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Secrets to Aging Gracefully – Tips and Tricks


Finding out that someone is way older than they look is pretty shocking. How do they do it? Chances are that they have actively taken steps to keep themselves as young and healthy as possible. So, what are their secrets? Aging gracefully isn’t something that happens at random. Those who achieve typically have many traits and lifestyle choices in common. By understanding these people’s secrets, you can unlock the secrets to aging gracefully for yourself. Don’t worry if you’re already older; regardless of your current age, these tips and tricks will serve you well.
Avoid the Sun 

Sun damage is one of the biggest culprits of premature aging. Conversely, avoiding the sun and shielding your skin from it is one of the best ways to ward of fine lines and wrinkles long after they would typically develop. Therefore, applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher as a part of your daily routine is critical. It’s also wise to cover up as much as possible when you’ll be out in the sun for extended periods of time. Better still, avoid going out during the hottest, sunniest part of the day whenever possible.

Beauty isn’t just skin deep. By caring for your overall health, you will take big steps in warding off the aging process. Even getting just 20 minutes of exercise per day is immensely beneficial. It needn’t be extremely strenuous or complicated, either. Going for a quick stroll around the block every day will work wonders for your health and will make it easier for you to keep looking and feeling young well into your golden years.



The idea of beauty sleep is a somewhat tired cliche at this point, but it’s absolutely true. Getting enough sleep–and getting quality sleep–is a crucial part of maintaining overall health and in keeping the signs of aging at bay. In fact, a study showed that the skin of people who got seven to nine hours of quality sleep per night tended to bounce back better after UV exposure as compared with those who didn’t get enough good sleep.

The Right Products 

Finally, using the right products in your skincare regimen is an excellent way to keep yourself looking youthful. These days, the market is flooded with products that promise to deliver exceptional anti-aging results. There are so many options out there, however, that zeroing in on the right ones can be difficult.

The best anti aging products contain proven ingredients like retinoids that help to boost collagen levels and to otherwise enhance the skin. Moisturizing is a crucial part of keeping the skin supple, glowing and healthy. Lotions, emulsions and oils go a long way toward maintaining moisturized skin. Occasional visits to the spa for facials and other more intensive treatments are also strongly recommended, as they are often used to exfoliate the skin, which sloughs away dead, dull skin cells so new, fresh ones can emerge.

With these tips in mind, your anti-aging efforts are sure to go off without a hitch.


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Anti-Aging Begins in Your 20s: Guide to Youthfulness at a Young Age

In the past, popular television commercials implied that anti-aging was something for only mature women to worry about by portraying women in their 40s or 50s using anti-aging serums. However, your fight against the signs of aging starts in your 20s. It involves more than slathering creams and masks on your face. To protect your youthful beauty, follow these essential tips while you are still in your 20s.



Be Careful About Skin Creams

While you are young, your skin is naturally fuller and tighter. You do not need lifting and firming products. Save these for when you reach your 40s or 50s. Many lifting and firming products stimulate collagen production, which also results in cellular turnover. Look for products that do not contain a lot of peptide stimulants. Also, avoid products with retinol while you are young. It can thin out your skin prematurely and make it more susceptible to UV damage, which actually ages your skin more.

There are anti-aging serums with more ingredients for hydration and UV protection, and these are better alternatives to over-stimulating collagen growth. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful ingredient for helping your skin retain moisture. Coconut oil is another ingredient with multiple benefits for fighting the signs of aging.

Anti aging


Use Cosmetics Wisely

When you are young, it is normal to stay out late with your friends and neglect washing your face before you go to bed. The problem with this habit is that popular cosmetics often contain harmful ingredients. The mixture of dirt, cosmetics and the free radicals trapped in your skin by the cosmetics can age your skin faster. Use an alcohol-free facial cleanser to wash away the day’s dirt, free radicals and makeup. Apply a gentle moisturizer and eye cream after doing this.

For best results, use only organic cosmetics with ingredients that are identifiable. Look for cosmetics without alcohols and parabens. If you take good care of your skin and eat a balanced diet, you may not feel the need to use foundations, concealers and powders on your face.



Protect Your Skin

Part of keeping your skin’s youthful glow is staying hydrated, eating properly and avoiding too much sun exposure. Eat plenty of foods with Omega-3 fatty acids to promote a healthy layer of subcutaneous fat and healthier skin. Mackerel, salmon and flaxseed are some of the best natural sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Antioxidants are also important for cleansing your skin and keeping it looking younger. Leafy greens, dark berries, avocados and nuts contain antioxidants. Also, drink eight glasses of water each day to keep your skin hydrated. When you go outdoors during any season, use a non-oily sunblock with at least SPF 30 protection.


Lastly, do not neglect sleep. There is truth to the phrase “beauty sleep.” Lack of sleep will worsen any type of existing skin condition. Since your body naturally repairs itself and cells regenerate when you sleep, your skin depends on ample rest to maximize your body’s natural anti-aging abilities.



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Why Do Our Lips Get Thinner as We Age?


Like radiant, smooth skin and shiny, thick hair, plump lips are a universal sign of youth. As you age, you may notice that your lips have lost volume. This loss of volume can make your face appear stern and older, which is typically accentuated by deep lip wrinkles. Most men and women notice that their lips begin to thin while they are in their thirties or forties. Although they deserve the same amount of attention as the rest of the face, lips are generally overlooked during most anti aging regimens. Without proper care, your lips can age faster than other areas of your skin.


Why Lips Thin as We Age

As you age, your body produces less collagen. Environmental and genetic factors can also inhibit collagen production. Collagen is a protein that supports the soft tissue that gives your lips their attractive plumpness. This protein is critical because it creates the base for elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are vital to the shape, structure and suppleness of your lips. It keeps your lips moist from the inside out.

Protection from the Weather

Long-term exposure to extreme weather is one of the biggest environmental factors contributing to the aging process of your lips. Like the rest of your face, your lips can become damaged after exposure to the sun because they contain little or no melanin. The sun’s harmful UV rays can darken, wrinkle and dry out your lips, which makes them appear thinner. Because the skin on your lips is delicate and unprotected, it is more susceptible to moisture loss due to exposure to wind. Using a lip balm with effective moisturizers and sunscreen can help counteract the ill effects of wind and sun.


Maintain Moisture

Dry lips also appear thinner. Lips do not have oil glands, which can make them prone to dryness. Dehydrating conditions, such as cold weather, hot showers and licking your lips, will cause your lips to appear parched and shrivelled. Because the lips plump up like a sponge, you can counteract the harmful effect of the elements and dehydrating environments by providing moisture. In addition to drinking eight glasses of water every day, use a lip balm to help seal in moisture and prevent it from evaporating.

Anti-Aging Skincare for Your Lips

Genetics play a role in the size and shape of your lips. While some people are born with thin lips, others lose volume over time. You can reclaim your youthful appearance by taking care of your lips with the right anti aging skin care products. These products will help offset the loss of collagen and keep your lips well hydrated and protected from the harmful effects of the environment.


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Do Anti-Aging Supplements Really Work?

Everyone becomes older. Despite this life fact, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept it without a fight. A healthy lifestyle can decrease the signs of aging along with anti-aging supplements. If you’re wondering whether these products actually work, consider the positive ways in which the body reacts to ingredients like:
• Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10
• Polypodium leucotomos extract
• Vitamin C
• Glucosamine
• Vitamin E



If you take a supplement that includes CoQ10, then you’ll be ingesting a substance that fights wrinkles. The ingredient may also improve your general health as well as your skin’s appearance. Our bodies produce CoQ10 naturally since cells need it to function. CoQ10 helps to generate a molecule called adenosine triphosphate, and this substance works to energize the mitochondria, which is the centre of a cell. Some researchers report that CoQ10 may even prevent heart disease and improve a diabetic’s overall health.



Polypodium Leucotomos Extract

To combat sun damage, sagging skin and discoloration, add a supplement with polypodium leucotomos extract to your diet. The extract is taken from a fern that grows in Central America. When ingested, the substance works to preserve your skin’s fibroblasts. This element makes and restores collagen. A research study published in the International Journal of Dermatology found evidence proving that the substance prevents sun damage because it increases your skin’s ability to withstand higher levels of UV radiation.


Vitamin C

If you’re considering taking a supplement to fight the signs of aging, then make sure that the product contains vitamin C. This ingredient battles dull skin and wrinkles. The science behind vitamin C’s helpfulness is that it decreases a cell’s oxidative stress to help a cell develop naturally. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that works with other substances to fight free radicals. These atom groups bring harm to the inside and outside of your body by allowing it to become ill and age.



As you age, sagging skin and fine lines are likely to form. To avoid or delay their arrival, take a supplement that contains glucosamine. According to a study printed in the Journal of Dermatologic Treatment, when glucosamine is ingested, it can visibly reduce the signs of aging. The substance helps the body plump up your skin’s appearance. It improves your hydration levels and reduces wrinkles while speeding up your skin’s healing process.


Vitamin E

When supplements include vitamin E, the product will work to protect you from environmental skin damage. It will also make your skin appear less dull. Because vitamin E includes both anti-inflammatory elements and antioxidants, the substance aids cell turnover and skin regeneration. This is the process that sloughs off dead cells to reveal healthier and more vibrant ones. Vitamin E also protects your skin from UV radiation and prevents your blood from unnecessary clotting, which decreases your heart attack and stroke risk.



Fighting the Signs of Aging with Supplements

Several studies show that supplements are able to repair and preserve your skin. Since ingredients like CoQ10, polypodium leucotomos extract and vitamin C as well as glucosamine and vitamin E are in many anti-aging products, they may be able to halt the signs of aging.


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Support Your Body’s Innate Restorative Functioning with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


The human body possesses amazing powers of self-regeneration. To achieve a more youthful look, all one must do is reinforce this innate power. When researching the best methods to support your skin’s anti-aging properties, you’ll be presented with many types of procedures. One of the most innovative and effective of these medical strategies is called platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP). This beauty treatment, which utilizes a component of your own blood, is also referred to by the tongue-in-cheek nickname of The Vampire Facelift.


How Platelet Rich Plasma Works


This medical procedure is a regenerative injection therapy of platelet rich plasma. Plasma injections have been used historically to help heal wounds, regenerate tissue and aid in surgical recovery. It’s no surprise that, given the amazing medical applications that utilize PRP, cosmetic aesthetic clinics began to investigate the anti-aging significance of this unique therapy. Platelet rich plasma treatment restores a more youthful appearance by stimulating collagen production, increasing blood supply to body tissues and accelerating the rate of normal cell regrowth. PRP is able to affect these changes by stimulating a specific group of skin cells, called dermal fibroblasts. These cells are responsible for regenerating tissue and healing scars. By stimulating these cells, most patients will experience noticeable and natural anti-aging results following PRP.


What to Expect During the Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Procedure

The procedure takes place in an aesthetic dermatology clinic. You first have a small vial of your blood drawn. This is then placed in a centrifuge, where your plasma is separated from the other components of your blood. The centrifugal motion infuses your plasma with a higher than normal amount of platelets, enriching the fluid beyond what your body would normally produce. After your blood work has been completed, the procedure will take place in the following manner:


  1. Your skin will be cleansed and prepared for treatment.
  2. You will receive a pre-determined amount of injections, experiencing very little discomfort.
  3. The procedure will be completed within 15 minutes, and you will not be required to engage in any special post-procedural care.

The results gradually appear over the next 3-4 weeks as your body repairs its cells with its own concentrated restorative components. Clients are invariably satisfied with the subtle and natural improvements that are the result this dermal therapy. A treatment course of 3 separate injection therapies, spaced 1-2 months apart, is generally recommended to produce an optimal outcome.


Why Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment is Safe

Unlike other cosmetic injectables, PRP is derived from your own blood. Since this fluid originates from your body, the chances of suffering a negative reaction are virtually impossible. Some people experience very mild swelling, bruising or redness around the injection site that dissipates after a few days. Due to the non-invasive nature of the small injections, the risk of infection is exceedingly low.


Discover a Younger Looking Self 

PRP is so safe, effective and non-intrusive, why would you choose any other treatment? Scheduling an appointment with a trusted aesthetic clinic is the first step on the journey to achieving a younger, fresher look. If you want to rid yourself of under-eye circles and bags, fine line and wrinkles, scars and sagging face tissue, platelet rich plasma therapy could be the perfect solution for you!


Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Facial Therapy

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