LASER facial treatment is a medical treatment that uses focused light. Lasers are set to very specific wavelengths that allow them to be focused into very powerful beams.


Laser facial treatment can be used for skin tightening, hair and scar removal. It does not have side effects such as skin irritation or bruising. The treatment is performed in a relaxed, comfortable place. Dr. Chen Tai Ho is an aesthetic doctor in KL who provides fractional CO2 laser in Malaysia. Some of the things he advises you to consider include:




  • Used to treat areas such as the facial, chest and neck.


  • No complicated pretreatment procedures.


  • Only 4-6 treatment to get the needed results.




  • PAIN: During the procedure a patient is given anesthesia but in most cases painkillers are prescribed.
  • REDNESS SWELLING OR ITCHING: Patients experience itchiness, redness is visible on their faces and cases of swelling after the treatment are very common.
  • SENSITIVITY TO THE SUN: After treatment, patients are advised to stay away from the sun because their skin is already sensitive and can be photodamaged easily.
  • CHANGES IN SKIN PIGMENTATION: Not everyone is eligible for laser facial treatment. Skin treatment works well with people who have light skin tone than dark skin tones, both types of skin tone stand a risk of hypopigmentation( lightening of the skin) or hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin).
  • BRUISING: Bruising is a common side effect. It mostly depends on the type of laser treatment used. It is most common in pulsed-dye laser where patients develop purple spots when blood vessels under the skin leak.
  • DEMARCATION LINE: It is a change in skin color where laser treatment was applied and not, if this happens it shows up around the eyes lips and jaws. It occurs when there is a loss of pigmentation in the treated area, and there is not much that can be done to correct this.
  • SCARRING: Treatment if used to the make it better may carry a risk of scarring.
  • INFECTION: After treatment, patients are prone to infections and antibiotics are usually prescribed to avoid the situation.
  • REOCCURRENCE OF THE SKIN ISSUE: It needs some treatment to get desired results. However, skin issues may recur even after these treatments. It is most familiar with procedures that treat vascular lesions and remove hair.

The disadvantages outweigh the advantages. It is clear therefore that cases of long-term success are few and with cases of re occurrence of skin issue, this means a patient would need to have repeated treatment that cost lots of money and come along with side effects.


Facial treatment is therefore not for everyone. People have differences when it comes to skin tones and side effects. It is, therefore, important to consult a doctor before any treatment.Stay safe,its your life.


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