How to Create the Perfect Smoky Eye

The smoky eye: easy to fall in love with and, for many women and teens, nearly impossible to create. Until now, that is. If you are looking for a quick, easy way to create and perfect the smoky eye, you’re in luck. Today is the day you learn how to get the look you’ve always wanted in six simple steps.
Prep: Take off old makeup and get rid of any dirt or oil.
As with any make up style, it is important that you wash your face before beginning. The best way to do this is to use makeup remover Loreal in Malaysia has an excellent make up remover, clean artiste, which even works on waterproof and long lasting makeups) and cotton makeup pads. To prevent dry skin and help you makeup to stay looking perfect for as long as possible, use a small amount of facial moisturize.
After washing and moisturizing your face, apply your usual concealer and/or foundation, making sure to use a thin coat of foundation on your eyelids. This has to be done before any eye makeup can be applied.

Creating the Smoky Eye

Step 1. Apply a cream shadow.
Using an eye shadow brush, cover the area from the top of your eye lashes up to the crease of your eye in a dark grey or black cream eye shadow. This will be your base. It also helps to keep any powdered eye shadow in place longer.
*Tip: If possible, use an eye shadow brush with real hair. Or, if you do not have access to an eye shadow brush, you can use your finger to apply the eye shadow. Just be sure to wash your finger before switching colours.


Step 2. Cover the cream with powder.
Find a powdered eye shadow similar in colour to the cream. Black, dark grey or blue-grey tends to work best.

Step 3. Blend
A blending brush has thinner bristles than the average eye shadow brush. They are used to create an airbrushed effect. If you have one, use the blending brush to blend in the eye shadow at the crease of your eye.
If you are looking for a fantastic blending brush, try Maybelline’s Expert Tools cosmetic brush collection.

Step 4. Highlight
Switching back to your regular eye shadow brush, gently sweep nude coloured powdered eye shadow underneath the arch of your eyebrow.
To make your eyes appear brighter, you can also apply some of the shimmering eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes.

Step 5. Outline
Choose a dark grey, dark blue or black eyeliner. Apply it to your upper lash line and the outer corner of your lower lash line.
Step 6. Finish it off.
Finally, apply 2-3 coats or your favourite black or grey mascara to your upper lashes. If you are going to a more dramatic look, apply the mascara to you lower lashes, as well.

If you are looking to purchase any of the previously mentioned cosmetic products, they can all be found easily through online shopping in Malaysia.

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