The Top 10 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making With Your Makeup


For many women in Singapore, makeup is a part of your daily routine. Some women never leave home without it! With all of that time, energy and money put into makeup, don’t you want to know that you’re applying it correctly?

This seems to be the general consensus, but unfortunately, many women are making serious mistakes with their makeup application. Lucky for you, we’re here to address these issues for you and get you on the right track to flawless makeup!

1. Too much foundation



Foundation is a must for many of us, but too much of it can make your face look fake and discolored. Unless you’re applying your base, use a light hand with thin, minimal coverage foundation. Also make sure to try the shade in natural light for the best match.

2. Noticeable concealer

Choose concealer when you have scars or blemishes, but make sure it matches! This is key to avoid noticeable concealer. Also make sure to blend it in while looking at yourself in natural light.

3. Sparse eyebrows

We’ve all been guilty of going a little too heavy with the tweezers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to rectify the sparse brow situation. Simply find a powder, wax or liquid meant to fill in thin brows, and use it until the hair grows in more.

4. Caky mascara

Caky mascara is a risk we all take when we want our lashes to look long, thick and beautiful. Mascara like that from 1028 makeup brand won’t cake, but many other generic mascaras will, so to prevent this problem, try wiping the mascara brush on a tissue before application.

5. Streaky blush

The key here is to simply blend your powder blush better, and this can be achieved by purchasing a larger blush brush that’s almost as big as one cheek.

6. Badly shaped brows



The shape of your brows is of the utmost importance because brows are vital to your overall appearance and facial expressions. To get a good shape for yourself, try to mimic the brows of a celebrity you look like, and practice it several times at home before trying the look out in public.

7. Shiny skin

Shiny skin can be avoided by using oil soaking sheets that you store in your purse. Use them throughout the day to dry up shine. In addition, try switching to powder foundation if you’ve been using a liquid or cake product.

8. Runny, smeary eye makeup



Runny, smeary mascara, liner and shadow is bound to happen, but you can help stave it off by having Q-tips at the ready. You can also avoid this problem by using a proper eye makeup primer before you put on your shadow and liner.

9. Bleeding lipstick


You don’t want to walk around like a vampire, so for goodness’ sake, use a lip liner before lipstick application to avoid bleeding!

10. Too much everything

Finally, when in doubt, leave it out. Women are naturally beautiful, and sometimes, just a little makeup looks the best!

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