Intimate Rejuvenations: The Truth About Tightening Surgery

Do you experience pain or soreness during intercourse? Childbirth, age and weight fluctuations can leave the vaginal muscles weakened. You may not notice a change in sensation during sex, but other symptoms can appear. The weak muscles allow air to collect inside the vagina, causing embarrassing noises when the air escapes. Urinating may take longer as the vagina presses on the urethra and wearing tampons may be impossible. You doctor suggested strengthening the pelvic floor, but Kegel exercises did not help. If you’re considering Vaginoplasty, or laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR), these facts may ease your mind.

2-vaginoplastyWhat is Vaginoplasty?

Once, Vaginoplasty only referred to surgical procedures that tighten the vagina. Now, any surgery performed on female genitalia is called Vaginoplasty and can include:


  • Hymenoplasty- Also called revirginization, the surgeon will stitch the hymen so that it behaves more like a virgin hymen. This procedure is controversial in areas with strict religious customs surrounding virginity.


  • G-spot Amplification- A doctor injects collagen into the vagina’s front wall to increase pressure on the G-spot.


  • Labiaplasty- This procedure alters the shape and size of the lips surrounding the vaginal opening.


  • Clitoral Hood Reduction- The surgeon removes the tissue that covers the clitoris.

after-vaginoplastySince there are even more possibilities, you’ll need a doctor who offers consultations detailing which procedures are most appropriate for your condition, any preexisting conditions that may interfere with your surgery, how to prepare for surgery and what to expect during recovery and healing. No matter the type of Vaginoplasty you seek, an aesthetic doctor or plastic surgeon will execute the surgery.

Laser-treatment-of-urinary-incontinence1Modern Doctors Use Lasers

Today’s gynecologists, aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons will often market vaginal rejuvenations as cosmetic procedures. Even so, the surgeries were used in genital reconstruction. In the past, doctors used scalpels and risked causing injuries by clamping blood vessels. However, the advancements that made lasers feasible for general surgery have also made genital surgeries safer. Contemporary laser vaginal surgery involves less healing time, controls bleeding and minimizes post-operative scarring. Technology has made Vaginoplasty almost as popular as the face lift, but misinformation about vaginal surgeries still circulates.

5-1024x512Since people rarely discuss laser Vaginoplasty, myths flourish. One such myth is that sexual intercourse can resume two weeks after surgery. Actual recovery time varies, but most patients must wait six to eight weeks before resuming relations. Another myth? Vaginal rejuvenation is permanent. While rejuvenation is intended to be permanent, another pregnancy and delivery or weight fluctuations will impact your results. Risks include infection, bladder injuries and excessive bleeding, and prices vary depending on your region. Your doctor may order you to stop smoking and avoid aspirin in advance. Afterwards, you and your partner may need to experiment with new positions during intercourse and adjusting to new sensations may take time. However, once you have recovered, your panties and bikini bottoms fit better and you regain your confidence you can enjoy the experiments.


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