8 Lovely Gifts to Impress a Girl on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show some of the most important people in your life that you care for them… and that you are a really good gift shopper!

We do not believe that Valentine’s Day should only be celebrated by couples, so we came up with a bunch of gift options for your better half, as well as your mother, sister, and BFF so that they can look good and feel good about themselves at the end of the day:1

  1. Instant Spa Therapy If flowers, chocolates, and wine have become your default gift “template” on Valentine’s Day, it is about time to make your creative brain work harder. Busy modern women today have a lot on their plates. Single women would work hard to keep up with their career and personal relationship, while the married ones would juggle between their work and family. In such hectic daily routines, no female would say no to a little relaxation haven.

When it is near Valentine’s Day, you can ask when she is available for lunch, then book a reputable spa therapist in town. If you think she will be happier to do it at home, bring the therapist to her place. Make sure you know the details of their services or have tried it yourself so that your loved one does not need to worry about anything.     2

  1. Makeup Kit If you know the gift recipient is crazy about makeup and beauty products, you do not need to hesitate in giving a useful makeup kit for her. There are plenty of options out there, so you want to make sure you have read some reviews and compare several products.

Affordable brands like Sleek makeup can be a good option because it has a wide range of products that one can choose from. For example, Sleek’s “Face The Day” gift set is complete with all makeup must-haves, from eyeshadow palette, mascara, illuminator, to lipstick – for only around USD 26.3

  1. Fancy Brushes It is always a good idea to give a non-essential item that you know the person has always wanted but too expensive to have. Women who love making arts would be motivated to create more artworks with a new set of artistic brushes, while those who love makeup would appreciate a set of makeup brushes for blusher, contouring, lipliner, etc. Choose a good quality brand and wrap them together with a bouquet of roses.4
  2. Glamorous Makeup Case Every girl has an inner diva! That is why girls love to play dress-up all the time. A portable makeup case luggage that is fully equipped with a big mirror and light bulbs would definitely be like a childhood dream come true.5
  3. Fifteen Shades of Red Fifty is too much, but fifteen is still rhyming with the romantic Twilight fan fiction. Lol, you get the idea! Give a surprise to your favorite lady by choosing fifteen shades of red lipsticks from her favorite makeup brand. She would go bananas!6
  4. Edible Lipsticks This idea is still related to lipsticks but it is not for the outer look. These edible lipsticks are specially made as a dessert to complete your dinner menu. Have fun making them with various ingredients – raspberry puree, chocolate, jelly, and so on. You can also give these as a token of appreciation to your BFF.7
  5. Makeover Day This is an idea to make your mom happy on Valentine’s Day. Take her out for a whole day this weekend and let her pick any makeover she wants to have. You can join her for the treatment or just enjoy her company and prepare your wallet.8
  6. “I am Yours” Coupon Chocolates and flowers are overrated as they are too predictable and easy to get. At the end of the day, after a smooth romantic dinner, you can surprise your spouse by giving away this DIY coupon. What comes next is totally up to your imagination.

There are a lot of ways to impress a girl during Valentine’s day. The above ideas should help you get started or just choose one that you think will make her joyful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Why You Need an Aesthetic Doctor to Treat and Get Rid of Your Acne Scars

If you currently reside in Malaysia, you should be aware by now that your skin is more susceptible to acne, pimples, and other forms of blemishes because of the heat and humidity brought by the tropical climate. Acne, in particular, are nasty because they can leave scars that might become permanent if not treated immediately. With that said, it’s highly recommended that if you notice some acne scarring in your skin, you should consult an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia as soon as possible. The earlier you consult with a cosmetic expert, the better chances you have in getting those pesky scars removed.


What causes acne scars?

It’s important that you know the main reasons why acne scars occur. Scarring happens when the dermis layer of the skin gets damaged and doesn’t heal properly. A lot of these damages are due to acne that took a bit more time to heal. When an acne gets inflamed and a lesion develops, the extent of the infection spreads. This means that when it begins to heal, the affected skin is much wider than normal that a visible scar can be seen.


So why is it important to seek an aesthetic doctor?

In the simplest of terms, aesthetic doctors are the most qualified professionals to help you get rid of the scars. This is especially true if the doctor is a well trained and experienced dermatologist. Aesthetic doctors also have the necessary tools and equipment to deal with the scars. There are three common methods used in removing acne scars. These are as follows:

  1. Laser Resurfacing – This is the most common procedure, especially for advanced scars. The laser is applied on the top layer of the damaged skin. This in turn tightens the middle layer which eventually gives the skin a smoother look. The whole procedure usually takes just a few minutes.
  1. Dermabrasion – A spinning diamond instrument or a spinning wire brush is used on the skin to wear off the damaged cells. The idea is that as the skin heals from the abrasion, the new growth of skin cells will make it look smoother. The main drawback of this procedure is that it takes more time for the skin to completely heal. In most cases, healing time usually takes between ten days and three weeks.
  1. Fractional Laser Therapy – This form of laser therapy goes much deeper into the skin compared to dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. What’s great about this procedure is that although it goes deeper into the skin, it doesn’t cause too much pressure on the skin’s upper layers. This means that the healing time is also much faster. However, this procedure has a few side effects. Your skin can feel sunburned or irritated for a few days after the treatment.


Where to find a reliable aesthetic doctor in Malaysia?

There are a lot of dermatology and cosmetic clinics in the country so finding an aesthetic doctor shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, you should make sure that the clinic you choose offers the procedures needed to get rid of acne scars. As discussed earlier, these procedures are laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and fractional laser therapy. It’s also possible that some clinics offer other treatment options on top of these procedures.

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5 Awesome Tips To Consider Before Getting A Laser Tattoo Removal

In this fast-paced world we live in, tattoos have become tremendously mainstream. Thousands of Malaysians admit having a body tattoo, and a whopping 17% of these people dislike and regret those tattoos. If you’re among this group of people and wish to have that disturbing tattoo removed, you’re in luck! With the new and highly advanced innovation in Laser Removal technology, a person can easily get rid of their embarrassing tattoo seamlessly. But before you even think of hiring a specialist, it’s important you know a few precautions to ensure your treatment goes smoothly.

Dr. Klaus Hoffmann entfernt am 31.07.2013 in der Universitäts Klinik Bochum (Nordrhein-Westfalen) mittels eines neuartigen Lasers bei Sascha Hoffmann ein Tattoo auf der Brust. Die Klinik besitzt einen neuen PicoSure Laser mit dem ein spurloses Entfernen von Tattoos möglich ist. Photo by: Marcus Simaitis/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Here are 5 handy tips everyone needs to consider before having their body tattoo removed.

  • Set your expectations. It’s important to know that no tattoo removal is assured to be successful. That’s why you should set your expectations first by speaking with a specialist to clarify the options you may have. Some tattoos fade partially after treatment and may leave behind a ghost image of the former tattoo. The treatment may also cause a permanent and a raised scarring. Ponder whether you’d rather be left with a ghost image or partial tattoo behind than live with a tattoo you hate so much.
  • It’s not cheap. Be sure to dig deep into your wallet. Depending on the color and size of your tattoo, a treatment done by a professional can cost anywhere between $200-$1400 a session. The fee may fluctuate depending on your location, though rarely makes any noticeable difference. Most laser removal tattoo treatments impose a fixed standard structure, which many specialists consult when charging patients.


  • Be aware of potential side effects. Some of the most reported side effects about tattoo removal include darkening or lightening of the skin, scars, burns, infection and so on. The darkening or lightening of the skin usually corrects itself after 6-12 months nevertheless.
  • Expect multiple sessions. One treatment won’t cut it. You’ll have to undergo various treatments for the tattoo to come out successfully. Getting rid of a tattoo is a daunting task. The number of sessions to experience isn’t something that can easily be determined in your first consultation. The average time between sessions is 4-6 weeks. 8 weeks is the most recommended minimum time chosen to go between treatments for patients experiencing any side effects.
  • Ask questions and ask for photos. The therapy is very safe under the surveillance of a highly-qualified laser tattoo removal specialist. Because each person’s skin and tattoos are different, it’s important to ask a few important questions. Upon consultation, ask questions about the potential side effects and health risks you may likely experience. Similarly, ask to see samples of a few before-and-after pictures from other patients with similar tattoos and skin type as yours. Such information can help you set realistic expectations on the outcome of your pending therapy.


You should be careful when you’re about to have your body tattoo removed. Removing a tattoo is a rigorous process, and sometimes it usually harbors a host of problems along when things turn sour. Above are a few handy tips you need to carefully consider before you get that “awful” tattoo removed. Thinking of getting a laser tattoo removal in Malaysia? Make sure the procedure is done by a qualified specialist to ensure the safety precautions of removing your tattoo are in check.

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2017 Beauty Loot: 10 Makeup Trends For Less Than RM50

This New Year, makeover yourself by updating your beauty stash! The makeup trends for 2017’s spring/summer season in Malaysia feature a lot of colors, glitters and shimmers, to bring out your inner radiance! Grab these 10 makeup goodies that are trending at the moment, all of which can be bought for less than RM50:


  1. Green eye shadow Mint green eyes are a popular look at Marc Jacob’s fashion show this year. Simply use your clean fingers or a fluffy brush to apply it. If mint green isn’t your cup of tea, you can also use any shade of green, whether dark or light. Try Missha’s Dual Blending Cushion Shadow.sonpark-highlighter-cube
  2. Petal pink contouring A new contouring technique called ‘Draping’ uses petal pink shade blusher to highlight the cheekbones and eyelids. Try Son & Park’s Highlighter Cube.800897831844_simplynudelipcream_disrobed_swatch_large
  3. Au naturel kit This is the season to look natural! Appear effortless yet feminine with nude liquid lipstick, taupe eye shadow, mauve lipstick, and creamy matte foundation. This look is perfect for family gatherings or any other event that requires you to look more conservative. Try NYX’s Simply Nude Lip Cream.nyx-cosmic-metals-651
  4. Brown glitter lipstick This is a perfect look for Christmas or New Year parties! Wear a chocolate shade, full-on glitter lipstick to grab attention at soirées. Try NYX’s Cosmic Metals Lip Cream.lakme-absolute
  5. Black kohl liner Look edgy at music festivals or indie events with smudgy eyes by applying a gloss over black kohl liner. Try Lakme’s Absolute Kohl.alice4314
  6. Two-tone lipstick Can’t decide on one color? Do both! If crazy shades like teal green or blue are too outrageous for you, try a two-tone lipstick instead to make a statement! Apply a shade of hot pink on your bottom lip, and matte red on your upper lip. Try Beyond’s Two Tone Lipstick.13387_kate-spotlighting-shadow-5-types-to-choose_440_280_1463565802
  7. Shimmery pastel eye shadow Another girlie look for the feminine type, shimmery pastel eye shadows are a mix of gold, chartreuse, aqua, or lavender. Try Kate’s Spotlighting Shadow.22903802_b_v1
  8. Classy shimmer Want to appear mature and sophisticated? Use metallic eye makeup by applying taupe shadow, blend creamy gold pencil on your eyelids, and finish it with red gloss on your lips. Try WLAB’s Pocket Shadow Palette.img_2005
  9. Tangerine eye gloss The sweet oriental look makes you appear traditional but fun! Apply black kohl liner on eyelids and mix it with tangerine-shaded eye gloss. Try Canmake’s Secret Color Eyes.8774_loreal-tint-caresse-09g_250_400_1446803180
  10. Ombre lipstick Another orange-red combo that makes you youthful and sporty! Apply red lip liner and bright orange lipstick. Try L’Oreal’s Tint Caresse.

You can buy makeup online in Malaysia for these beauty goodies. Most online beauty stores here even offer the best deals and bargains that you won’t find at the usual brick-and-mortar stores. If you’re not too sure about some of these trends, try asking for some samples to see whether they suit you.

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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Start Taking Botox Injections This Year

158647-botox-injectionBotox injection has quickly grown into one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Malaysia today. That’s not surprising at all, given the fact that it’s a procedure that has been clinically tested and approved. Below is a quick overview of some of the most important benefits of getting a Botox injection:


  1. It’s a safe treatment procedure with minimal side effects. So far, Botox injections are among the safest cosmetic procedures. You don’t have to worry about bruising or internal bleeding. Not only that, your recovery time is also a lot quicker. In just a few days, all signs of an injection will disappear.


  1. It’s very effective in fixing frown lines and crow’s feet. These are the two most common wrinkles that can go away quickly after an injection. After an injection, the Botox works under the skin and targets the muscle activities that are responsible for the formation of frown lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. The effects of Botox can last for up to four months.


  1. It helps in reducing the occurrences of migraine. Botox injections are also well-known for their role in helping reduce the suffering of people who constantly battle migraine pains. This is because Botox helps in relaxing the facial muscles that are notorious for triggering the onset of migraine attacks. The more relaxed your muscles are, the less headaches you have to go through.


  1. It assists in treating hyperhidrosis. If you are among those who suffer from excessive sweating, then Botox can help you deal with the problem. Botox can be instrumental in preventing excessive perspiration on your skin. You can now go out in the sun without worrying about bathing in your own sweat.


  1. It’s much more convenient and cheaper compared to surgery. It’s more convenient in the sense that a botox injection is fairly painless, and takes just a few minutes to complete. You can visit a clinic, get an injection, and go home in the span of an hour. And of course, the procedure is much friendlier to your wallet compared to surgeries.


When it comes to efficacy, there’s no doubt that a Botox injection will give you a fairer, healthier, and more vibrant facial skin. However, there’s a lot more that you need to know about Botox injection before you decide to get one. Keeping that in mind, it’s advisable that you consult with your doctor if it’s the right option for you.

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Penile Enlargement Surgery: A Fast and Efficient Method to Increase the Size of the Penis

For most men, size is everything, while for many women, a bigger penis means better sexual pleasure. Whether or not you’d agree to these perceptions, one thing is for sure – a small penis can be a source of anxiety for men.  With that being said, a bigger penis can increase a man’s self-esteem because of the better sexual image and performance associated with it. Which is why many men seek medical expertise to enlarge their penis.

The penis has two dimensions that contribute to its size: the length and the girth. Knowing which dimension of your penis needs enhancement is important because these two measurements contribute to the size of the penis differently.


Length Vs Girth 

First and foremost, the length is the measurement of the penis from the base to its tip. It’s basically the height of the penis. On the hand, the girth is the circumference or thickness of the penis. Determining whether a penis is big or small greatly depends on the person’s perception its height or girth.

There are penises that are long but lacks girth, while there are those that are short but quite thick. These differences can spell the difference between sexual pleasure and disappointment for a lot of women. Knowing which dimension your penis needs improvement is essential because there are surgical methods that can enhance the size of the penis caters to a specific dimension.


Types of Surgical Penis Enlargement 

Penis Lengthening Surgery

This surgical procedure will enhance the length of the flaccid penis. This involves cutting of the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone, then performing skin graft at the base of the penis which will add the extra length. This surgery will add an average of 2 cms in length to the flaccid penis while giving no changes to its size when erect.


Penis Widening Surgery 

This is a procedure that involves the increasing the girth or circumference of the penis by injecting fats collected from the other part of the man’s body.


Penile Implant 

This is the most progressive and promising surgical procedure to increase the size of the penis – both its length and girth. It’s done  by inserting an implant into the skin of the penis, which will aid it in extending further when during erection or even just in its flaccid state. This is procedure is an outpatient procedure will not require hospitalization, however, a follow up check up after 3 days is needed. This is the most promising penis enlargement procedure, but it also cost a lot of money.



This procedure is common not just for increasing the size of the penis but also for losing weight. The target of the liposuction the lower abdomen, by removing the fat deposited to that area, the penis will look bigger. The fatty deposits around that area can partly bury the penis, making it look less big that its actual size.


Surgical vs Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

There are various methods that could enlarge the penis which can be categorized into two types: Surgical and Non-Surgical.  The surgical method of enhancing the size of the penis are invasive in nature and would require serious medical attention during its recovery stage. However, it is the most efficient and fastest way to enlarge the penis.

On the other hand, the non-surgical procedure is the safest and economical means to enlarge the penis, because they’re non-invasive. The downside to this, however, is that it requires a religious application or use of a certain product, and it will take some time in order to see results.


Choosing between these two types will simply boil down to the man’s urgency, spending capability, and willingness to go through the inconvenience that comes with the surgery.  While the surgical method proves to be very promising, it’s important to first consider the risks might come with it. Penile Enlargement procedures are available in Kuala Lumpur, simply make sure that the doctor or specialist who will perform it for you is reputable and efficient in this field.

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3 Must-See Professionals Who Can Offer a Hair Loss Solution for You

Because hair is considered one of the make or break features of anyone’s appearance, hair thinning and hair loss can be a serious problem for any individual. Man or woman, no one really wants to have to deal with excessive hair loss. That’s why it’s best to act before it’s too late. Instead of trying to treat the situation on your own, it would be wise to visit a specialist to help you with your hair loss problems.

However, despite the willingness of many people to see a doctor, no one really knows what kind of doctor to visit. Wondering who can offer a hair loss solution for you? Be sure to plan a trip to these three professionals to help your cause.


  1. Primary Physician – You don’t have to think too far when figuring out who can offer a hair loss solution for you. The answer is often much closer than you think. Paying a visit to your primary physician might be more than enough to resolve the matter. Sometimes, hair loss can be caused by factors such as stress or a poor diet. If your physician is able to pinpoint one of these as the reason, a few recommendations such as supplements, vitamins, and changes in your daily practices should be good enough to send you back home. But if your primary physician suspects that there might be a deeper issue, he or she can refer you to another specialist who can help.1_article_0
  2. Dermatologist – Although many seem to believe that dermatologists are only good for conditions concerning the skin, it pays to know that these specialists actually have training for conditions of the skin, nails, and the hair. They offer a wide range of treatments from creams to laser procedures that you might be able to benefit from, which depend on their expert recommendation. Seeing a reputable dermatologist early on in your hair loss can help you get a diagnosis sooner. It’s ideal to act fast because a delayed diagnosis could mean permanent loss.slider-4
  3. Hair Restoration Plastic Surgeon – If the hair loss is too far along and your dermatologist can no longer resolve the matter, they can refer you to a hair restoration plastic surgeon. These professionals are trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to encourage hair growth through hair restoration surgery. Grafts with hair follicles are transplanted to the scalp. These follicles are then closely monitored and cared for to help hair grow for a fuller head of hair.

Knowing who can really offer hair loss solutions for you will make the hair loss experience a little less daunting. Get timely treatment and act fast. Also, be sure to book those appointments as soon as you can.

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How To Apply Facial Serums The Right Way


If you want to upgrade your skincare routine, do consider adding a serum to your lineup. Serums are lightweight moisturizers that contain active ingredients capable of penetrating deep into the skin. If you are trying to address specific problematic spots on your skin like wrinkles and age spots, serums are the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use them.

  1. Give yourself a thorough cleansing. This is especially important if you wear heavy makeup all day. Use an effective makeup remover before washing your face with a cleanser. Cold water can close up the pores and block the serum from penetrating your skin. Use lukewarm warm instead.
  2. Apply the serum while the skin is still damp. This is because damp skin is more absorbent. Apply 1 drop of the serum on your forehead, nose, chin and on each check. Use two fingertips to gently spread the serum all over your face then use your open palms to lightly tap the areas to promote better absorption.
  3. Wait for five minutes. Allow the serum to fully penetrate your skin before applying your regular moisturizer. Make sure that you apply serums first before moisturizing.


More Tips            

  • Serums are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way.
  • If the serums leave your skin feeling sticky or oily, it might be an indication that the serum is not well-formulated. Good quality serums have fast absorption rates.
  • Instead of washing with lukewarm water, you can also apply a damp, hot towel on your face after cleansing to help open up the pores and prepare it for the serum application.

Upgrade Your Skincare Routine Today

Serums are probably the unsung champions of skincare. They are great if you’re trying to address specific problematic spots. Are you ready to experience what serums can do for you? You can buy Klairs skincare in Malaysia here and be amazed by its life-changing benefits.

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Zumba Fitness 101: The How, Why, Where, and Whats

Zumba, otherwise known as Zumba Fitness, is a group fitness program that
was created by choreographer, Alberto Perez. Since its establishment in the 1990’s, this dance fueled workout has garnered a vast amount of attention and has become popularly used as a means of effective exercise for many.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a full body workout that involves a collaboration of modern dance moves that are easy to implement and fun to do. Set to upbeat music and usually employed during group sessions, this workout makes you sweat, burns calories, and helps you to become a better you. Each workout can vary according to different moves, but the principle is the same. Zumba’s main basis is for people to dance their way to better health.

Why is Zumba So Popular?

There is viable reason that Zumba has become so mainstream and popular. Most of all, it is plain fun and stands far apart from workouts that entail very boring methods of cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercise. You cannot really tell you are working your body out, because you enjoy doing it so much. It takes the boredom out of exercise and enables you to keep moving, grooving, and pushing your body to the limits.

How Can Zumba Help You to Become More Fit?

Zumba is based on movements that impact your entire body. From performing core exercises, improving your cardiovascular health, burning calories and fat, and also working all of your muscle groups, this type of exercise regimen assists you in attaining a full-body workout packed with everything you need to be fit.

Where Can You Take a Zumba Class?

Zumba classes are offered everywhere these days. If you are interested in trying it out, we are certain you will love it! The best way to find out where you can take a class is to look online at your local gyms, recreation centers, senior centers, clubs, and other places that offer exercise classes.

You can also purchase special DVD’s that can be used at home, if you prefer not to workout in a group setting.

Additionally, you can find Zumba videos and pursue other types of information on the program that can educate you further on “out of the box” ways you can take in a Zumba workout through performing a search online.


Zumba Fitness: Bottom Line
Once only available in limited locations which offered classes, Zumba has now reached epic proportions and is available to almost everyone at their local gym or health club. It has now rapidly become one of the most popular workouts of this generation.

Additionally, there are now Zumba videos and a new Zumba video game that individuals can partake in to help them to meet and exceed their health, weight loss, and fitness goals.


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3 Reasons for Hair Loss That People Should Be Concerned About

It is natural for people to experience daily hair loss. Strands of hair that fall off when you shampoo you or brush your hair is considered normal. What isn’t is when clumps of hair fall off at one time. When this happens, you will also notice that the hair on your crown becomes thinner and your scalp becomes more visible.


You’re probably wondering what caused the hair loss and what possible treatment options are there. Here are 3 reasons for hair loss that you should look at:

  1. Stressstress-causing-hair-loss

Stress-related hair loss is common among women. A phenomenon called telogen effluvium happens when a woman goes through periods of extreme stress – pregnancy, surgery or drastic weight loss – causing them to shed copious amounts of hair. Doctors take notice of small, club-shaped bulbs on the hair roots, an indicator that stress has caused the hair cycle to speed up much faster than normal. Telogen effluvium can also be brought about by new medication. The best course of treatment would be to lower the dosage of the new medication, reduce anxiety, and just wait for the stress to eventually ride out.


  1. Bad Geneshair-loss-inherited-from-family

Some people were just born with a thick head or hair, while others inherited the gene that makes them lose hair. Androgenic alopecia is a hereditary condition that can start appearing in your 20s. It can either be dispersed or concentrated on a particular area. This means that you can lose hair on top of your head, or you can experience hair loss in different areas, causing patches of bald spots. Alopecia in women can be treated with the topical application of minoxidil. Men, on the other hand, are given an oral drug called finasteride.


  1. Thyroid Problemshair-loss-a-symptom-of-thyroid-problems

Your doctor will have you undergo blood tests to determine if your hair loss is caused by a thyroid problem. According to research, more women suffer from thyroid problems which affect their metabolism and moods. Both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid conditions can lead to hair loss. The good news is that it is easily treated with oral medication.

Hair loss is not something to be taken lightly. Aside from aesthetic reasons, having too much of your hair falling out is usually a symptom of a deeper problem. If you’re worried about hair loss, go see a doctor to find out the real reason.

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