Important Things you should know about Buttocks Augmentation

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Buttock augmentation refers to a medical procedure that is meant to reshape and enhance the gluteal area. The process gives the person going through it a much the shape they desire to have in their butt area. Shapely buttock is nowadays seen as a symbol of feminity and beauty, thus, making the procedure very famous worldwide. The methods applied in reshaping the gluteal muscles comprises of grafting using the body’s natural fat, or use of buttock implants. Buttock injections using silicone injections are also available, although aesthetic doctor in Malaysia caution that the method could be not safe.

When should you consider buttock augmentation?

• When your buttocks appear too small for your body shape, yet you desire to have a more balanced body look.
• If you desire to have more body curves and a more youthful appearance.
• If your buttocks appear loose, sagging, or flat after going through the aging or weight loss process.
• If your clothes and your swimming costume are not fitting you well.
As mentioned earlier, the most recommended methods used in buttock augmentation include autologous fat transfer and the gluteal implant surgery. The gluteal implant surgery may or may not involve fat addition.

Autologous fat transfer 

The procedure involves the removal of fats from on one body part and utilizes the extracted fat to reshape the gluteal area.
• Liposuction is carried out with the use of suction tubes known as the cannulas. The cannulas will be used to remove the body fats from the part of your body such as the abdomen, thighs or hips.
• The fat is then processed, and then it is reinjected by use of syringes that are connected to the cannulas.
• Typically, three small incisions are used to inject the fat. The incisions are hidden by clothing.
• Grafting of the fat is done in layer. The cannula is moved back and forth ensuring a deposit of fats remain to reshape and augment the butt area.
• Suture are then used to close the liposuction incisions.
• After the procedure, the aesthetic doctor will insert drains, and a compression garment is worn.

Rear view of sporty woman with slim body measuring hips - model posing in studio

Buttock implants 

Buttock implants are most suitable for the treatment of flat buttocks. Patients that have limited fatty tissues are best suited for this procedure. The method is not recommended for the treatment of sagging buttocks that may follow a significant weight loss.
• The process involves the placement of shaped silicone implant through an incision that is located in the buttocks. The aesthetic doctor in Malaysia will provide you with the full details during the consultation process.
• The positioning of the implant is done in a pocket below the gluteus maximus muscle and above the top pelvic bone.
• Closure of the incisions is then done by use of sutures, and drains are inserted, and the patient puts on a compression garment after the surgery.

During your initial consultation with your doctor, you will have the chance to discuss your cosmetic desires. Your aesthetic goals and your health conditions are important during the procedure. Always ensure that you are a good candidate for the proceedings by considering the factors discussed earlier.

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