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Get Summer-Ready Body In A Week With These 5 Body Treatments


For many Malaysian women, having visible veins, cellulite, age spots, or bulging tummy on their body can ruin their confidence, especially if they’re wearing a bathing suit at the beach. Your body is a good indicator of your general health and age, and having a great, flawless and younger-looking body can certainly boost your appearance and confidence. Find out how you can get a summer-ready body in a week:

  1. Shrink fat cells: TriPollar. TriPollar is a type of treatment that combines thermal energy and radio frequency to shrink fat cells as well as tone and tighten your skin. The treatment can be done practically anywhere on your body and is best for buttocks, hips, or the knees. Since the treatment is fast and non-surgical, it requires no downtime, and results can be seen within a week of treatment.
  1. Reduce cellulite: Vaser Shape. Vaser Shape treats and warms your skin’s fatty tissue using ultrasound waves to improve the firmness of your skin and reduce your stubborn cellulite. The treatment is painless yet effective enough in reducing the size of your waistline or any other body fat by draining toxins and fluids out of your body. In some people, results are visible as early as one or two days after the treatment.


  1. Stimulate collagen for younger-looking skin: LED Light Therapy. Safe rays are delivered on your skin to stimulate collagen, leaving you with glowing, younger-looking skin. The treatment generally uses a combination of blue, infrared, and red LED light therapy that’s pain-free and lasts for only 3 minutes per session. The fast treatment is suitable for anyone regardless of skin tone, skin type, or age; and results can appear within a day or two after the treatment.
  1. Get rid of varicose and spider veins: Sclerotherapy. This treatment may be slightly invasive and painful as it involves the injection of a salt solution into your veins. Sclerotherapy is mostly intended to fade your visible veins away, particularly varicose veins and spider veins. If you have stubborn or very small veins that are resistant to the injection, you can opt for an additional laser treatment that penetrates your skin deeper to get rid of the veins. Do note that the laser treatment can be painful as well, and may leave your skin red for a day after the treatment.
  1. Eliminate stubborn fat: Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is a safe and painless procedure that freezes and eliminates your stubborn fat in five areas: outer thighs, inner thighs, double chin, flanks or sides, and abdomen. The treatment uses a coolsculpting technology that delivers controlled cooling that targets the skin’s fat cells without affecting the skin. The cooling devices used during the non-invasive procedure comes equipped with built-in safety measures that shuts down the system immediately if the sensors are detecting too much coldness on your skin. If you want to eliminate stubborn fat for good and look great for an event, start booking a coolsculpting treatment in Malaysia.


All of the treatments mentioned require no downtime and with only minor side effects. Before seeking out treatment, make sure you do your research and consult with a doctor if the treatment is safe and suitable for you. Depending on the treatment, some treatments may not be the right one for you (based on factors like health or skin condition) especially if they’re the invasive types of treatment.

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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Your Nose

A threadlift is a minimally invasive procedure. It is typically done to correct the sagging of eyebrows, eyelids, neck, the tip of the nose, and the furrows between the nose, and the corner of the mouth. Often, a threadlift is performed before a standard facelift, or in conjunction with another type of aesthetic procedure to enhance the aesthetic results. The main focus of this article will be threadlifts done on the nose, and how you can raise the tip by tying it internally.

Portrait of Fresh and Beautiful woman with flower isolated on white
Who is the ideal candidate for a threadlift for the nose?

The average patient tends to be between 35 and 45 years old. These are people who either cannot afford a standard rhinoplasty, or are very busy, they can not afford to take time off from their jobs, or they like the idea of a minimally invasive procedure. This procedure is best for those seeking minimal aesthetic improvements, those looking to enhance the results of a previous rhinoplasty, or those seeking additional enhancement after another aesthetic procedure.

How is it done?

The entire thread lift process is relatively simple. Initially, the doctor will determine what areas of your nose need treatment. Then the aesthetic team will determine the direction of the lift required. Once this has been completed, numbing cream, or a local anesthetic will be applied to the area where the treatment are will take place. Next, the threads are embedded under the skin with a fine needle. Once the needle is removed, the thread will remain under the skin to hold the area taught.

This procedure requires no invasive surgery, incisions, or suturing. Typically, there will be mild side effects present immediately after the procedure. Those side effects are usually minimal, including mild bruising, and swelling. If bruising occurs, it tends to proceed in approximately one week. Any swelling that occurs last for a few days, which is usually not significant, or noticeable.
What are the results of a threadlift for the nose?

A threadlift for the nose will correct the nasal bridge. This correction tends to be subtle, much less dramatic than a rhinoplasty. This is the gentlest way to enhance your natural look without the risk of not looking like yourself after the procedure. The subtle change is achieved by the repositioning of the nasal tissue.

Often, a lift will produce long term results in the skin by firming, tightening, and lifting the area. Though, the skin, and surrounding area will still be subject to natural forces, such as gravity. Therefore, eventually the tissue will return to its original position. This is why aesthetic professionals suggest you repeat the procedure once every two years, or as needed.


In addition, many will effectively combine the results of a lift with other procedures. Some of those procedures include: facelift, radio frequency, high intensity focused ultrasound, skin rejuvenation, lasers, or a rhinoplasty. If you choose to only do a lift, you should expect a subtle, modest, and a natural looking result that will last a significant amount of time without any additional procedures.


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Getting A Facelift The Right Way


You can get a facelift when you go to an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, and you can get the Ulthera procedure that is going to help you look great. You just need to decide if you are going to be able to get it done on your timeline. There are a lot of people who are trying to get the help that they need to look the way they want, and it is important to make sure that they are going to be able to help based on what has been the biggest need.

There are some people who are going to be able to enjoy this because they can ask how it is going to look when they are done. It is very easy for people to get this done, and it is going to be even easier for people to get the results that they want. Everyone who is trying to make sure that they look younger can start asking questions of the doctor at any time, and it is going to be very easy for people to see what can be done to make them look and feel better.




You will be able to see what can happen in one surgery, and you can even ask if there is more that can be done in more surgeries. You can ask how it is going to look when you get the work done, and you need to make sure that you check in on how you are going to be able to come in for your consultation and follow-ups. The doctors are going to give you a schedule for everything, and they are going to show you how you can make yourself look better when you get work done.

There are a lot of things that can be done to make you look great, but you need to make sure that you have all the things you need to get started. Their staff is going to help you make sure that you are going to be ready to get all procedures done, and they are going to help you with payments and insurance that need to be taken care of for you. This is the fastest way for you to get things done, and it is the only way to get it done efficiently. You will need to be sure that you have asked the staff how they are going to manage all the paperwork and other things.


Close-up of beauty girl with closed eyes and hands on chin. Isolated on white background.

You can get the surgery that you have been looking for, and you will be able to feel good about yourself when you are using your time wisely once you come over for the surgery. You will be able to change your look, and you will be able to do it with the same doctors that did the first surgery. You are going to look much younger, and you are going to have a lot more confidence when you get out of the doctor’s office when you are totally recovered.


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Important Things you should know about Buttocks Augmentation

Butt Augmentation Atlanta GA

Buttock augmentation refers to a medical procedure that is meant to reshape and enhance the gluteal area. The process gives the person going through it a much the shape they desire to have in their butt area. Shapely buttock is nowadays seen as a symbol of feminity and beauty, thus, making the procedure very famous worldwide. The methods applied in reshaping the gluteal muscles comprises of grafting using the body’s natural fat, or use of buttock implants. Buttock injections using silicone injections are also available, although aesthetic doctor in Malaysia caution that the method could be not safe.

When should you consider buttock augmentation?

• When your buttocks appear too small for your body shape, yet you desire to have a more balanced body look.
• If you desire to have more body curves and a more youthful appearance.
• If your buttocks appear loose, sagging, or flat after going through the aging or weight loss process.
• If your clothes and your swimming costume are not fitting you well.
As mentioned earlier, the most recommended methods used in buttock augmentation include autologous fat transfer and the gluteal implant surgery. The gluteal implant surgery may or may not involve fat addition.

Autologous fat transfer 

The procedure involves the removal of fats from on one body part and utilizes the extracted fat to reshape the gluteal area.
• Liposuction is carried out with the use of suction tubes known as the cannulas. The cannulas will be used to remove the body fats from the part of your body such as the abdomen, thighs or hips.
• The fat is then processed, and then it is reinjected by use of syringes that are connected to the cannulas.
• Typically, three small incisions are used to inject the fat. The incisions are hidden by clothing.
• Grafting of the fat is done in layer. The cannula is moved back and forth ensuring a deposit of fats remain to reshape and augment the butt area.
• Suture are then used to close the liposuction incisions.
• After the procedure, the aesthetic doctor will insert drains, and a compression garment is worn.

Rear view of sporty woman with slim body measuring hips - model posing in studio

Buttock implants 

Buttock implants are most suitable for the treatment of flat buttocks. Patients that have limited fatty tissues are best suited for this procedure. The method is not recommended for the treatment of sagging buttocks that may follow a significant weight loss.
• The process involves the placement of shaped silicone implant through an incision that is located in the buttocks. The aesthetic doctor in Malaysia will provide you with the full details during the consultation process.
• The positioning of the implant is done in a pocket below the gluteus maximus muscle and above the top pelvic bone.
• Closure of the incisions is then done by use of sutures, and drains are inserted, and the patient puts on a compression garment after the surgery.

During your initial consultation with your doctor, you will have the chance to discuss your cosmetic desires. Your aesthetic goals and your health conditions are important during the procedure. Always ensure that you are a good candidate for the proceedings by considering the factors discussed earlier.

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Intimate Rejuvenations: The Truth About Tightening Surgery

Do you experience pain or soreness during intercourse? Childbirth, age and weight fluctuations can leave the vaginal muscles weakened. You may not notice a change in sensation during sex, but other symptoms can appear. The weak muscles allow air to collect inside the vagina, causing embarrassing noises when the air escapes. Urinating may take longer as the vagina presses on the urethra and wearing tampons may be impossible. You doctor suggested strengthening the pelvic floor, but Kegel exercises did not help. If you’re considering Vaginoplasty, or laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR), these facts may ease your mind.

2-vaginoplastyWhat is Vaginoplasty?

Once, Vaginoplasty only referred to surgical procedures that tighten the vagina. Now, any surgery performed on female genitalia is called Vaginoplasty and can include:


  • Hymenoplasty- Also called revirginization, the surgeon will stitch the hymen so that it behaves more like a virgin hymen. This procedure is controversial in areas with strict religious customs surrounding virginity.


  • G-spot Amplification- A doctor injects collagen into the vagina’s front wall to increase pressure on the G-spot.


  • Labiaplasty- This procedure alters the shape and size of the lips surrounding the vaginal opening.


  • Clitoral Hood Reduction- The surgeon removes the tissue that covers the clitoris.

after-vaginoplastySince there are even more possibilities, you’ll need a doctor who offers consultations detailing which procedures are most appropriate for your condition, any preexisting conditions that may interfere with your surgery, how to prepare for surgery and what to expect during recovery and healing. No matter the type of Vaginoplasty you seek, an aesthetic doctor or plastic surgeon will execute the surgery.

Laser-treatment-of-urinary-incontinence1Modern Doctors Use Lasers

Today’s gynecologists, aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons will often market vaginal rejuvenations as cosmetic procedures. Even so, the surgeries were used in genital reconstruction. In the past, doctors used scalpels and risked causing injuries by clamping blood vessels. However, the advancements that made lasers feasible for general surgery have also made genital surgeries safer. Contemporary laser vaginal surgery involves less healing time, controls bleeding and minimizes post-operative scarring. Technology has made Vaginoplasty almost as popular as the face lift, but misinformation about vaginal surgeries still circulates.

5-1024x512Since people rarely discuss laser Vaginoplasty, myths flourish. One such myth is that sexual intercourse can resume two weeks after surgery. Actual recovery time varies, but most patients must wait six to eight weeks before resuming relations. Another myth? Vaginal rejuvenation is permanent. While rejuvenation is intended to be permanent, another pregnancy and delivery or weight fluctuations will impact your results. Risks include infection, bladder injuries and excessive bleeding, and prices vary depending on your region. Your doctor may order you to stop smoking and avoid aspirin in advance. Afterwards, you and your partner may need to experiment with new positions during intercourse and adjusting to new sensations may take time. However, once you have recovered, your panties and bikini bottoms fit better and you regain your confidence you can enjoy the experiments.


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