Four Side Effects of Botox You May Not Know About


Admit it: You’ve been looking at those fine lines on your face and considering botox injections to get rid of them. You know botox is safe when used properly, and you know the common side effects — headaches (they usually go away in a day or two), bruises at the injection site (minimise them by skipping pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen for two weeks before your appointment), and feeling like you’re coming down with the flu. But here are four you might not have heard about:


  1. Drooping eyelids, crooked eyebrows, not-quite-right smile

About one percent of people who get botox injections report that their eyelids droop afterward or other areas of their face aren’t quite right. This happens when the botox spreads into surrounding tissue, usually because the injection wasn’t made at the right place. These problems are temporary, but in rare cases can last until the injection wears off, which may take three or four months.


  1. Allergic reactions

Tell your doctor immediately if you experience dizziness or shortness of breath after receiving the injection. You may also get welts, rashes, or feel itchy near the injection site. Report any allergic reactions to your physician.


  1. Neck or back pain

A few sufferers have reported excruciating neck and/or back pain which lasts until the injection wears off. In rare cases, patients have been unable to return to work because the pain was so severe.

  1. Symptoms of botulism

While it is unlikely, the botox may spread throughout your body and cause botulism-like symptoms. Call your doctor immediately if you notice you’re having vision problems, trouble breathing or swallowing, muscle weakness throughout the body, or if you have trouble controlling your bladder.

To avoid the likelihood of side effects, be sure you go to a respected aesthetic clinic in KL. Always have a doctor perform your botox procedure to minimize the probablility of serious side effects. Skip the procedure if you’re pregnant or think you might be pregnant; doctors haven’t determined the effect of botox on a fetus.

Dr. Chen Tai Ho, an aesthetic doctor, can help you determine whether you’re a good candidate for botox and will guide you through the procedure. Call his aesthetic clinic in KL, or visit his website to learn more about botox.


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