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Penile Enlargement Surgery: A Fast and Efficient Method to Increase the Size of the Penis

For most men, size is everything, while for many women, a bigger penis means better sexual pleasure. Whether or not you’d agree to these perceptions, one thing is for sure – a small penis can be a source of anxiety for men.  With that being said, a bigger penis can increase a man’s self-esteem because of the better sexual image and performance associated with it. Which is why many men seek medical expertise to enlarge their penis.

The penis has two dimensions that contribute to its size: the length and the girth. Knowing which dimension of your penis needs enhancement is important because these two measurements contribute to the size of the penis differently.


Length Vs Girth 

First and foremost, the length is the measurement of the penis from the base to its tip. It’s basically the height of the penis. On the hand, the girth is the circumference or thickness of the penis. Determining whether a penis is big or small greatly depends on the person’s perception its height or girth.

There are penises that are long but lacks girth, while there are those that are short but quite thick. These differences can spell the difference between sexual pleasure and disappointment for a lot of women. Knowing which dimension your penis needs improvement is essential because there are surgical methods that can enhance the size of the penis caters to a specific dimension.


Types of Surgical Penis Enlargement 

Penis Lengthening Surgery

This surgical procedure will enhance the length of the flaccid penis. This involves cutting of the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone, then performing skin graft at the base of the penis which will add the extra length. This surgery will add an average of 2 cms in length to the flaccid penis while giving no changes to its size when erect.


Penis Widening Surgery 

This is a procedure that involves the increasing the girth or circumference of the penis by injecting fats collected from the other part of the man’s body.


Penile Implant 

This is the most progressive and promising surgical procedure to increase the size of the penis – both its length and girth. It’s done  by inserting an implant into the skin of the penis, which will aid it in extending further when during erection or even just in its flaccid state. This is procedure is an outpatient procedure will not require hospitalization, however, a follow up check up after 3 days is needed. This is the most promising penis enlargement procedure, but it also cost a lot of money.



This procedure is common not just for increasing the size of the penis but also for losing weight. The target of the liposuction the lower abdomen, by removing the fat deposited to that area, the penis will look bigger. The fatty deposits around that area can partly bury the penis, making it look less big that its actual size.


Surgical vs Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

There are various methods that could enlarge the penis which can be categorized into two types: Surgical and Non-Surgical.  The surgical method of enhancing the size of the penis are invasive in nature and would require serious medical attention during its recovery stage. However, it is the most efficient and fastest way to enlarge the penis.

On the other hand, the non-surgical procedure is the safest and economical means to enlarge the penis, because they’re non-invasive. The downside to this, however, is that it requires a religious application or use of a certain product, and it will take some time in order to see results.


Choosing between these two types will simply boil down to the man’s urgency, spending capability, and willingness to go through the inconvenience that comes with the surgery.  While the surgical method proves to be very promising, it’s important to first consider the risks might come with it. Penile Enlargement procedures are available in Kuala Lumpur, simply make sure that the doctor or specialist who will perform it for you is reputable and efficient in this field.

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Why Drinking From A Water Ioniser Is Beneficial For Your Health



If you’re thinking of changing your lifestyle, start with drinking clean and healthy water. Instead of relying on the usual tap water or spending money on bottled water supplies on a frequent basis, invest in a water ionizer for long-term benefit. What does a water ionizer do?

A home water ionizer basically conditions and filters water with electrolysis. The system produces electrically charged or ionized water which contains various chemical properties compared to tap water.

In other words, a water ionizer for your household protects you and your family’s health by filtering the water. The water produced by the system has health benefits not only for human but also animals. The water that you use to cook and drink is now free from any toxic ingredients as it has been properly conditioned, making it safe to consume.


These are the main reasons why drinking from a water ionizer is beneficial for your health:


  • Promotes proper hydration

After the water has been ionized, it changes the molecules to become smaller, allowing the body to absorb it better. Your body will get the proper hydration it needs, and you’ll be able to recover from fatigue much faster with the processed water.




  • Cleanses the liver

Ionized water has the ability to increase antioxidant levels that can protect your liver. Your liver will also be able to work more efficiently as the levels increase.




  • Encourages weight loss

Ionized water encourages the loss of body weight as it helps the body to get rid of stored fatty acids. Since drinking water can naturally suppress your appetite, drinking ionized water will give you the extra boost you need to metabolise body fat.




  • Lowers cholesterol level

In addition to helping you lose weight, your ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) to bad cholesterol (LDL) will also be increased by drinking ionized water, making you much healthier and lighter in weight.


There are plenty of water ionizer products that you can either purchase online or at the department stores. These products come in various price range and packages depending on your budget and personal needs.

Before you buy a water ionizer for your home, make sure you ask these things:

can the product perform a self-cleaning?

Is it low maintenance?

Does it regulate incoming water pressure properly?

A high-quality home water ionizer should be easy to maintain and requires less cleaning and regular maintenance. The product should also be able to perform at different water pressure to make your life easier.

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Juice your way to a healthier lifestyle


It’s not new to us that fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need to keep working smoothly. Living a healthy life means you have to eat healthily everyday. Luckily, even with today’s hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, you can do this easily by drinking your fruits and vegetables.

The first thing to do is to buy a juice extractor or the machine that makes getting the juice from fruits and vegetables a piece of cake. If you scout appliance stores or online shops, the small ones just cost less than RM 100. But, the bigger and more durable ones, which cost between RM 500 to RM 700, are better when it comes to quality.

When you already scored yourself a juice extractor, it’s time to get blending.

Here are some of the best combinations that will surely give you your fill of nutrients in a cup.


A swig of iron in a blend  

This recipe will not only give you the right amount of iron, it’s also packed with vitamin K, which is essential for blood and bone health.

Ingredients: Kale, green grapes, and cucumber



For that younger-looking skin 

This recipe fights aging and gives you a dose of vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Ingredients: Pears, apple, and cherries



Berry power  

A mixed of berries in a cup is good for an antioxidant boost and anti-aging benefits.

Ingredients: Blueberries, strawberries, and mangoes



Refuel and replenish  

This recipe will help your muscles recover from strenuous activities. It will also balance your electrolytes to get you more hydrated.

Ingredients: Oranges, almonds, apple, and sweet potato



A good detox won’t hurt 

Keep your digestive tract up and running smoothly with this recipe.

Ingredients: Ginger, beet, carrots, and apple


These recipes are just recommended combinations, but you are always free to get creative and combine favorite fruits and veggies into the juice extractor. Drinking blended fruits and vegetables also makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients because it goes straight down to the bloodstream.

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Water Purifier At Home Writer


Clean and safe drinking water is a basic human need. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to safe drinking water. For some, getting this basic need can eat up a huge chunk of the monthly household budget.

Smart investments such as having a water purifier for the home will help you lessen unnecessary household expenses in the long run.


Here are top 5 reasons why your family needs one.

Woman Drinking Water

  • Healthy, sterile and safe drinking water every day

Your family drinks water every single day. The quality of tap water can fail anytime. You can’t play this guessing game when the safety and health of your family are on the line. Having your own water purifier ensures that every glass of water you drink or cook with is free from harmful elements.


  • The price of convenience

While many households depend on water delivery services, it can be quite inconvenient waiting for the delivery van to come, especially on days when you need to be on the go. Apart from the water, you are also paying for the purification process as well as transportation costs. Investing in a water purifier means you don’t pay for something you can do yourself with the right equipment.


  • Delicious taste of purified water

Purified water is free of impurities and therefore, it tastes better and fresher. Water purifiers help make water smell better, too!


  • Great for the environment

Compared to buying bottled water every day, having a personal water purifier means you don’t accumulate water bottles for disposal. More so, a water purifier doesn’t release pollutants, making it environment-friendly.


  • Help reduce lime scaling

This is an additional benefit to having your own water purifier at home. Purified water helps reduce the buildup of lime scaling in kitchenware and equipment such as your favorite coffee machine.


Portrait of a extended happy family standing in the park.

Invest In Your Family’s Health Today  

The poor quality of tap water increases the risk of developing health conditions that are otherwise avoidable. Make that smart investment and purchase a water purifier for the home today to ensure your family’s good health.


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Innovative Treatment for Arthritis Pain


Arthritis is a very common joint ailment that affects many people as they age. There are many different types of arthritis that lead to painful, stiff joints and the disease tends to be a long term problem. Some types of the disease are clear and can be seen as well as felt whereas some of the others are going to be visible for a short time and present a lot of pain but then abate for a time and reoccur again. There have been many advances over the past years to help alleviate the pain and suffering the disease brings. There is hope as a new treatment has been developed in medical facilities all over the world.
Platelet Rich Plasma Healing
One new therapy that is showing promising results in combating the pain of arthritis is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The idea is simple, platelet cells are the first to arrive at the site of an injury in the body. It is part of your natural defence system, they begin the repair process and attract stem cells to the area, PRP intensifies the process by having a dose of plasma with a extremely high level of platelets injected directly in the infected area. It is created by taking a small sample of your blood, placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and then they are injected directly into the site of the area affected by arthritis.

Natural Process for Healing
The natural healing process of the body takes over from there and a larger dose of stem cells enter the area and there is a new pain relief. This process has been successful in treating arthritis and has provided long lasting and powerful results. PRP works best when the process is started early before long term damage can be done. It will allow for healing directly in the joints that are being affected by arthritis.

Visit local Aesthetic Clinic Today
Aesthetic Clinics are becoming more and more experienced in performing PRP procedures to give some real and long lasting relief from the pain of arthritis. It is believed to be safe to patients as well as effective. Patients have initially shown tremendous improvement in pain and mobility. This is a new procedure and there is not a lot of history on it yet, but that will soon change. It is safe because the procedure involves the blood of the patient and is performed in the sterile environment at an aesthetic clinic, and there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction or infection. Patients have been able to reclaim movement but most importantly have been able to remain pain free.

Arthritis may be a joint problem that is an inevitable part of the aging process but as new technology and platelet rich plasma for arthritis treatments are perfected the pain and suffering may be depleted as well. Like all things new it can take some time for the more conservative portions of the medical community to catch on but many clinics already see the advantage of this process and are offering it as a part of their menu of treatment. Living a life that is free from pain is enough to motivate most people to give the procedure a try.


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Your Guide to Non-Invasive Weight Loss Treatment


Aesthetic medicine is a fast growing subspecialty in scientific research that encourages the use of minimally invasive cosmetic treatment procedures to enhance a patient’s physical appearance. In the past, the top 5 non-surgical, cosmetic procedures included microderbrasion, hyaluronic acid injections, laser hair removal, botulinum toxin A injections and chemical peels. Ulthera therapy and Zeltiq Coolsculpting in Malaysia are some of the most sought, non-invasive weight loss and skin care procedures. Most patients who seek aesthetic medicine treatments often seek skin rejuvenation or a lasting weight loss solution. Treatment is usually conducted by a team of medical practitioners led by an aesthetic doctor.


Zeltiq Coolsculpting Treatment 
To some individuals, performing regular exercises and maintaining a healthy diet isn’t good enough incentive to lose weight. Medics attribute this phenomenon to the presence of fat cells. Zeltiq Coolsculpting is a cooling technology that freezes the fatty tissues without affecting the rest of the body. Once the procedure is administered, the fatty tissues in the body breakdown, allowing the body’s natural cleansing process to kick in. Over time, the fat cells are eliminated, leaving the body slimmer, with more desirable shape.

This fat cell targeting weight loss treatment procedure is considered a much viable alternative to liposuction and surgery, especially for people looking for a safer, non-invasive weight loss treatment. Zeltiq Coolsculpting treatment does not require any downtime, which means quick recovery. The side effects of this weight loss treatment are very minimal, it includes; mild bruising or redness that only takes a short time. Zeltiq Coolsculpting technique is FDA approved.


Ulthera therapy Treatment 
Ultratherapy is a popular non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that uses dedicated ultrasound technology as well as the body’s natural healing process to amend, lift and tighten loose skin in the body. The areas targeted by this treatment include; décolletage or the upper chest area, chin, neck and brow. The benefits of Ulthera therapy skin lifting and tightening treatment include; non-invasive treatment, no foreign substances, no downtime and natural looking results. Treatment typically takes between 60 to 90 minutes, even though variations exist depending on the area of treatment and treatment plan as directed by the practitioner. The side effects of this non-invasive treatment that has been cleared by the FDA include tenderness to touch and slight swelling.

Weight Loss Treatment Control Factors and Specialist Training
A complete and successful weight loss treatment and care takes into consideration a host of control factors including the patient’s personal responsibility and lifestyle changes. Your aesthetic doctor may also analyze your physical, emotional and mental health situation before ascribing the best treatment regimen to undertake. The treatment includes consultation services. There are many aesthetic clinics and highly qualified aesthetic physicians in Malaysia’s major urban centers and towns. The doctors focused on helping patients lose weight or maintain a healthy weight are highly trained and experienced. To practice aesthetic medicine, an aesthetic doctor must complete residency training, poses relevant certifications and have experience in critical areas such as cosmetic surgery.


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The Amazing Things Thread Lifts Can Do for Your Appearance

A New Technique

A minimally invasive enhancement technique that will cosmetically lift the facial skin and neck is the new thing! It’s called a Thread Face Lift. The procedure of Thread Face Lift is amazing and safe. It gives you a healthy appearance; takes care of sagging facial skin, as well as flabby skin under your chin and in the neck area. You’ll look younger and feel marvelous!

A rejuvenating lift is not a substitute for a real face-lift, but rather it provides subtle changes to your overall look. It can make you buy time for that day that your face and neck will need to undergo major face-lift surgery.

One of the biggest pluses of getting this type of face-lift is that once you’re done, in most cases, there will be no discernible scars after the procedure is performed. Your face and neck will look visibly revived and the tired look that your appearance has always manifested in the past, will now be gone.

How it Works

Thread lifts are done with surgical sutures. Most stitches face thread lift treatmentthat are used now-days are dissoluble and do not need to be removed. The sutures will dissolve and disappear within a couple months after the lift.

Although liposuction to improve the contour of your face can be performed during or after the lifting procedure, it’s not a necessary process. Facial peels, anti-wrinkle injections and laser treatments can also be used to improve the pigmentation and texture of the skin during this non-invasive treatment, although they’re not required.

Who are the ideal candidates for this type of non-invasive method?

1) Women or men who are between the ages of 30-40 years of age.
2) Those over 50. However, always consult with the specialist first.
3) People who want a quick result without having to undergo major face-lift surgery.
4) Those who are looking for a subtle change and not an extreme makeover.

Specialist Qualificationsface thread lift specialist

The surgeon who performs lifts must be methodical and thoroughly understand the process. A board certified surgeon who is familiar and experienced in thread lifting techniques is the preferable candidate. That individual must be knowledgeable about the function of face muscles and tissue composition. Furthermore, the study of the skin and experience with surgery and sutures is a requirement for a qualified and veteran skin lift specialist.

Outcome and Complications

If the surgeon you choose has a widespread, positive reputation and a great performance track-record on this type of non-invasive surgery, you are in good hands.

It should be known that sometimes the following complications may arise even under the care of an experienced specialist:

• Visible skin irritation
• Pain in the area treated
• A longer recovery period
• Some of the threads may still be showing under the skin
• Slight stretching of the skin

It’s your turn to reduce the signs of premature aging by opting to try this type of medical procedure, but first you must look for a trained specialist who has the necessary qualifications to perform threading face-lift safely and with great results.


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Should You Indulge That Unhealthy Pregnancy Craving?

Pregnancy cravings are tough. You may find yourself craving outrageous combinations of food that you’ve never even considered before. Sometimes, your changing tastes will have you completely ignoring your favorite foods in favor of those weird combinations. Other times, it will be hard to even come up with something that you think you can keep down. You’re trying to eat healthy–after all, you’re eating for two now!–but when an unhealthy craving hits, it can be hard to deny it. Should you indulge that unhealthy pregnancy craving, or should you try to substitute something else and hope that it will go away?
Consider Your Overall Diet

If you’re making a genuine effort to eat healthy throughout your pregnancy and this unhealthy craving is a one-time thing, indulge away! As with any diet, you’re not going to be perfect all the time, and allowing yourself that indulgence will make it easier to stay on track later. On the other hand, if you’re consistently craving very unhealthy treats, it might be time to reevaluate your diet as a whole. Are you getting enough calories to fuel both your daily life and the pregnancy? Pregnancy food should revolve around a health diet that has enough healthy fats to support your growing baby.
Just How Bad for You is the Craving?

There are foods that are bad for you, and then there are foods that are really, really bad for you. Evaluate the potential ramifications of giving in to that craving. A treat likely won’t hurt you, but if you’re craving something so unhealthy that you already know that it’s going to upset your already-testy stomach for the rest of the day, it’s probably better to exercise your willpower and walk away.
How Often Do You Indulge?

Many pregnant women take the old saying that they’re eating for two to heart and choose to eat as much as they want, whatever they want. This can be very unhealthy for both mom and baby! An occasional indulgence, however, isn’t going to hurt you. You never know: your body might actually benefit from that boost! On the other hand, you don’t want to fall into the trap of thinking, “Well, I’m pregnant, so I can eat whatever I want.” Sooner or later, you’re not going to be pregnant anymore, and it’s your body that will pay the price for all those unhealthy indulgences. Keeping your normal healthy eating lifestyle on track post-pregnancy will be easier if you don’t expect to go from eating whatever you like while pregnant to cleaning it up afterwards, too.
Odd Non-Food Cravings

If you’re craving non-food items, you need to consult your doctor immediately. These cravings may be the result of a vitamin or mineral imbalance and will need to be evaluated. Consuming non-food substances can be potentially harmful to you and your baby, so those cravings definitely shouldn’t be indulged!

Many pregnant woman believe that cravings are their body’s way of telling them what they need. In some cases, they are! Other times, pregnancy cravings are simply your taste buds longing for a particular treat. Indulging once in a while won’t hurt, but constantly consuming unhealthy foods isn’t good for you or your baby, so make sure you maintain a balance that will keep both of you healthy and strong.

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How to Grocery Shop Like a Raw Vegan

Raw veganism, like the basic vegan diet, avoids all animal products such as cheese, milk, eggs and meat. But this diet also cuts out all cooked food, meaning that all food is eaten raw. Even without being a committed follower of this diet, there are some worthy concepts to be taken from the diet and applied to a person’s current shopping routine.


The Best Sources Of Dairy-Free Calcium (Infographic):


Keep Ingredients Simple

When the focus of a meal plan requires such strict rules, choosing ingredients for a meal must follow the rules of simplicity. Such a notion cuts down on any processed ingredients, including many dried and packaged seasonings, which typically contain high amounts of sodium. Although sodium does have health benefits, especially when consumed from natural sources like beets and celery, too much of the element can result in high blood pressure and fluid buildup.

Sodium is often used as a flavor enhancer, but by focusing on the natural flavors of the raw ingredients, no further enhancement is necessary. For instance, kumquats can be used to add a sweet and sour flavor to a dish. For a lighter flavored dish, daikon radishes are a good choice, and they make a good pairing with other light flavored ingredients, like napa cabbage.


Don’t Over Purchase

One key to a successful shopping trip is to not purchase more than what’s needed for the week. As fresh produce goes bad much more quickly than their frozen or canned counterparts, they have to be eaten in a relatively quickly time period. This also means that buying more than what can be eaten within a short period of time results in being forced to throw out food. By shopping like a raw vegan, waste of food and money can be avoided.


Come Shopping with me! Raw Vegan Grocery Trip


Get Creative

The limitations of the raw food diet require some creativity when it comes to meals (see PurelyB 7-Day Detox: The Raw Food-Based Detox). Even for individuals that don’t follow the diet can take away some ideas for increasing the health value of their meals. For example, pasta is a pretty common dinner staple for many families, but traditional pasta isn’t allowed in the raw vegan menu. Instead, it’s common to turn to raw veggie alternatives like opo squash. By occasionally using this alternative, the negative aspects of regular pasta can be avoided while still receiving carbohydrates, a necessary requirement for proper nourishment.

Choosing to shop like a raw vegan offers individuals the opportunity to place an emphasis on the nutritional value of their food, while also reducing waste and saving money.

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Recipe: Delicious Yet Healthy Hangover Remedy

Are you on the hunt for a hangover remedy that will leave you feeling a lot better the next morning? Some people swear that all you need is a little hair of the dog that bit you the night before, and they reach for an alcoholic drink like a Bloody Mary. All those drinks really do is take the edge off and provide your body with enough alcohol that you feel buzzed again. Others say that you just need to hydrate yourself and drink plenty of water, while others love digging into a big plate of hash browns and runny eggs. The next time you find yourself still reeling from the night before, try making a simple and delicious smoothie to get back on track.

Ingredients for a Simple Smoothie

1 small mango, diced
4 strawberries
¼ cup blueberries
1-2 tablespoons sugar

Making The Smoothie

Making The Smoothie

Toss the mango, strawberries and blueberries in a blender with a handful of ice. Blend until well combined. Add one tablespoon of sugar, taste and add more sugar as needed. For a twist on the classic smoothie and to avoid that typical watery taste, toss the fruit in the freezer the night before and omit the ice the next morning.

Making a Yogurt Smoothie

Turn the classic smoothie into a yogurt smoothie with the addition of frozen yogurt in place of the ice. Add one scoop of vanilla yogurt to the fruit when blending. You can also add a small amount of regular Greek yogurt in place of the frozen yogurt. Add just enough ice to reach the consistency you like.




Why it Works

A smoothie filled with fresh fruit is a great way to treat a hangover. Blueberries are a natural remedy for anxiety and stress, and after a night of drinking, you will likely feel a little stressed and anxious. Strawberries are a natural cure for depression and are an antioxidant too. The mango helps add a tropical touch to the drink and may cure any negative feelings you had from the night before.

Drinking lots of water is the best way to treat and prevent a hangover

Other Solutions for a Hangover

Drinking lots of water is the best way to treat and prevent a hangover. Try drinking at least one bottle of water after you stop drinking alcohol and before you go to bed. Make sure you drink a few glasses the next day too. You also want to get some type of starch into your system. This helps absorb all the alcohol from the night before, which will leave you feeling much better. A bowl of your favorite cereal, some mashed potatoes or even dry toast all work well. Whether you opt for a smoothie or something a little heavier, you can cure your hangover in a flash.

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