I Get Bruises With Botox: Is This Normal?


In the wonderful field of dermatology, the beauty science keeps advancing for the better. While nothing can probably replace the standard face lift, more and more women and men are opting for injectables, because these safe, instant volumizers and wrinkle zappers deliver smooth, younger-looking skin in minutes. This is modern skin care at its finest.


Injectables Non-Invasive, Quick


Injectables involve needles to carry the cosmetic treatment deep into the skin. The procedure is almost painless, except for a couple of ouches here and there. Your highly trained dermatological aesthetic doctor will make sure your face is properly numbed for the treatment. This is not surgery. Instead, results appear instantly, and this injectables concept is perfect for busy women and men on the go.


Bruising Can Occur


When choosing effective anti-aging Botox treatment to halt wrinkles about the eye area and forehead, bruising can sometimes happen. It is normal and one of the possible, minor side effects to using this wrinkle smoother. Any time needles are involved, bruising can occur, no matter how experienced the injector is or how many precautions are taken. There is no magic formula to injecting, and everyone’s skin is different, but the risk for bruising is small.


Treating Mild Bruising


Sometimes, your highly trained dermatological aesthetic doctor will apply some pressure to the area when he or she sees that a bruise is occurring, in order to decrease the possibility of a larger bruise forming. An ice pack may be given following the procedure to place on the injected site. In any case, if a bruise develops following a Botulinum toxin treatment, there is no cause for alarm. The bruise will resolve within a week or so, and in the meantime, a little makeup can cover up its presence.


Most Popular Injection Ever


Although fillers for the face are gaining swiftly in demand, effective anti-aging Botox treatment remains the number one most popular injectable in the United Kingdom, United States, and probably around the world. It delivers youth, instant results, lasts for several months and helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles and present fine lines from getting worse. Make sure you choose a highly trained dermatological aesthetic doctor and then relax. Botulinum toxin treatment is worth the potential of a minor bruise. When you look in the mirror and admire how rested, smooth and more youthful your face now appears, you will be blown away.


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