Reverse Hair Loss With Vitamins

If you are one of the many men or women that is affected by hair loss, you will be relieved to know that there are many solutions. Instead of immediately jumping to hair transplant surgeries, you may want to first consider taking vitamins and supplements. Many types of hair loss can actually be caused by vitamin deficiencies, but even other types of hair loss can be reversed with the right supplements.


Why Does Vitamin Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?
Vitamins are an essential part of your body’s processes. Your hair may be built primarily of protein, but your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to keep your hair healthy. Vitamin D is essential for creating new follicles so that hair can grow, and many people are lacking in vitamin D. Many of the B vitamins are used to make hair stronger, so if you do not get enough, your hair may become brittle and break off easily. Having vitamin deficiencies can result in telogen effluvium, which is a treatable cause of hair loss that occurs when growing hairs are pushed into the resting stage of the growth cycle before their time.


Improving Your Diet


Improve Your Hair by Improving Your Diet
If your hair loss is due to vitamin deficiencies, changing your diet can bring about a lot of change. For example, many people do not get enough Vitamin D because they try to stay out of the sun. However, by eating a diet high in fish and mushrooms, you can get enough vitamin D to prevent any future hair loss. Whole grains, dark leafy greens, eggs, soybeans, and avocados are all great sources of B vitamins that are also essential to hair growth. Other important minerals for healthy hair include iron, selenium, magnesium, and copper, which can be found in lean meats, soybeans, lentils, and pumpkin seeds.


How to Reverse Hair Loss


Take Vitamin Supplements to Promote Hair Growth

It can be difficult to ensure that you are getting all of the vitamins that you need through diet alone. Taking a daily multivitamin will at least ensure that you get the minimum required vitamins, in order to prevent any hair damaging vitamin deficiencies. There are also many supplements designed specifically for hair loss that contain high levels of the vitamins that make hair strong and healthy. Getting right vitamins for hair helps you prevent hair loss and make your hair grow better.


How Biotin Supplements Can Help With Hair Loss
Biotin, also called vitamin H or vitamin B7 is an important compound that helps to metabolize nutrients and create amino acids. Biotin is essential to the healthy growth of hair and nails. It is recommended that adults get at least 100-200 mcg of biotin each day. Some research shows that taking supplements to increase biotin levels can halt and even reverse hair loss.

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