3 Must-See Professionals Who Can Offer a Hair Loss Solution for You

Because hair is considered one of the make or break features of anyone’s appearance, hair thinning and hair loss can be a serious problem for any individual. Man or woman, no one really wants to have to deal with excessive hair loss. That’s why it’s best to act before it’s too late. Instead of trying to treat the situation on your own, it would be wise to visit a specialist to help you with your hair loss problems.

However, despite the willingness of many people to see a doctor, no one really knows what kind of doctor to visit. Wondering who can offer a hair loss solution for you? Be sure to plan a trip to these three professionals to help your cause.


  1. Primary Physician – You don’t have to think too far when figuring out who can offer a hair loss solution for you. The answer is often much closer than you think. Paying a visit to your primary physician might be more than enough to resolve the matter. Sometimes, hair loss can be caused by factors such as stress or a poor diet. If your physician is able to pinpoint one of these as the reason, a few recommendations such as supplements, vitamins, and changes in your daily practices should be good enough to send you back home. But if your primary physician suspects that there might be a deeper issue, he or she can refer you to another specialist who can help.1_article_0
  2. Dermatologist – Although many seem to believe that dermatologists are only good for conditions concerning the skin, it pays to know that these specialists actually have training for conditions of the skin, nails, and the hair. They offer a wide range of treatments from creams to laser procedures that you might be able to benefit from, which depend on their expert recommendation. Seeing a reputable dermatologist early on in your hair loss can help you get a diagnosis sooner. It’s ideal to act fast because a delayed diagnosis could mean permanent loss.slider-4
  3. Hair Restoration Plastic Surgeon – If the hair loss is too far along and your dermatologist can no longer resolve the matter, they can refer you to a hair restoration plastic surgeon. These professionals are trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to encourage hair growth through hair restoration surgery. Grafts with hair follicles are transplanted to the scalp. These follicles are then closely monitored and cared for to help hair grow for a fuller head of hair.

Knowing who can really offer hair loss solutions for you will make the hair loss experience a little less daunting. Get timely treatment and act fast. Also, be sure to book those appointments as soon as you can.

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How To Apply Facial Serums The Right Way


If you want to upgrade your skincare routine, do consider adding a serum to your lineup. Serums are lightweight moisturizers that contain active ingredients capable of penetrating deep into the skin. If you are trying to address specific problematic spots on your skin like wrinkles and age spots, serums are the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use them.

  1. Give yourself a thorough cleansing. This is especially important if you wear heavy makeup all day. Use an effective makeup remover before washing your face with a cleanser. Cold water can close up the pores and block the serum from penetrating your skin. Use lukewarm warm instead.
  2. Apply the serum while the skin is still damp. This is because damp skin is more absorbent. Apply 1 drop of the serum on your forehead, nose, chin and on each check. Use two fingertips to gently spread the serum all over your face then use your open palms to lightly tap the areas to promote better absorption.
  3. Wait for five minutes. Allow the serum to fully penetrate your skin before applying your regular moisturizer. Make sure that you apply serums first before moisturizing.


More Tips            

  • Serums are highly concentrated. A little goes a long way.
  • If the serums leave your skin feeling sticky or oily, it might be an indication that the serum is not well-formulated. Good quality serums have fast absorption rates.
  • Instead of washing with lukewarm water, you can also apply a damp, hot towel on your face after cleansing to help open up the pores and prepare it for the serum application.

Upgrade Your Skincare Routine Today

Serums are probably the unsung champions of skincare. They are great if you’re trying to address specific problematic spots. Are you ready to experience what serums can do for you? You can buy Klairs skincare in Malaysia here and be amazed by its life-changing benefits.

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Zumba Fitness 101: The How, Why, Where, and Whats

Zumba, otherwise known as Zumba Fitness, is a group fitness program that
was created by choreographer, Alberto Perez. Since its establishment in the 1990’s, this dance fueled workout has garnered a vast amount of attention and has become popularly used as a means of effective exercise for many.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a full body workout that involves a collaboration of modern dance moves that are easy to implement and fun to do. Set to upbeat music and usually employed during group sessions, this workout makes you sweat, burns calories, and helps you to become a better you. Each workout can vary according to different moves, but the principle is the same. Zumba’s main basis is for people to dance their way to better health.

Why is Zumba So Popular?

There is viable reason that Zumba has become so mainstream and popular. Most of all, it is plain fun and stands far apart from workouts that entail very boring methods of cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercise. You cannot really tell you are working your body out, because you enjoy doing it so much. It takes the boredom out of exercise and enables you to keep moving, grooving, and pushing your body to the limits.

How Can Zumba Help You to Become More Fit?

Zumba is based on movements that impact your entire body. From performing core exercises, improving your cardiovascular health, burning calories and fat, and also working all of your muscle groups, this type of exercise regimen assists you in attaining a full-body workout packed with everything you need to be fit.

Where Can You Take a Zumba Class?

Zumba classes are offered everywhere these days. If you are interested in trying it out, we are certain you will love it! The best way to find out where you can take a class is to look online at your local gyms, recreation centers, senior centers, clubs, and other places that offer exercise classes.

You can also purchase special DVD’s that can be used at home, if you prefer not to workout in a group setting.

Additionally, you can find Zumba videos and pursue other types of information on the program that can educate you further on “out of the box” ways you can take in a Zumba workout through performing a search online.


Zumba Fitness: Bottom Line
Once only available in limited locations which offered classes, Zumba has now reached epic proportions and is available to almost everyone at their local gym or health club. It has now rapidly become one of the most popular workouts of this generation.

Additionally, there are now Zumba videos and a new Zumba video game that individuals can partake in to help them to meet and exceed their health, weight loss, and fitness goals.


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3 Reasons Why Zumba is Great for Fitness

Zumba is an upbeat, Latin-inspired exercise that makes use of dance workouts. It is a fun, group activity that is usually conducted inside gyms, fitness centres, or parks and stadiums. Since it became very popular, fitness experts have begun recommending Zumba for fitness to people who are looking for an alternative means to doing aerobic exercise.

Here are three reasons why Zumba is a great workout:


  1. Great Calorie Burning Exercise

zumbaZumba classes typically run for 60 minutes and are broken into several dance routines. The choreography varies depending on the fitness levels of the attendees, but it is usually a combination of medium to high-intensity routines.

On average, a person can burn 369 calories by doing an hour of Zumba fitness classes. It is also a total body workout that burns fat, strengthens your abs and back, and improves your coordination.


  1. Works for Any Fitness Level

5-all-agesThe good thing about Zumba is that it welcomes people of different fitness levels. Young students who are into dancing will find it easy to be part of a class with adults and even seniors. You can get an intense workout depending on how hard you work on each routine. If you want a high-intensity session, you can go all out on the jumps, kicks, and swings.

On the other hand, if you’re a senior who just wants to dance, you can skip the moves which appear difficult or complicated. You still get a good cardiovascular workout by following the movements that you can execute.


  1. Zumba is Fun

z2While spinning or boxing may not be ideal for people with medical problems, Zumba classes are good for those who are just returning to the fitness track. While increasing a person’s energy levels, Zumba is also fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed with friends.

It is easy to find a find a fitness centre that holds regular Zumba classes. You can check online or inquire at the gym nearest you. For people who want to lose weight, it is advisable to modify your diet and intake of carbohydrates while you exercise. This is the safest and most sustainable way to get back in shape.

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3 Reasons for Hair Loss That People Should Be Concerned About

It is natural for people to experience daily hair loss. Strands of hair that fall off when you shampoo you or brush your hair is considered normal. What isn’t is when clumps of hair fall off at one time. When this happens, you will also notice that the hair on your crown becomes thinner and your scalp becomes more visible.


You’re probably wondering what caused the hair loss and what possible treatment options are there. Here are 3 reasons for hair loss that you should look at:

  1. Stressstress-causing-hair-loss

Stress-related hair loss is common among women. A phenomenon called telogen effluvium happens when a woman goes through periods of extreme stress – pregnancy, surgery or drastic weight loss – causing them to shed copious amounts of hair. Doctors take notice of small, club-shaped bulbs on the hair roots, an indicator that stress has caused the hair cycle to speed up much faster than normal. Telogen effluvium can also be brought about by new medication. The best course of treatment would be to lower the dosage of the new medication, reduce anxiety, and just wait for the stress to eventually ride out.


  1. Bad Geneshair-loss-inherited-from-family

Some people were just born with a thick head or hair, while others inherited the gene that makes them lose hair. Androgenic alopecia is a hereditary condition that can start appearing in your 20s. It can either be dispersed or concentrated on a particular area. This means that you can lose hair on top of your head, or you can experience hair loss in different areas, causing patches of bald spots. Alopecia in women can be treated with the topical application of minoxidil. Men, on the other hand, are given an oral drug called finasteride.


  1. Thyroid Problemshair-loss-a-symptom-of-thyroid-problems

Your doctor will have you undergo blood tests to determine if your hair loss is caused by a thyroid problem. According to research, more women suffer from thyroid problems which affect their metabolism and moods. Both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid conditions can lead to hair loss. The good news is that it is easily treated with oral medication.

Hair loss is not something to be taken lightly. Aside from aesthetic reasons, having too much of your hair falling out is usually a symptom of a deeper problem. If you’re worried about hair loss, go see a doctor to find out the real reason.

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Top 4 Slimming Treatments in Malaysia


It’s not only celebrities and top professionals who are after having a good-looking physique. Women from all walks of life aspire to have curves in the right places as well. Looking good boosts their self-confidence and also improves people’s perception of them.  This is one of the reasons why there are more and more slimming centres in Malaysia and the rest of the world.

Technological advancements have opened doors for different kinds of slimming treatments. These work fast, are painless, and are quite reasonably-priced. Here are some slimming treatments that you can check out:1

  1. Pro-freeze: slimming treatment for stubborn fat

It is normal to have excess fats stored in your body. However, there are fats that are considered stubborn and deep-seated. These fats do not melt away even with diet and exercise. Freezing fat, however, selectively addresses specific areas that are covered with stubborn deposits. Fats that are exposed to cold temperatures will become frozen. Once they are frozen, they eventually die. Dead fat cells are then naturally excreted from the body through the normal metabolic process. The pro-freeze procedure is considered safe, effective and non-invasive.2

  1. Seaweed wrap

This slimming option may seem unpleasant for some because of its slippery and slimy nature. Seaweed, however, contains some powerful ingredients that can improve the skin’s appearance and help people lose unwanted fat. The Seaweed wrap is usually combined with hot water, essential oils and clay. When the mixture is formed into a thick paste then spread over your body. This method also detoxifies the system and helps in the release of impurities like toxins and fat deposits.3

  1. Cellulaze

Cellulite is just excess fat and a thin dermis. It is caused by both internal and external factors which include genetics, hormones, diet, clothing and lifestyle. Laser treatment for cellulite are highly recommended to treat enlarged fat cells, thin skin and brittle and inflexible fibrous septae.

After the treatment cycles have been completed, patients are recommended to start an exercise regimen and eat healthier to keep cellulite from coming back.4

  1. Weight Loss Pills

Prescription Duromine pills are legal and is given by a physician to a patient who needs help losing weight. Duromine comes in a capsule form and is known treating obesity in the most extreme forms. They are available in 15, 30 and 40 mg tablets. The main ingredient of this pill is Phentermine, which is a very reliable appetite suppressant. This is beneficial to patients who cannot control how much they eat or are always craving for carbohydrates and sweets. This compound is said to make you feel full after intake.

Remember to consult a doctor before taking weight loss pills. It’s in your best interest to know how much to take and how long you should be taking it for. Your doctor will also record how much weight you have lost and monitor your vital systems during the period.

Like many other slimming treatments available, the most important thing to do is to study and review all treatments offered to you. It is best that you understand the procedures and the results that you could get from them. Take time to study all the pros and cons.

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5 Common Questions on Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment, Answered


Fractional CO2 laser treatment is the latest in anti-aging and skin improvement treatments. It is currently gaining popularity due to its delivery of striking results on eliminating scars, discoloration, and wrinkles.    To know more about this treatment, here are the explanations to the most common questions about the fractional CO2 laser.




  1. How does it work? This treatment uses a carbon dioxide laser to assist in skin resurfacing. Essentially, this means that the old or outermost skin layer is removed or vaporized. After the outer skin is removed, new, younger-looking skin is revealed, without any dark spots or blemishes. It has the same results as chemical peel treatments and other dermal abrasion techniques. Other than skin resurfacing, this treatment also has a mild skin-tightening effect that eliminates wrinkles.fractional-co2-laser-treatment-ongoing
  2. What are the effects of fractional CO2 laser treatment? The results of this treatment vary from person to person, although most patients experience significant and noticeable improvement a few days after the treatment. Fractional CO2 laser is highly effective for freckles, dark spots, irregularities in texture, and skin laxity. Immediately after the treatment, expect that the area of the skin that underwent treatment would be pinkish or red from the rest of the skin. The skin will continue to heal and improve for the next six months and in some cases, the complete range of effects are not noticeable until 9 months after the treatment.
  3. How does it differ from other laser skin treatments? Compared with other treatments such as Fraxel Restore that also use a laser to eliminate wrinkles, CO2 lasers are more effective because they can penetrate the deeper layer of the skin. This also means that carbon dioxide lasers can eliminate deep wrinkles and severe acne scarring.fractional-co2-laser-treatment-can-penetrate-the-deeper-layer-of-the-skin
  4. Are there any side effects? The most common side effect of fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is redness and swelling for 1-2 days. After each session, patients are advised to follow a post-treatment procedure, such as taking pain medications, to deal with this side effect.
  5. How much does it cost? If you want to try fractional CO2 laser in Malaysia today, it would cost you less than a thousand ringgits. Patients opt for this procedure due to the number of benefits such as lasting for only 2-3 sessions, with 4-5 of downtime to allow the skin to heal.paying-for-service-after-fractional-co2-laser-treatment

Fractional CO2 laser treatments are very effective in making the skin firmer, healthier, and younger. This skin rejuvenating technique is best for wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes.

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Why Drinking From A Water Ioniser Is Beneficial For Your Health



If you’re thinking of changing your lifestyle, start with drinking clean and healthy water. Instead of relying on the usual tap water or spending money on bottled water supplies on a frequent basis, invest in a water ionizer for long-term benefit. What does a water ionizer do?

A home water ionizer basically conditions and filters water with electrolysis. The system produces electrically charged or ionized water which contains various chemical properties compared to tap water.

In other words, a water ionizer for your household protects you and your family’s health by filtering the water. The water produced by the system has health benefits not only for human but also animals. The water that you use to cook and drink is now free from any toxic ingredients as it has been properly conditioned, making it safe to consume.


These are the main reasons why drinking from a water ionizer is beneficial for your health:


  • Promotes proper hydration

After the water has been ionized, it changes the molecules to become smaller, allowing the body to absorb it better. Your body will get the proper hydration it needs, and you’ll be able to recover from fatigue much faster with the processed water.




  • Cleanses the liver

Ionized water has the ability to increase antioxidant levels that can protect your liver. Your liver will also be able to work more efficiently as the levels increase.




  • Encourages weight loss

Ionized water encourages the loss of body weight as it helps the body to get rid of stored fatty acids. Since drinking water can naturally suppress your appetite, drinking ionized water will give you the extra boost you need to metabolise body fat.




  • Lowers cholesterol level

In addition to helping you lose weight, your ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) to bad cholesterol (LDL) will also be increased by drinking ionized water, making you much healthier and lighter in weight.


There are plenty of water ionizer products that you can either purchase online or at the department stores. These products come in various price range and packages depending on your budget and personal needs.

Before you buy a water ionizer for your home, make sure you ask these things:

can the product perform a self-cleaning?

Is it low maintenance?

Does it regulate incoming water pressure properly?

A high-quality home water ionizer should be easy to maintain and requires less cleaning and regular maintenance. The product should also be able to perform at different water pressure to make your life easier.

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Juice your way to a healthier lifestyle


It’s not new to us that fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need to keep working smoothly. Living a healthy life means you have to eat healthily everyday. Luckily, even with today’s hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, you can do this easily by drinking your fruits and vegetables.

The first thing to do is to buy a juice extractor or the machine that makes getting the juice from fruits and vegetables a piece of cake. If you scout appliance stores or online shops, the small ones just cost less than RM 100. But, the bigger and more durable ones, which cost between RM 500 to RM 700, are better when it comes to quality.

When you already scored yourself a juice extractor, it’s time to get blending.

Here are some of the best combinations that will surely give you your fill of nutrients in a cup.


A swig of iron in a blend  

This recipe will not only give you the right amount of iron, it’s also packed with vitamin K, which is essential for blood and bone health.

Ingredients: Kale, green grapes, and cucumber



For that younger-looking skin 

This recipe fights aging and gives you a dose of vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Ingredients: Pears, apple, and cherries



Berry power  

A mixed of berries in a cup is good for an antioxidant boost and anti-aging benefits.

Ingredients: Blueberries, strawberries, and mangoes



Refuel and replenish  

This recipe will help your muscles recover from strenuous activities. It will also balance your electrolytes to get you more hydrated.

Ingredients: Oranges, almonds, apple, and sweet potato



A good detox won’t hurt 

Keep your digestive tract up and running smoothly with this recipe.

Ingredients: Ginger, beet, carrots, and apple


These recipes are just recommended combinations, but you are always free to get creative and combine favorite fruits and veggies into the juice extractor. Drinking blended fruits and vegetables also makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients because it goes straight down to the bloodstream.

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A Beauty Essential Guide–Why Buttock Augmentation Is The New Normal!


Also known as butt implants or the Brazilian butt, buttock augmentation is simply a procedure that involves much of reshaping and enhancing another person’s buttocks structure, giving it a shapelier and more appealing buttock profile. Nowadays, this procedure has grown much in popularity worldwide, in fact, many people are seeing this trend as a symbol of expressing their femininity and sensuality even more. Even though many people choose to have a butt implant for aesthetic purposes–sure, this technique is particularly very cool for those looking to improve tone, contour, and further grow the size of their buttocks in order to acquire a more appealing and sensual silhouette. All the same, butt implants can be done using fat transfer, butt lift, butt implant tissues—or through a combination of all these procedures altogether. Though the most frequent technique for enlarging and reshaping the buttocks is the Autologous Fat Transfer, which uses your very own fatty tissue (the Brazilian butt lift), to build the layout of your buttocks.

Benefits of Butt Augmentation

  1. Fixes sagging. Many times, age and weight loss can lead to excess sagging skin. Luckily, butt implants usually hold and tighten the gluteal area together, for a more striking backside and a dashing swimsuit fit.
  2. More balanced look. A flat butt and one that is a bit small than usual, often relay an unbalanced look on people. Butt implants are thus an invaluable tool because they create more uplifted, beautiful buttock curves that give your body a more proportional body posterior.
  3. Confidence. Many times, people appear to feel better and much secure about themselves when they are confident about their body’s image in public, and this is the kind of huge transformation a butt implant does for your body’s image. It boosts your confidence more!


How a Butt Augmentation Procedure is Performed

First of all, the most trending procedures for butt augmentation is Autologous Fat Transfer (the Brazilian butt lift), which uses your very own body fatty tissue. Another procedure, also with great demand is the gluteal implant surgery, which may be done either with or without any fat transfer for effective shaping and curving.


  1. A) Brazilian Butt Procedure

This technique involves taking layers of fat from one part of your body in order to augment and shape the structure of your butt.

– Suction tubes together with a liposuction are used to get rid of fatty tissue from areas around your body with excess fat deposit like the hips, thighs, back, and the abdomen

– Fat is processed and transfer is started

– Fat is injected into the buttocks area connected with cannulas. At least 3 small cuts are required for passing the fat through effectively, although these incision areas are easily hid or covered by clothing

– Fat is spliced in layers at different levels, and the cannula constantly monitors the area being treated to ensure a crisp, linear layer of fatty tissue is acquired, enough to augment and reshape the butt area

– The liposuction cuts are fixed together with stitches

– And finally, drains are fixed and a compression clothing is worn after surgery


  1. B) Butt Implants Procedure

Many times, butt implants are usually effective for treating flat and poorly structured buttocks, especially for patients with limited or small fatty tissue deposits. Though it’s worth knowing, butt implants are not so effective for treating too loose or saggy buttocks, like those who may have acquired potential weight loss nevertheless.

– A soft, silicon shape-like material is fixed through a cut, which is hid inside the buttock crease area—and sometimes, another alternate used may be used altogether. Sure, your surgeon should share with you more information regarding these  cut location areas upon consultation

–  Afterwards, the implant tissue is placed in a small sack below within the pelvic bone and the big buttock muscle area

– And lastly, the cuts are joined together with stitches, drains are fixed, and a compression clothing is worn after surgery


How You Should Prepare for Your Butt Augmentation Procedure

Many times, the plastic surgeon usually provides people with all the necessary instructions and answers all questions they may have, regarding their butt implant procedure. But first, he or she will take a few details about a patient’s medical background and do a physical check-up to determine whether they’re fit for surgery or not. After everything is through, the surgeon might ask his or her patient to:

– Stop smoking for at least 6 weeks before starting any surgery to enhance their chance of effective healing

–  Stop taking any drugs, such as herbal and various anti-inflammatory drugs, which can more likely cause severe bleeding

– Drink plenty of fluids, as staying hydrated is crucial before and after operation for quick recovery

– Find someone to take them home after operation. It would even be much better, if that person could at least take care of them that same night after surgery


Some of the Risks Involved

Even though severe complications arising from butt augmentation are quite rare, we all know almost all surgical treatments have some level of risk. Consequently your surgeon should inform you about some of the risks that can likely occur after surgery. Below are a few every patient should know about:

– Fat absorption, sometimes this may rise up to 40% and may cause asymmetry, which makes the procedure quite difficult to predict and perform because a great deal of the  procedure may require more fat grafting sessions over time, to draw the desired result

– Implant slippage, which often causes asymmetry

– Any reported complications and frequent changes in shape may require further surgery


A tip: All the same, the best way to minimise and avoid certain risks is by following all the instructions and advice given by your aesthetic plastic surgeon, both before and after the butt augmentation surgery is done. Also, even though the procedure plays a significant role in shaping and enhancing the look of your buttocks, it’s important to make drastic lifestyle changes to fully maintain the overall appearance of your new look and shape. Consequently a healthy balanced diet and frequent exercise should be scheduled in your daily routine to maintain your new look. More so, the end results acquired following surgery are long-lasting and, like other tissues  around your body,  the fat tissue added to your butt usually grow and age with you till the end of time!

Do you long to have a bigger and shapelier butt? Or rather, have you tried gaining or losing weight, but no matter how hard you try no exercise appears to work?  Don’t worry. As you may have found, Butt augmentations are still going strong in many parts around the world. In fact, many people have found butt implants to be an excellent way to contour and reshape their buttocks–this allows them to enhance and express more of their beauty, feel good about themselves, and grow their confidence in public even more—something that seemed impossible to many in the past. All the same, should you consider having a buttock augmentation anytime soon, around Kuala Lumpur you will find an array of highly professional and board-certified plastic surgeon dedicated to give you an outstanding butt augmentation enhancement that is second to none. After the procedure is successfully done, within a few months you will no-doubt enjoy a new you and feel gorgeous, super-sexy and more confident every day!


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