How to Take Care of Your Hair

Maintaining your hair is comparatively simple when using the appropriate type of steps. Hair is made of protein, and for that reason, keeping a healthy diet and good hygiene is an important aspect of maintaining luscious locks. At the same time, following are some guidelines for hair care, and the things you can do at home to get beautiful hair.

Washing hair properly

When washing your hair, use a high-quality Elastine perfume shampoo and wash it sparingly. Washing hair too frequently can leave the hair dried out, leached of its natural oils, and might damage your hair. Try to shampoo your hair almost daily or even only two times a week. It is a good idea to use shampoos that do not contain parabens or sulfates. Sulfates are the chemical that make shampoo froth up while parabens are preservatives that cause irritation and eye sickness after prolonged usage. All these chemicals are not healthy for you or the environment so aim using shampoo with natural cleansers.

Drying your hair

After washing your hair, it is advisable to let the hair dry naturally. After you get out of the shower, wrap up your hair in a cotton cloth. Towels are made fabrics that are extremely rough and can damage your hair resulting to frizz and split ends. Evade brushing hair while wet, as it makes the hair weak and brittle. It is recommended to use a broad tooth comb to comb out tangles when the hair is wet.

dry hair
• Do not try to use a blow-dryer. A healthy hair does not respond perfectly to heat. Hair can uphold heat damage easily, particularly the heat from the blow-dryers. If it is a must to use a blow dry, make sure that you use the low temperatures setting and limit the usage to once per week.


• If you wash your hair before you sleep during the night, put your hair up in a bun and allow it to dry overnight. Your hair is supposed to be dry in the morning.

Brushing your hair

Do not brush your hair too much. Brushing your hair is important as it stimulates the follicles that support growth, however, brushing too much frequent will result to the damage to your hair strands causing frizz and split ends. After washing your hair, it is good to make an attempt to use wide toothed comb, or you can use your fingers instead of a brush.


Styling and dyeing your hair

Trimming your hair more often is also important. The perfect means to remove split ends is to do it on your own. You can take some hair shears and attack the split ends the almost ¼ inch above the splitting. Several women with excellent hair do not have split ends since they make it a precedence to trim their hair frequently.

dye hair

Maintaining your general health

Give your hair the appropriate amount of vitamins by eating healthy. For the reason that hair is made of proteins, eat a balanced diet that constitute lean protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. A healthy diet will guarantee a hair that appears and feels better. Getting this kind of food is not a hard task since you can there are several food website where you can do online shopping.

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