Some Tips On How To Handle Hair Loss For Both Men And Women Who Live In Malaysia


Every person is different. Some like to handle hair loss by going to an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia. Other resort to an expensive hair loss treatment, resulting in hundreds of dollars on products. As we mentioned, everyone is different.

In most cases, you really don’t have to resort to the above scenarios to help manage and/or prevent hair loss. Below you will find a few basic tips and/or guidelines. Most of them don’t actually involve spending hundreds of dollars to cover up what is already starting to fade.

1)Take some of the natural oils that are around your home or apartment. Things like coconut and olive oil work just fine. Heat them up, but don’t make it too hot. Massage the oil into your scalp. Place a shower cap over your head and leave it there for an hour. After the full hour take a hot shower. Shampoo your hair and rinse it all out. This will help to keep your scalp feeling clean and healthy, not to mention reduce the likelihood of any hair loss.

2) You can also use some natural juices too. The types of juices you need to be using are either garlic, onion or ginger. Rub it into your scalp. Leave it there overnight. The next morning, after you wake up, rinse it all out. Get in the shower and thoroughly clean out your hair. You will be amazed at how smooth and shiny your hair will look and feel. Your hair will also be less likely to fall out as much.
3) You could also get a head massage. Massaging the scalp will help to keep the hair follicles active. This is one of the reasons some people end up losing their hair. Their hair follicles are not getting stimulated enough. Add in some oils or Lavender. This will help to stimulate your scalp even more.

4)Take some warm green tea and put it on your head. Leave it there for an hour or so. Once the hour has passed, you should rinse it all out. This will put lots of antioxidants in your head. This will also boost the hair growth. This way clean and new hair can come shining through. This is sometimes a step that gets left out when it comes to hair care. Why? Most people don’t even know about it.

5)Did you know that meditation can actually stimulate more hair growth, more than any other methods. Sometimes stress and tension can cause the hair to fall it out. It happens to a lot of women and men in Malaysia, not to mention other parts of the world.



Meditation can cure a lot of stress and tension. It doesn’t cost a lot to do either. In fact, meditation costs nothing, but gives you everything in return. As you can see, there are lots of solutions for fighting hair loss. You don’t have to max out your credit card to fight the battle of the hair loss. Just use your best judgement and some traditional home products. The rest will take care of itself.


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