The Realities of Weight-Loss Pills and Supplements

When people begin to explore the possibilities for weight loss using prescription pills and dietary supplements, it can often be difficult to wade through the wealth of information that is available online. Most people have trouble distinguishing between the facts and the myths concerning these products and identifying the advantages and disadvantages of many of the most commonly-used products. Keeping your facts straight and understanding some of the most basic elements of these substances can be extremely beneficial for individuals who are seeking to lose weight in a healthy way with the help of medications.


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Diet and Exercise Still Required

Many people falsely assume that using diet pills frees them from a commitment to a healthy diet and exercise routine in order to lose weight. Every reputable diet pill, supplement, doctor, and dietician will inform patients that losing weight in a healthy way requires regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. Diet pills should be considered to be a boosting mechanism that works in conjunction with the these lifestyle choices. Healthy meals should be high in lean proteins and low in fat. For most people attempting to lose weight while on medication, individual meals should contain no more than 15 grams of fat.


Say Not To It !



Beware of Caffeine

There are a wealth of people who believe that green tea extracts and products developed exclusively around this substance directly affect weight loss. In reality, drinking green tea or taking these forms of medication immediately before or after meals does very little to influence weight loss. The suppression of appetite that most people experience is simply due to the presence of caffeine. Stimulants cause you to burn calories by increasing your standing heart rate. However, using caffeine and other stimulants in excessive amounts can be very dangerous, leading to irregular heart rhythms and disturbances in sleep patterns.


Beware of what you are consuming!



Safety Issues

The fact that a product is sold on store shelves does not ensure its safety. There are plenty of medications and weight-loss pills that are sold in stores that are not developed or tested in the United States. Studies have revealed that up to 54 percent of people experimenting with weight-loss pills bought in stores falsely believed that the pills they were using had been approved by the FDA. The FDA has actually found that an alarming number of these products are tainted with laxatives, diuretics, and other ingredients that are not actually listed on the labels.




The Leading Choices

There are, however, some refutable and popular diet pills that are available using a prescription that can produce considerable results for people engaged in healthy dieting. Among the names at the top of the list are Duromine,Zenoctil, and Liposinol. These doctor-approved, weight-loss medications can offer people real advantages when it comes to maintaining their health.

Duromine is medication that has proven to be dependable for patients in addition to being approved by the FDA. It is an appetite suppressant that is free of both gluten and and preservatives of any kind. However, the guidelines for prescriptions are quite strict. It is ideal for short-term issues concerning weight loss and is produced and imported from Australia.



Zenoctil has been clinically tested and proven to provide results in the majority of patients taking the compound. Despite the lab results, this medication is yet to be approved by the FDA. However, the ingredients are pure, and the compound maintains the highest level of integrity when it comes to communicating its risks to consumers. Because this product is relatively new to the market, there are relatively few testimonials from actual consumers outside of a clinical setting. While the initial indications are positive, this product continues to be a new addition to the suite of respectable diet pills to come onto the market.



Liposinol is primarily composed of fibers from organic plants, making it a safe alternative for patients. It is a good dietary supplement that has received high praise from users. While it has provided results in patients seeking weight-loss solutions, the compound itself contains no active ingredients that have been proven to be an appetite suppressant.


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