How to Create a Natural Makeup Look Using BB Cream


BB (Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm or Beblesh Balm) cream is a great alternative to traditional foundations, which often appears cakey or thick on the skin and can also clog your pores. BB cream’s light coverage provides natural looking results just perfect for day or evening wear, and since it provides various skin healing benefits including SPF, you can also feel good while wearing it. Both L’oreal and Maybelline in Malaysia make BB Cream in a variety of shades as well as skin types, so anyone can have fun with it!

For your next errand day, lunch date, school meeting or other daytime outing, try this barely there, natural makeup look using BB cream.


Step 1: Flawless Skin

Apply a BB cream to your face using your fingertips, makeup sponge or good makeup brush, for a professional touch. If you need to, apply a thin layer of moisturizer first, and allow it to soak in at least 5 minutes before applying the BB cream.

Begin with a small amount of cream. Gently apply the cream over the face and neck until it is completely covered. Once the cream has absorbed into the skin, apply a small amount to your fingertip or brush, then apply it to creased areas, such as beneath the eyes, for proper coverage. Blend the cream, using your fingertips or brush, in a circular motion, until the cream is evenly distributed.

If you’d like, set the cream using a loose powder or leave it untouched for a dewy finish.


Step 2: Hello, Eyes

A neutral colour eyeshadow naturally brings out the eyes. Using a flat brush, apply a neutral shade, such as taupe, across the lid and into the crease for eyes that naturally pop.

Step 3: Volume-licious Lashes

A bold,black mascara adds definition and volume to the lash line without the use of false lashes. Apply the brush at the base of the lashes and curl the brush outward for voluptuous lashes.

Step 4: Now Flush

A touch of colour added to your cheeks gives you that fresh from the gym glow. Gently dab blush on the cheeks using your third finger. A rose coloured tone works well with most skin tones, however, mix and match shades until you find a shade that’s right for you.

Step 5: Get Your Shine On

A high shine gloss completes your barely there look. Use a neutral tone, such as iced chocolate, for a bronzed goddess look, or add a pop of colour, such as coral, to take the look up a notch.

This is a great look for on the go, and with online shopping, you can find many of the products, including Maybeline in Malaysia, online and at reasonable prices. And since BB cream provides a host of benefits such as moisturizer, anti-aging properties, concealer and filler etc., it eliminates the need for multiple skin products. So for a natural look to your makeup, try BB cream instead!


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