The instant brightening effect is due to titanium dioxide, which gives the mask the white colour that you see. Titanium dioxide is mild and safe, so this product does not actually bleach your skin.

After using the mask your face may feel matte and tight because the cream absorbs the oils in your skin. The tomato extract is used to calm down the redness of the skin, and the massage effect of rubbing it into the skin prior to letting it rest on your skin and the cellulose combination are used as to exfoliate and lift dead skin.

Tomatox is ideal for dull and dry skin with uneven skin tones as it helps moisturize and even out redness for a more even look. With continued use of this product your complexion will perk up and it will feel vibrant and look renewed.
Concluding thoughts.

The tomato solution of Tomatox massaging and skin clearing mask, delivers instant brightening to your face. If you are on the lookout for a new beauty care product to help with detox, whitening, among other things, try online shopping in Malaysia and order some Tomatox, the multi-functional massage pack, which purifies and brightens your skin with natural antioxidants and vitamins.


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Getting The Best Face Lift For You


You need to make sure that you have done the research that is needed before your face lift and you have to learn about Ulthera when you are ready to get your face lift. You will be able to go to an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, and you will get some help learning what kinds of results you can get. There are a lot of people who are going to want to get some kind of procedure done, and you are going to have much better results if you just make sure that you go to the right place.

The doctor is going to start by figuring out what they can do for you, and they are going to show you how it can be done in a way that makes sense to you. You get to see what it will look like when you get the work done, and you will be able to use the information from the doctor to figure out how you will look when the work is done. Every person is going to look different, but you can see what the doctor plans to do when they get done with the work.

Everyone who is trying to look younger needs to make sure that they are going to be able to use the doctor to get the kinds of help that works for their face. You can make your face look amazing, and you can make your face look better than it ever has. You will look younger, and you will look like the younger version of yourself. You have to get some help that is going to lift your face to a position that looks youthful, and you will be happy when you see the face that is in the mirror.

There are some people who are going to be able to use the doctor to get more than one procedure done, but it is going to start with just the facelift. You can ask the doctor to show you what can be done to make your face look amazing, and they can even do other things that need to be done when possible. The design of the facelift process is going to be perfect for you because it is going to be much easier for the doctor to move fast. You will be able to recover in the office, and it will only be a couple days before you can go home.

The best thing that you can do is that you will need to go to the doctor to see if your face can look a lot different than when you started. The smartest people are going to use this now to look their best, and it is going to help you feel good about yourself. You should not have to wait to get the job done, and you can go to a clinic where the people are nice, the recovery is easy and the doctor can give you the results that you want.


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How to Create a Natural Makeup Look Using BB Cream


BB (Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm or Beblesh Balm) cream is a great alternative to traditional foundations, which often appears cakey or thick on the skin and can also clog your pores. BB cream’s light coverage provides natural looking results just perfect for day or evening wear, and since it provides various skin healing benefits including SPF, you can also feel good while wearing it. Both L’oreal and Maybelline in Malaysia make BB Cream in a variety of shades as well as skin types, so anyone can have fun with it!

For your next errand day, lunch date, school meeting or other daytime outing, try this barely there, natural makeup look using BB cream.


Step 1: Flawless Skin

Apply a BB cream to your face using your fingertips, makeup sponge or good makeup brush, for a professional touch. If you need to, apply a thin layer of moisturizer first, and allow it to soak in at least 5 minutes before applying the BB cream.

Begin with a small amount of cream. Gently apply the cream over the face and neck until it is completely covered. Once the cream has absorbed into the skin, apply a small amount to your fingertip or brush, then apply it to creased areas, such as beneath the eyes, for proper coverage. Blend the cream, using your fingertips or brush, in a circular motion, until the cream is evenly distributed.

If you’d like, set the cream using a loose powder or leave it untouched for a dewy finish.


Step 2: Hello, Eyes

A neutral colour eyeshadow naturally brings out the eyes. Using a flat brush, apply a neutral shade, such as taupe, across the lid and into the crease for eyes that naturally pop.

Step 3: Volume-licious Lashes

A bold,black mascara adds definition and volume to the lash line without the use of false lashes. Apply the brush at the base of the lashes and curl the brush outward for voluptuous lashes.

Step 4: Now Flush

A touch of colour added to your cheeks gives you that fresh from the gym glow. Gently dab blush on the cheeks using your third finger. A rose coloured tone works well with most skin tones, however, mix and match shades until you find a shade that’s right for you.

Step 5: Get Your Shine On

A high shine gloss completes your barely there look. Use a neutral tone, such as iced chocolate, for a bronzed goddess look, or add a pop of colour, such as coral, to take the look up a notch.

This is a great look for on the go, and with online shopping, you can find many of the products, including Maybeline in Malaysia, online and at reasonable prices. And since BB cream provides a host of benefits such as moisturizer, anti-aging properties, concealer and filler etc., it eliminates the need for multiple skin products. So for a natural look to your makeup, try BB cream instead!


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How to Create the Perfect Smoky Eye

The smoky eye: easy to fall in love with and, for many women and teens, nearly impossible to create. Until now, that is. If you are looking for a quick, easy way to create and perfect the smoky eye, you’re in luck. Today is the day you learn how to get the look you’ve always wanted in six simple steps.
Prep: Take off old makeup and get rid of any dirt or oil.
As with any make up style, it is important that you wash your face before beginning. The best way to do this is to use makeup remover Loreal in Malaysia has an excellent make up remover, clean artiste, which even works on waterproof and long lasting makeups) and cotton makeup pads. To prevent dry skin and help you makeup to stay looking perfect for as long as possible, use a small amount of facial moisturize.
After washing and moisturizing your face, apply your usual concealer and/or foundation, making sure to use a thin coat of foundation on your eyelids. This has to be done before any eye makeup can be applied.

Creating the Smoky Eye

Step 1. Apply a cream shadow.
Using an eye shadow brush, cover the area from the top of your eye lashes up to the crease of your eye in a dark grey or black cream eye shadow. This will be your base. It also helps to keep any powdered eye shadow in place longer.
*Tip: If possible, use an eye shadow brush with real hair. Or, if you do not have access to an eye shadow brush, you can use your finger to apply the eye shadow. Just be sure to wash your finger before switching colours.


Step 2. Cover the cream with powder.
Find a powdered eye shadow similar in colour to the cream. Black, dark grey or blue-grey tends to work best.

Step 3. Blend
A blending brush has thinner bristles than the average eye shadow brush. They are used to create an airbrushed effect. If you have one, use the blending brush to blend in the eye shadow at the crease of your eye.
If you are looking for a fantastic blending brush, try Maybelline’s Expert Tools cosmetic brush collection.

Step 4. Highlight
Switching back to your regular eye shadow brush, gently sweep nude coloured powdered eye shadow underneath the arch of your eyebrow.
To make your eyes appear brighter, you can also apply some of the shimmering eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes.

Step 5. Outline
Choose a dark grey, dark blue or black eyeliner. Apply it to your upper lash line and the outer corner of your lower lash line.
Step 6. Finish it off.
Finally, apply 2-3 coats or your favourite black or grey mascara to your upper lashes. If you are going to a more dramatic look, apply the mascara to you lower lashes, as well.

If you are looking to purchase any of the previously mentioned cosmetic products, they can all be found easily through online shopping in Malaysia.

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The Top 10 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making With Your Makeup


For many women in Singapore, makeup is a part of your daily routine. Some women never leave home without it! With all of that time, energy and money put into makeup, don’t you want to know that you’re applying it correctly?

This seems to be the general consensus, but unfortunately, many women are making serious mistakes with their makeup application. Lucky for you, we’re here to address these issues for you and get you on the right track to flawless makeup!

1. Too much foundation



Foundation is a must for many of us, but too much of it can make your face look fake and discolored. Unless you’re applying your base, use a light hand with thin, minimal coverage foundation. Also make sure to try the shade in natural light for the best match.

2. Noticeable concealer

Choose concealer when you have scars or blemishes, but make sure it matches! This is key to avoid noticeable concealer. Also make sure to blend it in while looking at yourself in natural light.

3. Sparse eyebrows

We’ve all been guilty of going a little too heavy with the tweezers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to rectify the sparse brow situation. Simply find a powder, wax or liquid meant to fill in thin brows, and use it until the hair grows in more.

4. Caky mascara

Caky mascara is a risk we all take when we want our lashes to look long, thick and beautiful. Mascara like that from 1028 makeup brand won’t cake, but many other generic mascaras will, so to prevent this problem, try wiping the mascara brush on a tissue before application.

5. Streaky blush

The key here is to simply blend your powder blush better, and this can be achieved by purchasing a larger blush brush that’s almost as big as one cheek.

6. Badly shaped brows



The shape of your brows is of the utmost importance because brows are vital to your overall appearance and facial expressions. To get a good shape for yourself, try to mimic the brows of a celebrity you look like, and practice it several times at home before trying the look out in public.

7. Shiny skin

Shiny skin can be avoided by using oil soaking sheets that you store in your purse. Use them throughout the day to dry up shine. In addition, try switching to powder foundation if you’ve been using a liquid or cake product.

8. Runny, smeary eye makeup



Runny, smeary mascara, liner and shadow is bound to happen, but you can help stave it off by having Q-tips at the ready. You can also avoid this problem by using a proper eye makeup primer before you put on your shadow and liner.

9. Bleeding lipstick


You don’t want to walk around like a vampire, so for goodness’ sake, use a lip liner before lipstick application to avoid bleeding!

10. Too much everything

Finally, when in doubt, leave it out. Women are naturally beautiful, and sometimes, just a little makeup looks the best!

10 Beauty Mistakes You’re Probably Making & Makeup Mistakes Men Hate with SuperPrincessJo


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Five of the Finest Lip Tint Brands From Korea

Lip Tints From South Korea

Using lip tint can be an exciting way to give your pout a hint of colour without overwhelming it like a lipstick product might. If you wish to attain beautiful colour for your lips, various popular South Korean cosmetics brands can assist you on your quest to do so. Korean skincare companies are becoming more and more known everywhere these days and lip tints are fast becoming a new trend in Asia. Here are some of the best lip tints you can find to achieve that perfect pout:


Lip Tints From Berrisom

Berrisom is an established Korean makeup company that manufactures a wide range of lip products. Berrisom lip tint is just one such example. Not only are these lip tints known for their beautiful and bright colours, but they’re also known for being highly resistant to smudging and smearing. If you want to sport a Korean lip tint that will look fresh, clean and intact all day long, Berrisom may just be the right brand for you. These tints are produced in a wide range of attractive colours such as ‘sexy red,’ ‘lovely peach,’ ‘candy orange’ and even ‘chic purple.’





Lip Tints From Etude House

Etude House is a widely popular Korean skincare and makeup brand that provides customers with a strong selection of lip products. Gals who want lovely ‘cherry lips’ may wish to try Etude House’s ‘fresh cherry tint.’ Not only does this popular product aim to give the lips a pop of attractive colour, but it also aims to hydrate them and make them appear healthy and glossy. The texture of the tint is soft and creamy. These tints are available in four distinct colour options.





Lip Tints From Holika Holika

Holika Holika is a renowned Korean cosmetics brand that has a wide range of fans from all around the planet. Holika Holika is known for manufacturing multitasking moisturising lip tint products that also serve as lip glosses and lipsticks. The brand’s numerous lip tints also provide users with the benefits of buildable colour. One single application never has to be enough.




Lip Tints From Missha

Missha is an acclaimed Korean cosmetics brand that’s known for everything from anti-wrinkle BB (blemish balm) creams to lip tints and beyond. If you wish to try a lip tint that can provide your lips with a beautiful coat of color that also looks natural and subtle, then Missha’s lip tint products may just be right up your alley. Aqua gel tints are popular products from the Missha line. Not only do these tints provide the lips with lovely colour, but they also lock in hydration. They even fortify lips that look and feel weak and worn out. People who appreciate certified organic and natural ingredients are sure to enjoy Missha’s high-quality lip tint offerings. These products are quick to apply and can quickly make the lips look both revitalised and nourished.




Lip Tints From Laneige

Laneige is a Korean cosmetics brand that has a refined and sophisticated reputation. The brand’s ‘Water Drop Tint‘ increases the volume of the lips. If you dream of lips that are simultaneously full and packed with essential hydration, then this long-lasting makeup product may be ideal for you.


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4 Makeup Tips for a Natural Summer Look 

Dramatic makeup can be absolutely breath taking. Smokey eye shadow pallets and bold lip colors are sure to draw attention. But as summer quickly approaches and temperatures rise, those jaw-dropping looks melt and run right off your face. So here are 4 helpful hints to help you feel radiant, confident, and comfortable.




#1: Cleansing and Moisturizing

It does not take a genius to figure out that the healthier your skin is, the better your make up art will look. So make sure that you are using the proper cleansers and moisturizers for your skin. When you know you are going to be spending a considerable amount of time out in the sun, be sure and use a moisturizer that has an SPF of 15 or higher to prevent sun damage and skin discoloration.



#2: Summertime Foundation

Your foundation is particularly important for summer looks specifically. Many of us enjoy being out in the sun when the weather starts to warm up. Sunbathing can change our skin tones without us really noticing for a while. So be sure you have a foundation and concealer that matches your summer skin tone.


#3: Summer Sparkle

When using eye shadows and face powders, try picking products that have just a touch of shimmer to them. If you are feeling extra daring, take a large makeup brush and apply a small amount of a shimmery powder to your shoulders and arms. Anywhere you decide to show off a little bit of skin! That touch of sunlight reflecting off your skin is sure to be eye-catching.



#4: Less is More

Instead of a bold, heavy-handed eyeliner when you are cruising around this summer, choose a quality, voluminous mascara and let your eyes do the talking. Rather than a bold, matte lip color and liner, try simply wearing a tinted gloss or a very light lip color. The colors you choose should be subtle and natural. If you do decide to use color, make sure that they are light and well blended.


Whether its on the beach or out on the town, try a simpler and more natural approach to your summer time makeup. Harsh lines and bright colors are fantastic and fun, but sometimes it’s nice to let your natural beauty speak for itself.

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