Five of the Finest Lip Tint Brands From Korea

Lip Tints From South Korea

Using lip tint can be an exciting way to give your pout a hint of colour without overwhelming it like a lipstick product might. If you wish to attain beautiful colour for your lips, various popular South Korean cosmetics brands can assist you on your quest to do so. Korean skincare companies are becoming more and more known everywhere these days and lip tints are fast becoming a new trend in Asia. Here are some of the best lip tints you can find to achieve that perfect pout:


Lip Tints From Berrisom

Berrisom is an established Korean makeup company that manufactures a wide range of lip products. Berrisom lip tint is just one such example. Not only are these lip tints known for their beautiful and bright colours, but they’re also known for being highly resistant to smudging and smearing. If you want to sport a Korean lip tint that will look fresh, clean and intact all day long, Berrisom may just be the right brand for you. These tints are produced in a wide range of attractive colours such as ‘sexy red,’ ‘lovely peach,’ ‘candy orange’ and even ‘chic purple.’





Lip Tints From Etude House

Etude House is a widely popular Korean skincare and makeup brand that provides customers with a strong selection of lip products. Gals who want lovely ‘cherry lips’ may wish to try Etude House’s ‘fresh cherry tint.’ Not only does this popular product aim to give the lips a pop of attractive colour, but it also aims to hydrate them and make them appear healthy and glossy. The texture of the tint is soft and creamy. These tints are available in four distinct colour options.





Lip Tints From Holika Holika

Holika Holika is a renowned Korean cosmetics brand that has a wide range of fans from all around the planet. Holika Holika is known for manufacturing multitasking moisturising lip tint products that also serve as lip glosses and lipsticks. The brand’s numerous lip tints also provide users with the benefits of buildable colour. One single application never has to be enough.




Lip Tints From Missha

Missha is an acclaimed Korean cosmetics brand that’s known for everything from anti-wrinkle BB (blemish balm) creams to lip tints and beyond. If you wish to try a lip tint that can provide your lips with a beautiful coat of color that also looks natural and subtle, then Missha’s lip tint products may just be right up your alley. Aqua gel tints are popular products from the Missha line. Not only do these tints provide the lips with lovely colour, but they also lock in hydration. They even fortify lips that look and feel weak and worn out. People who appreciate certified organic and natural ingredients are sure to enjoy Missha’s high-quality lip tint offerings. These products are quick to apply and can quickly make the lips look both revitalised and nourished.




Lip Tints From Laneige

Laneige is a Korean cosmetics brand that has a refined and sophisticated reputation. The brand’s ‘Water Drop Tint‘ increases the volume of the lips. If you dream of lips that are simultaneously full and packed with essential hydration, then this long-lasting makeup product may be ideal for you.


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