Penile Enlargement Surgery: A Fast and Efficient Method to Increase the Size of the Penis

For most men, size is everything, while for many women, a bigger penis means better sexual pleasure. Whether or not you’d agree to these perceptions, one thing is for sure – a small penis can be a source of anxiety for men.  With that being said, a bigger penis can increase a man’s self-esteem because of the better sexual image and performance associated with it. Which is why many men seek medical expertise to enlarge their penis.

The penis has two dimensions that contribute to its size: the length and the girth. Knowing which dimension of your penis needs enhancement is important because these two measurements contribute to the size of the penis differently.


Length Vs Girth 

First and foremost, the length is the measurement of the penis from the base to its tip. It’s basically the height of the penis. On the hand, the girth is the circumference or thickness of the penis. Determining whether a penis is big or small greatly depends on the person’s perception its height or girth.

There are penises that are long but lacks girth, while there are those that are short but quite thick. These differences can spell the difference between sexual pleasure and disappointment for a lot of women. Knowing which dimension your penis needs improvement is essential because there are surgical methods that can enhance the size of the penis caters to a specific dimension.


Types of Surgical Penis Enlargement 

Penis Lengthening Surgery

This surgical procedure will enhance the length of the flaccid penis. This involves cutting of the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone, then performing skin graft at the base of the penis which will add the extra length. This surgery will add an average of 2 cms in length to the flaccid penis while giving no changes to its size when erect.


Penis Widening Surgery 

This is a procedure that involves the increasing the girth or circumference of the penis by injecting fats collected from the other part of the man’s body.


Penile Implant 

This is the most progressive and promising surgical procedure to increase the size of the penis – both its length and girth. It’s done  by inserting an implant into the skin of the penis, which will aid it in extending further when during erection or even just in its flaccid state. This is procedure is an outpatient procedure will not require hospitalization, however, a follow up check up after 3 days is needed. This is the most promising penis enlargement procedure, but it also cost a lot of money.



This procedure is common not just for increasing the size of the penis but also for losing weight. The target of the liposuction the lower abdomen, by removing the fat deposited to that area, the penis will look bigger. The fatty deposits around that area can partly bury the penis, making it look less big that its actual size.


Surgical vs Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

There are various methods that could enlarge the penis which can be categorized into two types: Surgical and Non-Surgical.  The surgical method of enhancing the size of the penis are invasive in nature and would require serious medical attention during its recovery stage. However, it is the most efficient and fastest way to enlarge the penis.

On the other hand, the non-surgical procedure is the safest and economical means to enlarge the penis, because they’re non-invasive. The downside to this, however, is that it requires a religious application or use of a certain product, and it will take some time in order to see results.


Choosing between these two types will simply boil down to the man’s urgency, spending capability, and willingness to go through the inconvenience that comes with the surgery.  While the surgical method proves to be very promising, it’s important to first consider the risks might come with it. Penile Enlargement procedures are available in Kuala Lumpur, simply make sure that the doctor or specialist who will perform it for you is reputable and efficient in this field.

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