Surprising Hair Loss Causes you Never Realised


Hair loss is a natural part of life. It is not uncommon for an average individual to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. When hair is healthy and following the natural cycle, these strands are replaced with incoming hair. However, there are surprising reasons why growth can be limited, causing hair to thin.

Too Much Vitamin A 

Concentrated animal sources, such as cod liver oil, aid in bone growth and a healthy immune system. However, too much vitamin A can become toxic in your system. Most people need only a good mixture of fruits and vegetables to provide all of the vitamin A necessary. Doubling up on vitamin A supplements is never a good idea unless you have been tested for a lack of carotenoids. Hair loss, confusion, liver damage and bone loss are signs that you have too much vitamin A being stored in your liver.

Manipulation of Hair 

Pulling and tying, braiding, ironing and colouring, are all types of manipulation that can cause hair to break and fall out. Hair was not meant to be abused and it can ultimately result in a loss of strands that will not return to their normal growing cycle.

Fast Weight Loss 

Losing weight in a short amount of time may sound like a good idea for an upcoming event is something that most women have done at some point in time. However, your hair may pay the ultimate price from lack of nutrients. Becoming brittle, loss of sheen and more strands than normal falling out are signs that you need to start taking care of your hair and body nutritionally.

Other hair loss causes include thyroid disorders, anaemia, hereditary conditions, and certain medications. If you notice hair on your pillow upon waking, or more than average strands in a comb or brush, it might be time to evaluate any changes that have been made, according to the hair loss causes listed above. The more aware of how hair loss occurs, the better you will be able to take steps to protect.

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