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5 Essential Things to Do Daily to Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

skin-cancer-preventionSkin cancer can be deadly. Melanoma, one of the three kinds of skin cancer, can be life threatening when untreated. The 2017 data of the American Cancer Society revealed that melanoma is one of the most common forms of cancer. It has more than 87,000 new cases and 9,700 estimated deaths.


The good news is that most skin cancers are preventable. Around 70 percent of known causes of cancers are related to lifestyle and can be avoided. There are habits that can dramatically lower the risk of skin cancer and here are some of them:


  1. Use sun protection cream for the face and body. A new research suggests that sun creams do not only protect the skin from damage. They also have anti-aging benefits. What to look for when buying sunscreens? Look for creams that have SPF of 15 or higher. However, avoid sun creams that have SPF rating over 30. Consider ones that have the light formula and are non-greasy. When swimming, it is best to invest in creams that are sweat and water-resistant. Apply the cream 30 minutes before going outside and reapply when going in the water.


  1. Cover the skin. Experts recommend wearing sun-safe clothing. These are clothes made of tightly woven fabric to protect the skin from UV rays. Aside from fabric, the amount of protection is also measured by the weave, weight, color, and amount of skin covered by the cloth. Wear clothes that cover the arms and legs. Use broad-brimmed hats that shade the face and ears. Use close-fitting wraparound sunglasses.


  1. Limit sun exposure. The sunshine may be the best way to maximize one’s Vitamin D. But too much sun exposure can also be a bad thing. Sunburn causes damage to the cells. When the DNA is damaged, skin cancer is more likely to occur. New research findings revealed that the best time to go out in the sun is during the middle of the day. So it is not a matter of avoiding the sun by 10 to 2 pm, but identifying how long to spend in the sun. A 20-minute sun exposure is recommended to get enough vitamin D.


  1. Eat foods rich in antioxidant. This substance is known to help protect the skin from cellular damage caused by the sun’s UV radiation. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are the best antioxidants. Berries such as Goji berries, wild blueberries, Cranberries, and Elderberries have relatively high amounts of antioxidants. A cup of blueberries provides 13,427 total antioxidants which are ten times the recommended amount. Artichoke, pecans and dark chocolate are also great antioxidant sources.


  1. mj-618_348_daily-coffee-protects-you-from-skin-cancerDrink coffee. Ernest Abel, professor of OB-GYN at Wayne State University says coffee’s antioxidants can possibly help to protect against skin cancer. The compounds in coffee are believed to reduce the risk of melanoma.



Aside from these daily habits, experts also advise avoiding indoor tanning. Countries like Brazil, France, and Portugal have made tanning completely illegal for 18 years old and below because it can be quite dangerous.  The UV light coming from tanning beds can damage the genetic material of the skin cells and can later cause melanoma.

As the old adage goes, prevention is always better than cure. Follow the tips above and lower your risk of getting skin cancer. Ultimately, these will actually help you enjoy the outdoors more because you are always in good health.

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Here are 6 Tips to Decode Skincare Ingredients For Acne Treatment Like a Chemist

Becoming a pro at rigorously inspecting the ingredient labels on skin care products, especially for acne can be a tricky business. Many of the beauty ingredients don’t sound or look like English. Sometimes, a scary-sounding ingredient may actually be a beneficial mineral or vitamin which someone can easily overlook if not careful. And sometimes, an ingredient that’s written in an enticing different language may be the one which is potentially toxic. Therefore, careful examination of such ingredients need to be done first-hand, else it would be hard to tell the innocuous ingredients from the harmful ones.


Below are some handy tips to help you read skincare ingredients for acne treatment like a chemist when shopping.

  1. Know the basics. All ingredients are listed or arranged in descending order at all times, starting with the largest amount in the formula (usually water). Also worth knowing, if a product praises a particular ingredient, but it’s etched near the end of the list, more likely that component isn’t present in good amounts.
  1. Be aware of the concentration. A great number of active ingredients only need to range around 0.5%-1% to work effectively. And because only a small ratio or amount is required, these ingredients are found at the end of the list. Product’s dyes and fragrances also exist in tiny amounts, so you’ll find them inscribed at the bottom as well.
  1. Check that all ingredients are authentic. Some novel preservatives can be used as a masking agent to trick consumers. Dubious brands can label a chemical as a “fragrance” under the ingredient list, which can lure customers into purchasing the product as “preservative” free. Be careful.
  1. Check if the acne-treating product is FDA Approved. The FDA regulates all acne treatments and classifies them as over-the-counter drugs. Make sure the “acne” or “blemish” formula you’re about to buy has an FDA drug panel stuck on the box.
  1. Go low on the oil craze. Now that skin care oils are a hot craze in the skincare mainstream, it’s worth knowing many oils oxidize quickly at different levels. This varies with the type of oil though, which means it’s easy for someone to buy an expensive acne treatment that might not do the trick. Make sure you buy “cold-pressed” products or a regular acne scar treatment instead, as they last much longer and might yield better results.
  1. Finally, clarify the expiry date (this is important!). Every time you see a product label with a letter “M” initial in it, don’t wonder what its purpose. The letter simply refers to the number of months that particular product is supposed to last after opening. Letter “Y” initial is used where a certain product is expected to last for some years instead of months.


As you continue learning more about your skin, you’ll find yourself becoming ingredient conscious every day. Understanding the specific substances that make up a product is very essential, particularly when shopping a skin care product for acne treatment. At least this will make you more familiar with a variety of essential ingredients that you’ll always make sure are present in your acne treatment formula. You’ll also be aware of specific harmful ingredients to stay away from as well. All the same, follow the cool tips shared in this guide to start deciphering your skincare ingredients labels like a pro, every time you’re shopping.

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5 Practical And Effective Remedies Against Dry And Aging Skin

dry-skin-careIt’s a well-known fact that the skin is more susceptible to drying as the person ages. This is mostly because the body starts to slow down in dealing with dead skin cells. The body simply can’t keep up with the rate at which the cells are dying. However, there are practical and effective remedies that people can follow to keep the skin hydrated and thus less susceptible to the problems that drying can cause. These remedies include the following:


  1. Rubbing honey all over the skin before taking a bath. There’s a reason why honey is a very common ingredient in a lot of anti-aging beauty products. The substance has a lot of attributes that help in slowing down the onslaught of aging. It also helps the skin in replenishing the cells that have died. For best results, a person using honey for skin care should apply the substance then leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off. Honey can also be used as an effective face mask.


  1. CoconutOilBenefitsBackground1-232x224Applying coconut oil on a regular basis. Coconut oil serves three main functions for the skin. One, it contains vitamin E which is known for its anti-aging attributes. Two, it contains fatty acids that are instrumental in fighting fungi and bacteria that attempt to damage the skin. And last but not the least, it does its job without causing side effects because it usually doesn’t contain preservatives or added chemicals.




  1. Regularly applying hydrating moisturizers. Using a moisturizer is a must for people who live in hot and humid places. The heat can easily break down the cells in the surface of the skin and cause a plethora of problems like sunburn, acnes, pimples, and flaking. If the skin isn’t moist nor hydrated properly, the drying process gets quicker. Those who use hydrating moisturizer can prevent this from happening.


  1. Olive-OilUsing olive oil extracts to deal with wrinkles. Since time immemorial, olive oil has been used to treat nasty wrinkles especially those that form in the face. What olive oil does is improve the skin’s moisture retention. This means that less moisture escapes the skin. When that happens, there’s no reason why the skin should start drying too easily. Additionally, olive oil also preserves the elasticity and resilience of the skin. It’s for this reason that olive oil is a popular ingredient in products that aim to prevent the formation of wrinkles.


  1. Consuming more healthy fluids. The logic here is simple: the more water and fluids you drink, the more hydrated you become. This means that your skin will have all the fluid and moisture it needs to function. As much as possible, you should only consume water and healthy drinks. Avoid drinking too much carbonated and sugary drinks because these can harm your skin instead of helping it get hydrated.


What’s great about these remedies is that they are easy to apply and they don’t cost much. The items needed like honey, coconut oil, moisturizers, and olive oil extracts are very affordable and can be found in any department store or wellness shop. Furthermore, the items are mostly made from natural ingredients so the side effects are non-existent or very minimal. In conclusion, people who are suffering from moderate to excessive skin drying are advised to follow these practical remedies.

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8 Lovely Gifts to Impress a Girl on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show some of the most important people in your life that you care for them… and that you are a really good gift shopper!

We do not believe that Valentine’s Day should only be celebrated by couples, so we came up with a bunch of gift options for your better half, as well as your mother, sister, and BFF so that they can look good and feel good about themselves at the end of the day:1

  1. Instant Spa Therapy If flowers, chocolates, and wine have become your default gift “template” on Valentine’s Day, it is about time to make your creative brain work harder. Busy modern women today have a lot on their plates. Single women would work hard to keep up with their career and personal relationship, while the married ones would juggle between their work and family. In such hectic daily routines, no female would say no to a little relaxation haven.

When it is near Valentine’s Day, you can ask when she is available for lunch, then book a reputable spa therapist in town. If you think she will be happier to do it at home, bring the therapist to her place. Make sure you know the details of their services or have tried it yourself so that your loved one does not need to worry about anything.     2

  1. Makeup Kit If you know the gift recipient is crazy about makeup and beauty products, you do not need to hesitate in giving a useful makeup kit for her. There are plenty of options out there, so you want to make sure you have read some reviews and compare several products.

Affordable brands like Sleek makeup can be a good option because it has a wide range of products that one can choose from. For example, Sleek’s “Face The Day” gift set is complete with all makeup must-haves, from eyeshadow palette, mascara, illuminator, to lipstick – for only around USD 26.3

  1. Fancy Brushes It is always a good idea to give a non-essential item that you know the person has always wanted but too expensive to have. Women who love making arts would be motivated to create more artworks with a new set of artistic brushes, while those who love makeup would appreciate a set of makeup brushes for blusher, contouring, lipliner, etc. Choose a good quality brand and wrap them together with a bouquet of roses.4
  2. Glamorous Makeup Case Every girl has an inner diva! That is why girls love to play dress-up all the time. A portable makeup case luggage that is fully equipped with a big mirror and light bulbs would definitely be like a childhood dream come true.5
  3. Fifteen Shades of Red Fifty is too much, but fifteen is still rhyming with the romantic Twilight fan fiction. Lol, you get the idea! Give a surprise to your favorite lady by choosing fifteen shades of red lipsticks from her favorite makeup brand. She would go bananas!6
  4. Edible Lipsticks This idea is still related to lipsticks but it is not for the outer look. These edible lipsticks are specially made as a dessert to complete your dinner menu. Have fun making them with various ingredients – raspberry puree, chocolate, jelly, and so on. You can also give these as a token of appreciation to your BFF.7
  5. Makeover Day This is an idea to make your mom happy on Valentine’s Day. Take her out for a whole day this weekend and let her pick any makeover she wants to have. You can join her for the treatment or just enjoy her company and prepare your wallet.8
  6. “I am Yours” Coupon Chocolates and flowers are overrated as they are too predictable and easy to get. At the end of the day, after a smooth romantic dinner, you can surprise your spouse by giving away this DIY coupon. What comes next is totally up to your imagination.

There are a lot of ways to impress a girl during Valentine’s day. The above ideas should help you get started or just choose one that you think will make her joyful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Why You Need an Aesthetic Doctor to Treat and Get Rid of Your Acne Scars

If you currently reside in Malaysia, you should be aware by now that your skin is more susceptible to acne, pimples, and other forms of blemishes because of the heat and humidity brought by the tropical climate. Acne, in particular, are nasty because they can leave scars that might become permanent if not treated immediately. With that said, it’s highly recommended that if you notice some acne scarring in your skin, you should consult an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia as soon as possible. The earlier you consult with a cosmetic expert, the better chances you have in getting those pesky scars removed.


What causes acne scars?

It’s important that you know the main reasons why acne scars occur. Scarring happens when the dermis layer of the skin gets damaged and doesn’t heal properly. A lot of these damages are due to acne that took a bit more time to heal. When an acne gets inflamed and a lesion develops, the extent of the infection spreads. This means that when it begins to heal, the affected skin is much wider than normal that a visible scar can be seen.


So why is it important to seek an aesthetic doctor?

In the simplest of terms, aesthetic doctors are the most qualified professionals to help you get rid of the scars. This is especially true if the doctor is a well trained and experienced dermatologist. Aesthetic doctors also have the necessary tools and equipment to deal with the scars. There are three common methods used in removing acne scars. These are as follows:

  1. Laser Resurfacing – This is the most common procedure, especially for advanced scars. The laser is applied on the top layer of the damaged skin. This in turn tightens the middle layer which eventually gives the skin a smoother look. The whole procedure usually takes just a few minutes.
  1. Dermabrasion – A spinning diamond instrument or a spinning wire brush is used on the skin to wear off the damaged cells. The idea is that as the skin heals from the abrasion, the new growth of skin cells will make it look smoother. The main drawback of this procedure is that it takes more time for the skin to completely heal. In most cases, healing time usually takes between ten days and three weeks.
  1. Fractional Laser Therapy – This form of laser therapy goes much deeper into the skin compared to dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. What’s great about this procedure is that although it goes deeper into the skin, it doesn’t cause too much pressure on the skin’s upper layers. This means that the healing time is also much faster. However, this procedure has a few side effects. Your skin can feel sunburned or irritated for a few days after the treatment.


Where to find a reliable aesthetic doctor in Malaysia?

There are a lot of dermatology and cosmetic clinics in the country so finding an aesthetic doctor shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, you should make sure that the clinic you choose offers the procedures needed to get rid of acne scars. As discussed earlier, these procedures are laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and fractional laser therapy. It’s also possible that some clinics offer other treatment options on top of these procedures.

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How To Apply Facial Serums The Right Way


If you want to upgrade your skincare routine, do consider adding a serum to your lineup. Serums are lightweight moisturizers that contain active ingredients capable of penetrating deep into the skin. If you are trying to address specific problematic spots on your skin like wrinkles and age spots, serums are the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use them.

  1. Give yourself a thorough cleansing. This is especially important if you wear heavy makeup all day. Use an effective makeup remover before washing your face with a cleanser. Cold water can close up the pores and block the serum from penetrating your skin. Use lukewarm warm instead.
  2. Apply the serum while the skin is still damp. This is because damp skin is more absorbent. Apply 1 drop of the serum on your forehead, nose, chin and on each check. Use two fingertips to gently spread the serum all over your face then use your open palms to lightly tap the areas to promote better absorption.
  3. Wait for five minutes. Allow the serum to fully penetrate your skin before applying your regular moisturizer. Make sure that you apply serums first before moisturizing.


More Tips            

  • Serums are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way.
  • If the serums leave your skin feeling sticky or oily, it might be an indication that the serum is not well-formulated. Good quality serums have fast absorption rates.
  • Instead of washing with lukewarm water, you can also apply a damp, hot towel on your face after cleansing to help open up the pores and prepare it for the serum application.

Upgrade Your Skincare Routine Today

Serums are probably the unsung champions of skincare. They are great if you’re trying to address specific problematic spots. Are you ready to experience what serums can do for you? You can buy Klairs skincare in Malaysia here and be amazed by its life-changing benefits.

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5 Ways to Correctly Use Your Facial Brush



Facial brushes are one of the latest skincare inventions to hit the market in the past few years. They are electrically powered brushes that remove dead skin, dirt and other stubborn impurities from your face. Many beauty enthusiasts have been experimenting with various brands and techniques, and have put forward mostly good reviews. However, the face brush is a device that has to be used correctly.


If you use facial brushes regularly, it is really important to learn the correct usage tips and tricks, so as not to end up damaging your skin or causing any negative effects to it. If you’re wondering what these usage tips are , do read on:

Charming woman with brush for deep cleansing facial. Skin care concept. High technology beauty.

– When choosing brush tips and speed, always choose one that feels comfortable on your skin. Don’t use brushes which are too stiff and speeds that cause pain or discomfort or you’ll risk irritating or inflaming your skin.


– You may face some initial breakout of pimples as your skin gets used to having lesser dead skin cells on its surface. During this period, be sure to apply some anti-acne treatment like salicylic acid to kill off pimple causing germs before you start the brushing.


– Start slow by using it only once a week. Once your skin has gotten used to the process, you can gradually add on the number of times you use your facial brush to twice weekly, once every two days and so forth.


-Don’t force the face brushing routine onto your skin. Different people react differently to the facial brush and you should learn to take things slowly. For example, if you have a breakout, let it dry and heal up before continuing.


– After every brushing session, you may want to cleanse your face and apply a topical anti acne cream, followed by a moisturizer. Applying some moisturizer will lessen the amount of sebum produced by your skin, thereby reducing the chances of pimples developing.


-Always clean your brush with running water, and treat it with a mild household antiseptic from time to time. Avoid sharing your face brush with someone else as this may transfer germs.


One face brush you can consider for your use is the Clarisonic MIA 2 which will help you achieve that radiant, translucent and youthful glow you’ve always dreamed of. It provides two speeds to choose from, and come with a special travel case as well as many other perks.

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Things You Should Do For Skincare Online Shopping Success



There are lots of benefits from shopping online. Practicality, for example. But there are also disadvantages from doing online shopping. Particularly, in purchasing your skincare products. That’s why in this post we’ve put together some tips to help make sure that each shopping experience you have is going to be a pleasant one!


Online shopping can be a wonderful portal to gain access to products that might not be readily available in physical stores. Still, it can get unnerving for shoppers to choose from the vast array of products. Here are a few tips to guide you:

–           Make sure to search for various reviews. Keep in mind also your skin and other people’s skin might react differently, so look for similar skin condition as yours.

–           Make sure you know the ingredients. If you’re still unsure, go for natural products such as Garnier or Janesce.

–           If you’re looking for an upgrade, make sure to stay in budget. If available, use filters that are sometimes present in sites.


Products that are easily found online usually mean that they have a good market in that region and the product itself is something beloved by beauty enthusiasts. Unfortunately, some people may try and make a profit by selling fake products. That’s why testimonies come in handy—if possible, only buy from retailers with people you personally know who’ve had good experience with them.


Below, last but not least, are more technical tips for you so you can make the most out of online shopping:

–           When possible, ask for the expiry date. Brands like LUSH have products that go bad quickly, so pre-ordering online can be risky.

–           Keep an eye open for discounts and promotions. Usually brands like L’OREAL or The Body Shop have seasonal sales. Prices between different suppliers may also vary.

–           If you happen to be in an environment close to skincare stores, it wouldn’t hurt to compare prices and also promotions. Sometimes these things are exclusive to the stores or to the online shops.

–           Shipping costs can be burdensome. If online shops have a minimum spending number to get free shipping, consider buying in bulk or maybe get a friend to buy some stuff and put it in the same order—or at least split the shipping fee.


Remember, these are items that’ll come in contact with your skin. So follow these tips, be cautious, and happy shopping!

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Makeup on a Budget: How You Can Save Time and Money with Affordable Foundations


One of the most common misconceptions about using makeup is that it has to be expensive for it to work wonders on your skin. While layering different kinds of products could give you good results, using one item that serves multiple functions rather than using different products separately could save you a lot of time and money.

You can start with choosing the right kind of foundation to use and finding one that gives the best value for your money. Below are some points to consider in finding affordable foundations without sacrificing quality.


1) Combination items: multiple products in one

At a minimum, find a foundation that provides moisture, proper coverage, and protection from the sun. A good example is the Chriszen Moist Cake foundation, which combines the benefits of a moisturizer, sunblock, concealer, and skin lightener all in one product. A foundation that not only provides a good base for your makeup, but also clears, nourishes, and moisturizes your skin, will surely prove to be a more favorable and cost-effective option than the other items available in the market. The Chriszen foundation is among the most affordable foundations for Asian girls, considering that you can eliminate other skin care products and simply use it on its own.


2) Lasting effect: foundations that stay on all day long

While the cost of the item itself is an important factor, it is also necessary to see if the item can stay on for a long time. As the foundation is the base of other makeup that you might want to put on, it should be able to hold even if you sweat or do your daily activities. For instance, although CoverGirl has an affordable foundation, feedback from users of the CG Smoothers foundation suggests that the liquid makeup tend to melt away during the day. Also, based on user feedback, powder and cake foundations are more compatible with most other makeup products (blush, highlighter, etc.).


3) Comparing prices: amount of product used versus amount of product in a single purchase

This might take a little trial-and-error, but it is good to check how long the product lasts if you use it on a regular basis. It is better to get a €10 cake foundation that lasts more than 3 months when used every day than a €30 bottle of liquid foundation that you could use up in just a few weeks. While each of the different types of foundations has its own benefits, usually, cakes or powders last longer than creams or liquid foundations.  You can try a cream (like the CC cream from Nature Republic, but this one is somewhat on the upper end of the affordable price range), or you could choose a moist cake like the one from Chriszen.


If you are looking for ways to get the same results for cheap, using products that combine different functions should be the top priority. Fortunately, with today’s innovations in science and technology, the cosmetic industry has made such items more affordable and easily accessible.


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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Your Nose

A threadlift is a minimally invasive procedure. It is typically done to correct the sagging of eyebrows, eyelids, neck, the tip of the nose, and the furrows between the nose, and the corner of the mouth. Often, a threadlift is performed before a standard facelift, or in conjunction with another type of aesthetic procedure to enhance the aesthetic results. The main focus of this article will be threadlifts done on the nose, and how you can raise the tip by tying it internally.

Portrait of Fresh and Beautiful woman with flower isolated on white
Who is the ideal candidate for a threadlift for the nose?

The average patient tends to be between 35 and 45 years old. These are people who either cannot afford a standard rhinoplasty, or are very busy, they can not afford to take time off from their jobs, or they like the idea of a minimally invasive procedure. This procedure is best for those seeking minimal aesthetic improvements, those looking to enhance the results of a previous rhinoplasty, or those seeking additional enhancement after another aesthetic procedure.

How is it done?

The entire thread lift process is relatively simple. Initially, the doctor will determine what areas of your nose need treatment. Then the aesthetic team will determine the direction of the lift required. Once this has been completed, numbing cream, or a local anesthetic will be applied to the area where the treatment are will take place. Next, the threads are embedded under the skin with a fine needle. Once the needle is removed, the thread will remain under the skin to hold the area taught.

This procedure requires no invasive surgery, incisions, or suturing. Typically, there will be mild side effects present immediately after the procedure. Those side effects are usually minimal, including mild bruising, and swelling. If bruising occurs, it tends to proceed in approximately one week. Any swelling that occurs last for a few days, which is usually not significant, or noticeable.
What are the results of a threadlift for the nose?

A threadlift for the nose will correct the nasal bridge. This correction tends to be subtle, much less dramatic than a rhinoplasty. This is the gentlest way to enhance your natural look without the risk of not looking like yourself after the procedure. The subtle change is achieved by the repositioning of the nasal tissue.

Often, a lift will produce long term results in the skin by firming, tightening, and lifting the area. Though, the skin, and surrounding area will still be subject to natural forces, such as gravity. Therefore, eventually the tissue will return to its original position. This is why aesthetic professionals suggest you repeat the procedure once every two years, or as needed.


In addition, many will effectively combine the results of a lift with other procedures. Some of those procedures include: facelift, radio frequency, high intensity focused ultrasound, skin rejuvenation, lasers, or a rhinoplasty. If you choose to only do a lift, you should expect a subtle, modest, and a natural looking result that will last a significant amount of time without any additional procedures.


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