Why Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Isn’t for All Women


Laser vaginal rejuvenation is all the rage these days. Women of all races and ages seem to have developed an interest in it. Whether it’s because they have some type of problem or are simply in search of the perfect vagina, a growing number of women are opting to undergo this procedure. While it can be helpful to some women, others seem to be using it to make a fashion statement or because of a misleading notion of the type of effect it will have on their relationships. But this type of procedure is not for all women. It can sometimes do more harm than good.

According to experienced aesthetic doctor (Dr. Chen Tai Ho) and other specialists in the field, one of the biggest problems is the unrealistic expectations women have about how the procedure will impact their lives and their relationships. Vaginal rejuvenation is a two part process designed to tighten overly stretched vaginal canals and repair torn, dangling, stretched, deformed, or distorted vaginal lips. These issues are often caused by accidents, childbirth, or aging. However, the problem is a growing number of women are taking the risk associated with the surgery simply for cosmetic reasons.

Another group of people that generally don’t need the surgery are young girls that have not had children, suffered damage, or had a birth defect. Physicians are seeing a dramatic rise in the number of very young women that are seeking the surgical procedure because they have heard it can improve their sex lives or make their genitalia look more attractive.

During vaginal rejuvenation doctors routinely tighten flabby vaginal tissue, occasionally open the clitoral hood, and reduce the size of the inner or outer vaginal lips. In some young women the surgical procedure can lead to problems where none previously existed. There have been reports of vulnerable, insecure young women, some of them in their teens, being encouraged to have the surgery done by doctors spouting misleading claims about the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation.

For decades corrective gynecological surgery was used as a last resort for older women suffering with incontinence or sagging vaginal canals caused by childbirth. These days many younger women are electing to do vaginoplasty and labiaplasty in order to achieve some perceived sexual ideal. As many as 5,000 women a year have the procedures done, many of them unnecessarily.

Many women are misled or confused about what is the normal size or shape of vaginal tissue. They say the proliferation of pornography and pictures of models with waxed or shaved genitalia may have contributed to many women have unrealistic expectations about what their genitalia should look like.

Some professional organizations have warned about the safety and effectiveness of this type of surgery when it is not medically indicated. They warn that misuse of vaginal rejuvenation can lead to infection, dyspareunia, altered sensation, scaring, nerve damage, and adhesions. Some women have had to have the procedures reversed to relieve the pain it caused. Botched surgeries are another concern.


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