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3 Reasons Why Zumba is Great for Fitness

Zumba is an upbeat, Latin-inspired exercise that makes use of dance workouts. It is a fun, group activity that is usually conducted inside gyms, fitness centres, or parks and stadiums. Since it became very popular, fitness experts have begun recommending Zumba for fitness to people who are looking for an alternative means to doing aerobic exercise.

Here are three reasons why Zumba is a great workout:


  1. Great Calorie Burning Exercise

zumbaZumba classes typically run for 60 minutes and are broken into several dance routines. The choreography varies depending on the fitness levels of the attendees, but it is usually a combination of medium to high-intensity routines.

On average, a person can burn 369 calories by doing an hour of Zumba fitness classes. It is also a total body workout that burns fat, strengthens your abs and back, and improves your coordination.


  1. Works for Any Fitness Level

5-all-agesThe good thing about Zumba is that it welcomes people of different fitness levels. Young students who are into dancing will find it easy to be part of a class with adults and even seniors. You can get an intense workout depending on how hard you work on each routine. If you want a high-intensity session, you can go all out on the jumps, kicks, and swings.

On the other hand, if you’re a senior who just wants to dance, you can skip the moves which appear difficult or complicated. You still get a good cardiovascular workout by following the movements that you can execute.


  1. Zumba is Fun

z2While spinning or boxing may not be ideal for people with medical problems, Zumba classes are good for those who are just returning to the fitness track. While increasing a person’s energy levels, Zumba is also fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed with friends.

It is easy to find a find a fitness centre that holds regular Zumba classes. You can check online or inquire at the gym nearest you. For people who want to lose weight, it is advisable to modify your diet and intake of carbohydrates while you exercise. This is the safest and most sustainable way to get back in shape.

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4 Things to Remember When Starting Yoga


Yoga has been around for hundreds of years. It’s a practice that strengthens the body and calms the mind. It used to be associated with spirituality and religion, but is now a popular form of fitness and meditation. More and more young people in Malaysia are engaging in yoga. If you’re interested to try yoga, here are four important things to remember.



  1. Start at Your Own Level


It doesn’t matter what age you may be, yoga is a practice that transcends age and fitness levels. However, no matter how enthusiastic you are, it’s important to start at the level that you’re truly comfortable with. Don’t go to the advanced or intermediate classes if you’ve only been doing yoga for a few days.

Young yoga instructor leading a class in stretching

  1. Get the Equipment


Wear the right clothes during yoga class and invest in a proper mat. You will need to bring your yoga mat with you to classes, so invest in one that’s sturdy and durable. You can choose to get the textured mat for more grip or traction. This is especially helpful if you choose to go to the hot yoga classes where you’re expected to sweat profusely. Additionally, get a few pairs of yoga pants and tank tops for your workout sessions.


  1. Learn the Poses


The poses or asanas are the heart of yoga practice. The names of these poses may be confusing at first, so this is something that you can do while at home. Read up on the names and what the proper forms are for executing these poses. Among the most popular ones are the cobra, the sun salutation, the child’s pose, and the warrior.


  1. Do It Regularly


To truly appreciate the practice of yoga, you must do it regularly. A lot of Malaysians go to gyms or studios to participate in classes for yoga exercises because they like the idea of having a teacher or instructor leading them through the routines. You can do this too, if you can find one that’s near your home or place of work. On days when you can’t come to class or go to the gym, you can always set up your mat and do your routine at home.



Apart from these four tips, it is also important to practice breathing properly. You can do these wherever you may be – at your desk, driving, or while waiting for your food at a restaurant. The breathing exercises help calm people down and offers relief from the many stresses of daily life.

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